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TOPIC: Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain 02 May 2015 08:00 #1

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Why was the ejected shell of the shotgun found to the left and not the right of the body? This one is extremely important. More important than the heroin in my opinion.

Why were standard tests not performed such as a GSR kit, analysis of the contents of the root beer can, (read the reports the can was found with liquid in it but logged into evidence as empty) fingerprinting of the greenhouse, etc.

Were any trajectory tests done to show what the position of the shotgun was when it was fired? If not why weren't they done?

Were any measurements taken to see if it was even possible for him to shoot the gun? If not why weren't the done? The picture of him with the toy gun is just that a toy gun this shot gun was much longer and Kurt wasn't a big guy.

Why did Sgt. Cameron lie to Tom Grant about Kurt being barricaded in the greenhouse and that the little 'stool was wedged up against the door'?

Why were items logged into evidence in the case turned back over to Courtney before the case was even 30 days old?


Why did Courtney pretend to be Kurt's mother when calling in the missing person's report to the SPD on April 4th?

Why didn't Courtney tell Grant and the SPD that Kurt had been seen at their home on April 2nd?

Why was Grant told to watch a drug dealers house and check hotels for Kurt, but not told that Dewitt had seen him at the house?

Why did Dylan not show Grant the greenhouse when Rosemary Carroll is recorded as telling Grant that she heard Courtney tell Dylan to look in the Greenhouse.

Why did Rosemary Carroll think Kurt's death was suspicious? Why did she tell Grant about the divorce and the will? Why is she now silent?

Why did Courtney release that cropped image of Kurt with the toy gun, shortly after his death?

Why didn't Eldon Hoke (El Duce) come forward sooner?

"Frances and Courtney, I'll be at your altar." - Why doesn't anyone ever question this part of the note?

Why did it take 2 years for Sgt. Cameron to say that a rookie must have made a mistake in the police reports about "the marks on Kurt's hands" ?

Why hasn't Courtney sued Tom Grant for his claims, but yet sues everyone else on a spin of a dime?

Where was Pat Smear during the week of April 1st - April 8th?

Why didn't Nikolas Hartshorne the coroner, disclaim and deny the 1.52 mgs of heroin that was found in Kurt's body at the time of death after he has done numerous interviews (VH1 Confidential)?

Why did Rosemary Carroll, Kurt and Courtney's entertainment attorney, tell Tom Grant that "Kurt was not suicidal"?

Why did Rosemary Carroll tell Tom Grant that the note left by Michael "Cali" DeWitt sounded phony?

Why did Rosemary Carroll tell Tom Grant that Courtney had "no business in Los Angeles"?

If all of Kurt and Courtney's friends knew that he was suicidal, why didn't they keep an eye on him?

If Dylan Carlson knew Kurt was suicidal, why did he buy the gun for Kurt?

When Courtney found out that Kurt fled rehab, why did she contact a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR and not the POLICE first?

Why didn't Courtney go back to Seattle to help locate and maybe save her "suicidal husband"?

Why didn't Courtney call all their friends and family up in Seattle and organize a massive search party the minute Kurt fled the rehab and headed back to Seattle?

Why did Rosemary Carroll back off Grant after he replied to the letter he received from her firm threatening to sue him? Did he strike a chord or something?

Why did Courtney want to keep Grant on the pay roll and get him to sign a confidentiality agreement if he had openly admitted to her what his feelings of Kurt's "suicide" were?

What happened to Cali, and why was he always around - in Rome, at the house, whenever there was a problem? Why wasn't he ever really interviewed/questioned?

Who else did the confidentiality agreement effect besides Rosemary Carroll? i.e. other friends/associates of Kurt and Courtney who can not speak about this, even if they wanted to? ... ions.shtml

This case deserves to be re-opened. Kurt deserved better.

It's up to us to make the public and media aware of the true facts of this case. Many music related media sources already know about this, but choose to ignore it out of either ignorance or are silenced by legal threats.

In this section, you'll find a list of newspapers, magazines, television and radio shows in various countries. I urge all of you to contact and request they do a story on this. These are just a few recommended outlets. If you'd like to contact your local news channel, radio stations, or press, please do so. Each letter helps, especially now since Nirvana and Courtney are in the news ( with the Cobain diaries, and new Nirvana material being released. Also available is the contact information of some Seattle elected officials and government offices.

