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20 Jul 2015 23:27
Cinta wrote:

You forgot to tell us that Bishop Richard Williamson is a Holocaust-Denier . :wissl:

So far for the truth :dunno:

''Holocaust-Denying Bishop Richard Williamson Plans Consecration Without Pope's Consent''

''Bishop Williamson is excommunicated after illicitly ordaining a bishop''...
Category: The Lounge
20 Jul 2015 09:11
Blue_Tackler wrote:
novum wrote:
FYI's some stuffs been cleaned up here, nothing was deleted, posts that were moved are in the vent area excerpt thread of the same name as this one.

Is there a reason that the Black Sun thread started by wikiiid has not had the same courtesy Machiavelli, what with all the meme boy spamming and derailing, it seems that the moderation occurs within an agenda here, and certain ''untouchables'' troll as they wish but have certain other threads defended by moderation?

Is "libertarianism" identical...
Category: Vent Room
20 May 2014 08:58
The Substitute Religion of the Holocaust

Bishop Williamson
April 4, 2014

Bishop Richard Williamson

Two months ago a self-declared atheist celebrated in France his 85th birthday, to whom all theists of the true religion owe a serious debt of thanks, because in today’s world of lies Professor Robert Faurisson has been a powerful defender of truth. I for one might wish that many more believers in the true God...
Category: General Discussion
23 Apr 2014 08:22
Chuck Random wrote:
Zorro wrote:
How does it compare to your victim gland and Karl Marx shrine I wonder... :chuckle:. My PC lobe has been replaced with the natural ability to offend area. :chuckle:

I think my sense of being a victim is broadly comparable to anyone else who's aware they're being shafted.

I wouldn't have a shrine to Karl Marx so much as a general appreciation he was probably right about a few things, but his stuff is difficult and something I've not got round to tackling. Not sure I ever will. Same with the...
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