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TOPIC: Preparing for Disclosure & Solar Flash Events

Preparing for Disclosure & Solar Flash Events 18 Apr 2019 22:38 #1

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The following excerpt is from a lengthy, informative article posted recently on Michael Salla's Exopolitics website.

It is a summary of talks and answers in Q&A presented by Secret Space Program whistleblower Corey Goode at a seminar called Cosmic Waves which took place in Kealakekua, Hawaii this month.
Preparing for Disclosure & Solar Flash Events – Corey Goode at Cosmic Waves


. . . NASA was created to research a massive solar event, according to Goode. Continuity of species was the carrot used to bring nations together in a joint scientific effort to study a possible solar flash/micronova event that could wipe out much of a planet’s population and infrastructure.

Scientist are now talking about the solar minimum – when sunspot activity is minimal thereby creating a weak solar wind and heliosphere shielding our solar system from cosmic rays – as the most likely time for a massive solar event. We are currently at the end of solar cycle 24, and waiting for the start of solar cycle 25.

Scientists are desperately trying to predict when the solar minimum begins and ends in order to better understand the window when a micronova is most likely going to happen.

Goode referred to a geophysical pole shift having been recently detected on Mars.

All major nations with indigenous space industries have pledged to commit a percentage of their GDPs to the multinational secret space program that Goode has previously described as the “Global Galactic League of Nations”. The movie 2012 was a soft disclosure initiative since it showed the multinational attempt to preserve the species by building massive arks, and how this was kept secret from humanity.

Trillions of dollars go every year into funding the multinational SSP to build similar massive ships, according to Goode. . .


I highly value the information provided by Corey Goode and summarized by Michael Salla, because I know I'm being lied to by the government, and hopefully this will change eventually due to the courageous efforts of people like them.
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