When writing, be brief and to the point. Assume they never heard of this case or Kurt Cobain. Let them know that this information is out there, and that other media outlets ( have covered it. Give references to the Who Killed Kurt Cobain? book ( ... ndex.shtml), web sites that have covered this, especially the one run by Tom Grant at (

Be polite, watch your language, refrain from the temptation of writing about how much you may dislike Courtney Love if you feel that way, use proper grammar, a spellchecker, and always sign your letters. You may have very strong feelings about this information, but what is important now is to help Kurt, not to vent your own frustration.

Don't know what to write? Sample letters are now available ( ... ters.shtml). Lets make this happen and get this thing solved one way or the other! If you receive a reply to any of your letters that you think we should know about, please get in touch (

Greg Nickels
Office of the Mayor
600 4th Avenue, 12th floor
Seattle WA 98104
Phone: (206) 684-4000
Fax: (206) 684-5360

Council member Jim Compton Position 9 Chair of Police, Fire, Courts
(Established the Office of Police Accountability)
Phone: (206)684-8802
Fax: (206) 684-8587

Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
(202) 324-3000

Addresses and phone numbers of local FBI Field Offices are available here:

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001
(202) 353-1555


More countries will be added soon. Of course you're not limited to writing to places in your home country! Feel free to send letters to as many as you can. Any show that covers this case will be available in the Media Coverage section on this site in streaming video or audio. Newspaper and magazine articles will be scanned or transcribed as well. If you'd like to add a media outlet ( to these lists, please let me know (

There is also petition to reopen the investigation available online to sign:

There have been police officers from Seattle in the past who have stated (off the record) that they know the case was mishandled and that it should have been investigated as a potential homicide as well as saying (off the record) that they believe it was a homicide, their hands were tied so-to-speak at the top of the chain of command, that situation may be changing as the personell have changed.

(I know the FBI and many of the authorities are corrupt to the bone, but for those who are comfortable with it in a case such as this it will be public pressure that will get this case re-opened and public embarrassment as to how this was handled that will continue to turn the tide).

Courtney is not to be taken at face value as far as anything she has said in an interview concerning Kurt, she is the number one suspect along with Michael (Cali) Dewitt, of course if she is guilty she is gonna cover for herself. Courtney called the police in Seattle and told them that Kurt was in their house with a gun and was suicidal, when the police got there they found Kurt locked in a room with a gun, not because he was suicidal he told them, but because he was afraid of Courtney. Courtney got threatened with a fine for making a false report to the police.

Kurt was in good spirits on his last tour, he was subdued, not into partying, yet in good spirits, happy to sign autographs, looking forward to the future, he did though cancel part of the tour due to illness then Courtney joined him in Rome along with Cali, a request was sent out to the bell-boy for a re-fill for her prescription for Rohypnol.. a date rape drug, it is used for date rapes because as a very potent tranquilizer that can be easily slipped into drinks and cause blackouts so the person doesn't remember what happened.

A Common Scenario:

The victim is at a party or bar and has something to drink. The attacker somehow slips a Rohypnol tablet into the liquid - perhaps when the victim turns their head or leaves their drink to go to the bathroom.

About twenty minutes after finishing their drink, the victim begins to feel very disoriented, or "drunk." Victims of Rohypnol have often only had one or two drinks, and they remember feeling much more drunk than they should have been.

The attacker volunteers to escort the "sick" or "drunk" person home. Once out of the public eye, the attacker may take the victim to a hotel, to the victim's home, or to other places.

Several hours later, the victim wakes up feeling very disoriented. They can't remember what happened after they left the party, but they may find evidence that something was done to their body while they were "asleep."

Many victims raped under the influence of Rohypnol are unsure whether or not they were raped, because they have no memory of the event. It can take several days to piece together a story from eyewitness reports.

Kurt Cobain lived for twenty seven years, some of which were blighted by excruciating stomach pains that sometimes drove him to consider suicide. But He survived. He managed to get treatment for that problem. He survived.

Within hours of Courtney Love and Michael DeWitt joining Kurt in Rome, hours in which Kurt argued with Courtney, and finally decided to leave her, Kurt was fighting for his life in a hospital in Rome.

Courtney's response to this was to tell Select magazine: "If he thinks he can get away from me that easily, he can forget it. I'll follow him through hell."

She said this not within the context of a failed suicide, but within the context of an argument in which he told her he was leaving her. It is reminiscent of a recorded threat by Courtney to Victoria Clarke" I will haunt you to fucking hell, for the rest of your life."

Tom Grant believes that this overdose was an attempt by Courtney to murder Kurt. The overdose was due to his ingesting Rohypnol and champagne, which Grant believed Courtney administered to Kurt without his knowledge.

Wallace and Halperin mention this in their book and then ask why Courtney would have called the ambulance whilst Kurt was unconscious, rather than leaving him to die?

