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TOPIC: Chinese on far side of the moon

Chinese on far side of the moon 03 Jan 2019 18:08 #1

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The Chinese have allegedly landed a robitic probe on the far side of the moon and sent back a photo of its barren surroundings. Is there a colour issue going on? All the NASA images of the "moon" show decidedly grey tones, not brown.

Even in 2013 the Chinese probes showed the regolith as brown -

- so either their camera parameters are way off :twitch: or we're seeing fake images :umm: or the Apollo missions and photos were faked ;)

Just saying... :wissl:
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Chinese on far side of the moon 04 Jan 2019 00:09 #2

It is of course 100% certain Apollo mission were fakes....they said they couldn't SEE the stars in space for 3 decades, including from the ISS, then all of a sudden they now can see the stars. The space race and the cold war are provable fake because the USSR never called out the fake moon landings. China is no better with video's of spacewalks where bubbles emerge from the astronauts helmet.

I compiled some of the basic evidence in this video (mostly highlights from other videos)
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