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TOPIC: A Barbie Named Valeria Lukyanova...

A Barbie Named Valeria Lukyanova... 20 Nov 2013 15:10 #21

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Meet the real-life Ken doll: Man spends $100,000 on nearly 100 plastic surgery operations to reach his goal of 'ideal beauty'

A number of women have tried to turn themselves into real-life Barbies.
Now a 32-year-old man named Justin Jedlica has come forward saying that he spent about $100,000 on between 90 and 100 surgeries so that he could become a living Ken doll.
'I've always been into plastic surgery because it's an extension of me being creative,' Mr Jedlica said during an interview on The Doctors television show.

Proud of his look: Justin has had over 90 surgeries to look this way

Among his surgeries were five rhinoplasties, a cranial brow bone shape and augmentations to his cheeks, lips, buttocks and chin.
He started going under the knife when he was only 18-years-old, beginning the costly and dangerous habit with a nose job.
'It was really something that set me apart and validated me and I felt so euphoric,' he said of that first surgery.

Before: Mr Jedlica said that he has no plans to stop surgery.

What a shame. He was a good looking young man.
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A Barbie Named Valeria Lukyanova... 21 Nov 2013 08:53 #22

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Poor guy, whole body will suffer from a mind of an idiot.
"I've often felt that dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet figured out how to ask."
-Agent Fox Mulder
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A Barbie Named Valeria Lukyanova... 17 Jun 2014 23:58 #23

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When I saw this picture, I thought I should look a little deeper into her background.

She is an MK Puppet.


Valeria Lukyanova was born on 23 August 1985 in Tiraspol, in what was then part of Moldavian SSR in the Soviet Union. Her mother, Irina, worked for the military sector and her father was a builder who also worked part-time as a disk jockey. As a child Lukyanova had a huge doll collection, and she was intrigued by spirituality. She has a bachelor's degree in architecture from Odessa State Academy of Constructions and Architecture.

Also, she is a model. Which means posing as a doll, and so forth. Dolls are interesting, because Britney Spears also had a large doll collection, not to mention Natalie Portman and Madonna both would make their dolls perform sex acts on each other when they were children... Madonna has gone up the pyramid, so has more control of her life now. But all three are still MK subjects.

She is probably to catch those unhappy with their body, and she is also developing her own personal religion as well... Apparently, she has been, in February 2014, been practicing Breatharianism. This is nt the first time she has said this; she has been trying to accomplish this as part of her final stage of ascension.

As for what Breatharianism is, I will refer to the Wikipedia source for it:

Inedia (Latin for "fasting") or breatharianism is the belief that it is possible for a person to live without consuming food. Breatharians claim that food, and in some cases water, are not necessary for survival, and that humans can be sustained solely by prana, the vital life force in Hinduism. According to Ayurveda, sunlight is one of the main sources of prana, and some practitioners believe that it is possible for a person to survive on sunlight alone. The terms breatharianism or inedia may also refer to this philosophy practiced as a lifestyle in place of the usual diet.

Breatharianism is considered a lethal pseudoscience by scientists and medical professionals, and several adherents of these practices have died from starvation and dehydration.


Hope this helps.
Oh no... is it 3:36 again?
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