In an interview with Robert Hilburn on April 4th 1994, Courtney talked about the overdose in Rome. Hillburn reported: Love had flown to Rome early last month to spend a few days with Cobain after he cancelled part of a European concert tour, caused by illness. She woke in the hotel room to find him unconscious, having taken some of her prescription tranquilizers and alcohol, she says; " He was dead......legally dead, he was in a coma for 20 hours...on life support. They thought he was never going to come out of it." (L.A. Times April 10th 1994).

Maybe Courtney did leave him until she thought he was dead. Her above statement looks to me like amazed disbelief that he was not dead. Maybe the answer is that obvious.

Reports came through that Cobain had been moved from the Umberto Prima Hospital - allegedly at Courtney Love's insistence - to the American Hospital. Many thought that, in the state he was in, Cobain would not be moved anywhere unless doctors at the Umberto had said they could do nothing more for him. A doctor at the Umberto Prima said: "Cobain was in a grave condition when he left here." (Melody Maker's March 12th 1994 edition).

How wise was it to have Kurt transferred at this point? Could this have been a desperate attempt to set-back/prevent his recovery? I know it was supposed to be for security reasons, but I question this excuse.

On March 3rd, just a few hours before she met Kurt in Rome, Courtney did an interview with Select magazine, the writer said that during this interview Love was popping Rohypnol: There is a box of Rohypnol on the big mahogany table in the middle of Courtney Love's London hotel room, among the scattered papers and cigarette boxes. "Look, I know this is a controlled substance," she smiles as she empties one of those fizzy stomach upset powders into a tumbler of water and washes back a Rohypnol. "I got it from my doctor. It's like Valium. You know, fuck that Prozac stuff. I'm not a depressive, I tried it for like five or six days, and by the sixth day I started seeing tracers like when you're on acid..." (Select's May 1994 edition). ... dent.shtml

In Melody Maker's March 12th 1994 edition there was a two page article on Kurt's overdose. Everett True had reviewed that weeks singles with Courtney just prior to her flying to Rome. True reported that during this review, Courtney said: "This reminds me of when I take those dihydrocodeines I get over here in London, with Rohypnol and champagne." Everett True ended his article by saying: "If Kurt Cobain wants to take Rohypnol, drink champagne and go into a coma, it's up to him (and his wife, presumably,) and no-one else."
So, Courtney had the Rohypnol, and experience of that method of using it, at a time that was crucial. Everett, where is your compassion?

But was it up to Kurt? It is possible that he wasn't aware that he had been administered it. Rohypnol is tasteless when dissolved in drink, that is why it is called the date-rape drug. One tablet in a drink is enough to confuse and disorientate a person.

Cali Dewitt

It was claimed that Kurt ordered champagne and requested for a bell boy to fill a prescription for Rohypnol, the prescription was Courtney's. How do we know Kurt ordered them? Contrary to Brite's claim that Jackie was the Nanny in Rome, it was reported at the time that Love, Frances Bean and Cali joined Kurt in Rome. If these were ordered by phone, then DeWitt, aka Cali, could have ordered them, and Kurt could have been oblivious to it.

The story as it unfolds in the Rossi & Brite books is that Kurt was acting the romantic, ordering champagne, providing flowers, sending out for a prescription. Courtney fell asleep. She woke up between 3-4 in the morning and found Kurt unconscious, with blood coming from his nose. He had a wad of cash in one hand, and a note he had written in the other, he was wearing a brown corduroy jacket. (Queen of Noise page 187 / The "Real" Story page 164).

This does not make sense at all. We know Kurt wrote a note, nearly all sources agree on that. The only example I can find of Kurt's explanation of this note is in Cobain by the editors of Rolling Stone, page 90, where a Gold Mountain employee said: "Kurt insisted it was not a suicide note. He just took all of his and Courtney's money and was going to run away and disappear." In the article as it was originally published in Rolling Stone's June 2 1994 edition it reports that this Gold Mountain employee was Janet Billig.

There seems to be a problem here. I will always accept Kurt's reasons and doubt Courtney's. On that basis then, why would Kurt write a note, prepare to leave, get the cash together, and then take an overdose? The two actions are contradictory. The other point is that Brite wrote that Courtney woke up between 3-4 in the morning and found him unconcious - but the ambulance wasn't called until 6:30am.

This incident was described at the time as an accident/mistake/inadvertant overdose. A convenient mistake/accident/etc, which just happened when Kurt was leaving, running away. A mistake which involved Rohypnol and champagne, substances Kurt did not use but that Courtney was in the habit of using in combination and had at her disposal, substances notorious for their use to incapacitate victims. I don't believe this was a mistake for one minute. And I believe Kurt's reasons, so I can only consider the possibility that Grant is right, and it was attempted murder.

