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TOPIC: Apollo moon rock proven from Earth - but scientists explain it away with collision theory

Apollo moon rock proven from Earth - but scientists explain it away with collision theory 26 Jan 2019 14:48 #1

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In findings published overnight in science journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters, a sample collected during the 1971 Apollo 14 lunar mission was found to contain traces of minerals with a chemical composition common to Earth and very unusual for the moon.

The sample was on loan from NASA to Curtin University, where it was investigated in cooperation with researchers from the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Australian National University and Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston.

Research author Professor Alexander Nemchin, from Curtin’s School of Earth and Planetary Sciences, said the 1.8 gram sample showed mineralogy similar to that of a granite, which is extremely rare on the moon but common on Earth.

Scientists go on to say an asteroid hit the Earth four billion years ago - in order to explain how this Earth rock
"was on the moon" - (according to NASA) - you see, they would rather invent/promote a theory that the moon
was formed by collision - or that an asteroid blew chunks of rock into the moon 4 billions years ago

rather than consider the obvious, requiring far fewer leaps of logic -
that perhaps the damn rock was always from the Earth and NASA lied.
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