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TOPIC: Cultsmasher smashes coronavirus.

Cultsmasher smashes coronavirus. 27 Mar 2020 21:38 #1

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How stupid are scientists. We should have a coronavirus vaccine already. It is easy as hell to do. All you have to do is grow a bunch of coronavirus. Then you centrifuge out anything that isn't coronavirus. After that, you zap the coronavirus with radiation to kill it. After that, you put however much into whatever medium they usually do so for any vaccine. After that, you inject it into say at least 10 rats, pigs, dogs and monkeys. If none of them get sick from the vaccine, unleash it en masse on the American public. Inoculate everybody.

Sure, if time was on our side, there might be a safer way to do it. But time isn't on our side. And if none of the animals get sick from the inoculation, it is unlikely that any humans will. And even if there is some side effect, it couldn't be worse than the disease.
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Cultsmasher smashes coronavirus. 12 May 2020 15:14 #2

  • Gan Anim
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Covid 2.0 and plastic beakers.

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