It was only after Kurt's death, that it was claimed this was a suicide attempt. ... nt_2.shtml

The accounts are a mess, we only have slivers of information which come from reliable sources. Courtney's and DeWitt's can be discarded. All I can do is try to piece together what might have happened using the facts I have. So the following is hypothetical, a possibility, an opinion.
Kurt wasn't attempting suicide. The note Kurt wrote was a note saying he was leaving Courtney, running away. On these foundations Kurt didn't take any Rohypnol that he was aware of.

1) Kurt argued with Courtney, he told her he was leaving, both her, and the tour he was on.

2) Someone ordered champagne and for the prescription to be delivered. But this might not have been Kurt. Kurt might not have known about this.

3) Kurt didn't drink alcohol, this is witnessed by people who toured with him. Just one Rohypnol was dissolved in a small amount of champagne, which was then diluted with water, maybe in Kurt's famous bottle of Evian water.

The perpetrators of this act have enough experience of using Rohypnol to know what they are doing. They provide just enough of the drug to render him incapable of leaving. Safe in the knowledge that Kurt won't get very far, they leave the room, possibly to decide what to do next.

According to Rossi, page 186, the suite Kurt had in the Excelsior Hotel had an extra bedroom for the nanny. Maybe they go there.

4) Because Courtney wasn't in the room, Kurt wrote a note saying that he was leaving. He got ready to leave.

5) The drug took effect before he could get away.

6) The perpetrators then returned.

7) Kurt was incapacitated. Why did he have a bloody nose?

8) The perpetrators forcefully administered Rohypnol and champagne, Kurt struggled, and in the process he injured his nose. When a person is forcefully administered liquid, their noses are pinched to force them to gulp air/liquid to breathe.

"She saw the top of Kurt's blonde head whipping furiously back and forth", (Poppy Brite, page 169). This was Courtney's description of Kurt supposedly being man-handled into an ambulance. Are you sure you aren't getting confused, Courtney? You obviously saw this somewhere, are you playing with the truth?

9) The perpetrators wait until 6.30 am before they raise the alarm, by this time they believe that he is dead.

This is hypothetical, but it shows a sequence of events which makes sense. Provides answers to the contradictions that otherwise stand. Tom Grant doesn't have the answers to everything, and neither does he claim to. He does have an informed opinion though, and many people believe him. This will not go away. There are serious and legitimate reasons to reopen this case.

Rome was never investigated as attempted murder, it should have been, maybe it still can. Kurt's death must be re investigated. The patterns evident in Rome/Lake Washington Blvd cannot be ignored. ... nt_3.shtml

Kurt survived. Dr. Galletta who was responsible for Kurt's treatment, issued the following statement: "Cobain doesn't know what happened to him. He hasn't gained complete control of his memory. When he emerged from the coma, he was very hungry and asked for a strawberry milkshake!" (Melody Maker March 12th 1994.)

Victims of Rohypnol often don't remember what happened to them, and their memory comes back at different rates, sometimes remaining lost for years.

In Dave Thompson's book, Never Fade Away, published 1994 (page 11), Thompson mentioned an internet posting by Kurt, where he said: "I'm still pretty freaked over the Rome thing, and need some time to rest and get over it. You'd think they could make a good milkshake, but no."

I would be freaked if my intended plans suddenly came to a halt, and I ended up in hospital for no reason that I could fathom. In Rome, Kurt was on the verge of running away, next thing he finds himself in hospital and he doesn't know why.

Sandford mentions this same posting (page 323), but he omitted the above section, maybe by 1996 (when Sandford's book was published) it wasn't convenient to include the above, Kurt had a healthy propensity for milkshakes and breakfasts, not really in keeping with a suicidal man, a bit inconvenient.

The fact is that as time passes certain bits of information which pertain to Kurt are lost whilst facts/evidence supporting Courtney's claims are constantly evolving, miraculously appearing. These unnamed/Courtney claims are an insult to Kurt Cobain. ... nt_3.shtml

If Rome was a failed murder attempt by Courtney and DeWitt what on earth could they be thinking and feeling? Scared? Worried that Kurt would recover his memory?

Courtney and DeWitt would need to control the situation, see nanny interview . ( ... nt_5.shtml)

The previously mentioned internet posting by Kurt occurred on March 29th. So on that day Kurt was still "freaked" about Rome. I would conclude from this that he still didn't understand, at that point, exactly what had transpired. He may have had vague, confusing recollections/flashbacks that he couldn't quite understand.

