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TOPIC: What do you guys think about Gavin Wince/3D time

What do you guys think about Gavin Wince/3D time 07 Apr 2016 02:17 #1

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Youtube search him.

This guy made allot of predictions about the Higgs. He has a model for period/passage/present coordinate system he calls temporal dynamics. He talks about the standard model and parts where they are wrong, but not so much wrong as just missing extra dimensions of time. String theory was somewhat successful mathematically because of the acknowledgement of varying passages of the rates of time! Even the movie Interstellar touches on this some, they acknowledge time will move faster for people back home than for them, in this other solar system with more gravity nearby. Even GPS programmers had to calculate the passage of time difference on the surface vs space, or else they get out of syncronazion. For you anti science flat earthers, www.insidegnss.com/node/3568 space.stackexchange.com/questions/5423/how-does-gps-receiver-synchronize-time-with-gps-satellites In this article search for "time offset" www.math.tamu.edu/~dallen/physics/gps/gps.htm Math provided. Gravity and speed through space, your displacement, effects your local clock. If something is completely still, it has an infinite frame of time. On the 3d time grid passage is maxed out on a vector. It's an observable baseline. He solves some problems, most notably in my opinion, the big bang and why galaxies stay together. Apparently there is no dark matter, it's a void in the mathematics, not space. When you account the varying rates of time, the center has a slower rate than the outward edges. The math he shows will absolutely blow you away on that. He works out the big bang as just a temporal vanishing point. A limit to how far we can see.

He also talks about red shift and tired light, some great understanding at the end of the vids of how this all started too, through entropy. Apparently empty space is a vacuum, but only technically, as quantum higgs particles statistically fluctuate in and out of observable

I believe his understanding, potential application of his math in machines and new ideas, is the next big step for science.
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