If Rome was a failed murder attempt by Courtney and DeWitt, there would be no way that Kurt would be allowed to regain his memory.

Courtney travelled to L.A. just prior to this posting leaving Kurt in Seattle. Her absence would imply that Courtney was willing to leave Kurt to his own devices.

Courtney was absent from the Seattle residence, but conveniently DeWitt was not.

When Kurt returned to Seattle on April 2nd DeWitt was there, and had been all along. He could have been responsible for deflating the tires on Kurt's car.

This is yet another failing on the part of the Seattle Police, why didn't they investigate the flat tires ? surely the fact that all 4 tires were flat was suspicious? I could understand one tire being flat, but all four? No.

Also, Courtney cancelled Kurt's credit card once she knew he was back in Seattle. So now Kurt had no car, or use of this card, should he choose to leave Seattle, or do what he wanted to do. What gave Courtney the right to do this? It would be convenient for murderer's, give them control.

I choose to believe Kurt, when he said Rome wasn't a suicide attempt. I also believe him when he said he didn't have a drug problem, (at the time the "intervention" attempts took place). I then have to ask myself what really happened in Rome? And I find myself of the opinion that the Rome incident was attempted murder and on this foundation, Kurt could not be allowed to regain his memory.

If Courtney and DeWitt had both been in L.A. at this time (April 2nd-4th), this scenario wouldn't exist. But the fact is that Courtney had a nanny travel to L.A. with Frances, but she chose to leave DeWitt at the house in Seattle, so Kurt was never really free of Courtney and DeWitt's influence.

Between the dates of March 3rd and April 3rd/early 4th 1994, when I believe Kurt was murdered, Courtney and DeWitt had control over Kurt.

There are a few instances when this control was precarious. Kurt was trying to change his lifestyle, and he didn't play to Courtney's rules. These instances were:

1. (March 4th) When in Rome he attempted to leave her/run away. He ended up in hospital fighting for his life, and he didn't know why.

2. (March 22nd) When he insisted on returning the Lexus. At this time Kenney described Courtney as popping pills and "unstable".

3. (around the end of March) When he refused intervention. At this time Sepedjian described Courtney as "frantic" and "screaming".

4. (April 1st) When he chose to leave rehab. At this time Joe Mama described Courtney as "freaked" and "scared".

5. (After the Rome incident) When he talked about divorce and requested a new will excluding Courtney. He died before he got the chance to sign it.

Courtney didn't want Kurt to have control.

It scared her.

Not because he was suicidal, he wasn't, and not even solely because she stood to lose everything if he signed his Will and divorced her.

But because she stood the risk of Kurt remembering that she and DeWitt tried to murder him in Rome.

When David Haig met Kurt (after Rome) in a downtown hotel he found him tense and emotional, and weeping openly when discussing his marriage. Kurt also complained to him of partial memory loss, insomnia, fatigue and "a buzzing in the top of my head". (Sandford page 321) It is interesting that Haig made no mention of Kurt looking drugged-up/depressed/suicidal. His observations of Kurt are more in line with what one would expect of a classic victim of Rohypnol induced assault. This is further substantiated by references to Kurt wearing his hunting hat at seemingly inappropriate places ie, indoors, after Rome.

"One could wonder about impairment of judgement", (after Rome) Dr. David Bailey, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California. (Sandford page 321)

On March 29th 1994, Kurt didn't have his complete memory back with regards to Rome. Within 6 days he was dead. He never got the chance to remember exactly what happened. ... nt_5.shtml

After being hospitalized on March 4th, Kurt is released from the American Hospital in Rome after 3 days. To read about what happened in Rome, please check out The Rome Incident - By Frances Barnett .
Kurt returned to Seattle on March 12th with Courtney.

Seattle police were called to the Lake Washington Blvd home on March 18th . Courtney claimed Kurt was suicidal. When the police arrived at the house, Kurt told them in very plain and easy to understand terms that he was not suicidal, but that he was trying to keep away from Courtney. This can be seen in the report. Courtney then retracted her claim to the police that Kurt had threatened suicide. The police give her a warning about the false call, confiscate Kurt's guns for his protection, and leave.

According to some sources, a fight about a new Lexus vehicle took place between Kurt and Courtney on March 22nd. She bought it, Kurt didn't like it and insisted she return it.

According to Grant, Courtney called one of their attorneys, Rosemary Carroll and told her to get the "meanest, most vicious divorce lawyer" she could find. Courtney also asked Rosemary if their prenuptial agreement could be voided.

Kurt called Rosemary too. He hadn't completed his Will. He told Rosemary he wanted Courtney taken out of it. According to the nanny that worked there during these final weeks, "there was way too much Will talk". Courtney seemed to be obsessed about Kurt's Will.

On March 25th, Courtney stages an intervention. Dylan Carson, Nirvana bass player Krist Novoselic, guitarist Pat Smear and three of Nirvana's managers came to the house and took turns talking to him for five hours. Grant says that some of the people at this "intervention" were the same people Kurt had done drugs with . Some probably weren't exactly clean themselves at the time.

Courtney left Seattle for the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills the next day on March 26th.

According to Dave Thompson's "Never Fade Away" book, Kurt got on the internet (America Online) and posted the following message: "I'm still pretty freaked over the Rome thing, and need some time to rest and get over it. You'd think they could make a good milkshake, but no." This was posted on March 29th.

On March 30th, Kurt and his best friend Dylan Carlson, go to Stan Baker Sports and purchased a shotgun . Kurt told Dylan he was afraid of intruders at the house. The shotgun was a Remington Model 11 20-gauge , set up for light load. This is what gun dealers often recommend for home protection because the shot won't penetrate walls and endanger those on the other side. Kurt took the shotgun to his house so it would be there when he got back from rehab.

It should be noted that Carlson was at the intervention just 5 days earlier. He later told Grant that he didn't believe Kurt was suicidal, otherwise he wouldn't have agreed to buy this shotgun for him. More documented quotes like this from Dylan and other friends & family can be read in Kurt Was Not Suicidal by Frances Barnett.

Kurt then leaves Seattle and goes to the Exodus Recovery Center, a detox clinic in Los Angeles, where he stayed for about 2 days. ... 1994.shtml

Kurt left the rehab center around 7 pm, and bought a flight back to Seattle on Delta #788F, seat 2F. He paid by credit card (WKKC? page 93).
At 8:47 pm Kurt phoned Courtney at the Peninsula Hotel and left a message for her. The hotel log reads "Elizabeth's phone number is 213-###-####". Grant says it doesn't sound like a message from a person who is suicidal , and notes that Courtney never mentioned this call from Kurt to the media.

Earlier that day, Kurt recieved a visit from Joe Mama (Courtney's friend) at Exodus rehab, Joe said, "I was ready to see him look like shit and depressed. He looked fucking great!" He went on to say: "After Kurt left I was on the phone to Courtney all the time. She was really freaked out, so we drove around looking for him at all the places he might have gone. She was really scared from the beginning. I guess she could tell." (Cobain by the editors of Rolling Stone page 83).

If Kurt looked so great surely he would have conveyed this to Courtney. Why then was she so "freaked out, really scared''? Could it be that she now had no control over the situation, Kurt had become a loose cannon and she feared he would proceed with signing his Will? After all, once this was signed Courtney would lose her power. Divorce would follow and Kurt, his fame and fortune would be lost to her. (Frances Barnett)

"I love attention, I love the trappings of it all. To say you hate the trappings, you're an asshole and a liar." (Courtney Love).

Kurt reportedly did hate the trappings of it. He wanted out.

Kurt arrived at Sea-Tac airport at 12.47 am from L.A. He was seen here signing autographs, (WKKC? page 93).

Linda Walker of Seattle Limousines saw him speaking normally to other passengers and he approached her with a "thin smile", (Sandford page 325) She drove Kurt back to his Lake Washington Blvd home and he arrived early AM.
Kurt spoke to Michael DeWitt at the house. DeWitt informed Courtney later that day that he had seen and spoken to Kurt at the Lake Washington Blvd house.

At 7.30am a driver for Gray Top Taxi picked up a man from the Lake Washington Blvd address. Here is what the superintendent of Gray Top Taxi told the Seattle police on April 19th 1994:

"The driver picked up a person who he thought did not match with the residence. He drove around looking for a place to buy bullets, but was unable to find one. This male told the driver that he recently been burgled and needed bullets. At 8.30am the driver dropped the man off in the area of 145th and Aurora because he said he was hungry and wanted to get something to eat. The man's fare was $27" (Police Report ).

Courtney plants a story in the Associated Press today that she overdosed. She claimed the reason she did this was to scare Kurt and get his attention so he'd try to contact her. ... _2nd.shtml


Courtney hires Tom Grant , a Private Investigator that has been in business since the 70s. She had by now cancelled Kurt's credit card. She told Grant when they met that he had no access to money through friends or by credit card. When Grant questioned this she said, "This guy can't even catch a fucking cab by himself."

Strange, he had just managed to successfully leave a place he didn't want to be, purchase a plane ticket and arranged to be picked up at the airport and driven home. He seemed to be perfectly capable. Could Courtney's reason for cancelling this credit card have been an attempt to prevent Kurt from successfully achieving anything else he might have chosen to do? Someone attempted to charge $1,100 to this card at 3pm on this day, but the charge was rejected, If this was Kurt, whatever his intentions, they would have been blocked. (Frances Barnett)

During this meeting with Grant, Courtney:

Admitted that the previous evening she had planted a story with the associated press that she had suffered an overdose.

Ranted about how Kurt had turned down Lollapalooza and thereby kissed goodbye to Millions of dollars.

Told Grant she wasn't sure where Kurt was, that he might be in Seattle or he could have flown back east to stay with Michael Stipe. (She did not tell him that DeWitt told her Kurt was in Seattle and had been back to the Lake Washington Blvd house on the day before on April 2nd).

Told him she thought Kurt wanted a divorce.
See also Peter Cleary's quote: "He and Courtney hadn't been getting along. The only thing keeping them together was Frances, but Kurt had been talking of a divorce and trying to get custody," (WKKC? page 87).

And Dylan Carlson's quote: "She went ballistic, she kept on screaming at him about how much money he was giving up and said if he didn't want to do it (Lollapalooza), she'd be glad to take his place" (WKKC? page 89).

John Silva and Sara Hoehn saw Kurt on this day.

DeWitt told Grant a few weeks after Kurt had died that he had checked the greenhouse on the 3rd April but didn't check it again. ... _3rd.shtml


At 9am Courtney, claiming to be Wendy O'Connor (Kurt's mother), filed a missing person report with the Seattle Police Dept. Nowhere on this report does it say Kurt has been seen at his own home (WKKC? page 97).

Here we have examples of Courtney:

1. Impersonating someone else. According to Richard Lee this is criminal impersonation and is considered a gross misdemeanor offence, so why was Courtney allowed to get away with it?

2. Witholding relevant information (that Kurt was seen back at their Seattle home on April 2nd). ... _2nd.shtml

Courtney cancels the first date of the Hole UK tour in order to "focus on the greater good - the health and happiness of her immediate family", according to her management.

Today Courtney tells Grant: "Everyone thinks he's going to die". Joe Mama, Dylan Carlson, Rosemary Carroll, Peter Cleary, Novoselic, Grohl and several Exodus psychiatrists ( ... idal.shtml) didn't think Kurt was going to die. None of these people thought of Kurt as suicidal.

Also today Courtney was interviewed by Robert Hilburn of the L.A.Times ( ... imes.shtml) during which she burst into tears and did a u-turn by saying she didn't care about Kurt pulling out of Lollapalooza, and that she just never wanted to see Kurt on the floor like that again, referring to the Rome incident. Later in the same article Hillburn asked Courtney about her lyrics " I lie, and lie and lie," she replied teasingly (Hillburn’s words,) 'It's just admitting that I can be dishonest, that I can be a liar.' Elsewhere in the article Hillburn wrote, 'She clearly enjoys being a star,' Courtney to Hillburn; “Everyone likes to gossip about me,” She said, pointing to a Macintosh computer that sits accross the room in its packing container. “One of the reasons I got that is so I can read all the gossip about me on America Online.' (Los Angeles Times April 10 1994).

So Courtney didn't seem too pre-occupied about her suicidal husband being missing. She hinted at him, Rome and the overdose, and then moved on to more important subjects.....herself. (Frances Barnett) ... _4th.shtml


This is believed to be the day the electrical contractors were approached to work on security for the house.
Gillian Gaar (a journalist) phoned Courtney for an interview. Eric Erlandson (Hole guitarist) informed Gaar that Courtney was ill, but that he would try to arrange for an interview in the evening. He never got back to her.

This is the day that the autopsy gave as the date of death, but they gave a margin of error of "more than 24 hours," so it is quite conceivable that Kurt was already dead at the time the missing persons call was placed on April 4th (by Courtney Love pretending to be Wendy O'Connor), and that the manner of his death could have already been known by the caller. ... _5th.shtml

Courtney phoned the electrical contractors who were working at the Lake Washington Blvd property, and instructed them to start work on the lights and motion detector on the greenhouse .
In hindsight, Grant asked himself if she knew Kurts body was there and was trying to get him discovered? Grant met Courtney at the Peninsula Hotel and offered to go to Seattle , until now he had had a sub-contractor (Ernie Barth) working for him there.

Someone asked Courtney if she would go to Seattle too, she replied "I can't. I have business I have to take care of here".

What could be more important than searching for the husband you claim to be desperately concerned about, and who you claim is suicidal? (Frances Barnett)

Rosemary Carroll told Grant that Courtney had no business in L.A.

According to Grant, Courtney's last words to him were a dramatic "Save the American Icon Tom".

What a disgusting thing to say. What a flippant remark, coming from someone who was supposedly concerned about her supposedly suicidal husband. (Frances Barnett)

Michael DeWitt was seen coming and going from the Lake Washington Blvd house, along with the electrical contractors. Carlson stated that DeWitt called him asking him if he had seen Kurt, (Carlson's interview with the Seattle Police on April 12th 1994).

Grant arrived in Seattle at 11:30 pm. and met up with Kurt's best friend Dylan Carlson. Grant says he asked Carlson if he felt Kurt was suicidal. "No. Not at all. He's under a lot of pressure, but he's handling things pretty good". Grant also asked him if he had ever been told that the Rome incident was a suicide attempt. "No, Kurt said it was just an accident". Carlson also tells Grant that Kurt had been afraid of intruders at the house lately and wanted a gun for protection. Dylan says he bought a shotgun and registered it in his name for Kurt.

Grant wonders if Cobain was so "suicidal" and if he really "tried to kill himself" a month earlier, why no one clued in his best friend, who he hangs out with, to keep an eye on him. Also, wouldn't Courtney want Carlson to make sure Kurt didn't have access to guns?

Grant mentions to Dylan that Courtney told him Kurt only stays at the "best hotels". A puzzled Dylan replies "No, he doesn't. He usually stays in some pretty ratty places".

While driving around Seattle, Grant asks if they should check in with Kurt's monther in Aberdeen. "No, Kurt wouldn't go there. He doesn't get along with his mom" Dylan replies.

By this stage Courtney had finally informed Grant that Kurt was seen at the house on April 2nd. A bit late really. ... _6th.shtml

At 2:15am Carlson and Grant drove to the house, Carlson checked the house but no one was there. They then went to a payphone and called Courtney who was now staying at Rosemary Carroll's house in L.A. and asked her to call the alarm company and turn off the alarm so they could enter the house. During this call Carroll overheard Courtney telling Carlson to check the greenhouse. Shortly after this call, Courtney returned to the Peninsula Hotel and promptly O.D'ed. From her hotel room, a call was made to either 911 or the front desk of the hotel, claiming allergic reaction to a prescribed drug. She was rushed to the hospital and later released, at which point she was immediatly arrested for possession of a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia, and stolen property. She was released on $10,000 bail.
Meanwhile at around 2:45am Grant and Carlson went back to the house and entered via an unlocked kitchen window. They searched the house not only for Kurt, but also for clues that he had been there, their search included looking under the mattress and pillows of Kurt's bed in their search for drugs and drug paraphernalia. They found no heroin or works, they did find a packet of Rohypnol.

There was a bedroom which had a TV on, in which the bed was unmade. Carlson told Grant that this was DeWitt's bedroom.

Strange, looks like DeWitt left in a hurry, could it be that he fled the house because he was trying to avoid meeting Carlson and Grant? (Frances Barnett)

Carlson did not mention searching the greenhouse and as it was dark and raining Grant was not aware that it existed, so it wasn't searched, (Kurt and Courtney film, and WKKC? page 98-99).

In the afternoon of this day, Michael DeWitt managed to leave Seattle without ever seeing Grant, and flew to L.A. to see Courtney. The story was that Courtney needed reassuring, she claimed to Grant that she thought DeWitt had been shielding Kurt from her. This interaction between Courtney and DeWitt would imply they had been in regular contact since his call to her on April 2nd.

Just consider the scenario if Courtney and DeWitt really did conspire to murder Kurt. By now they know he is dead and the discovery of his body imminent because Courtney specifically instructed the electrical contractors to work on the greenhouse, and for good measure asked Carlson to check it. Wouldn't it be better if they, as conspirators were distanced from the scene? Be it by geographical location or by a drug induced haze. They must have been apprehensive. (Frances Barnett)

Carlson spoke to Courtney again that day while she was in hospital, and now she requested they look for the gun which could be in a closet. Grant wondered why Courtney hadn't asked DeWitt to check this and also the greenhouse days before.

And wouldn't that have made sense? (Frances Barnett)

At 9:45pm, Carlson and Grant again checked the house, this time they found a note on the stairs addressed to Kurt from DeWitt. This note expressed surprise on the part of DeWitt that Kurt had been at the house but managed to evade him, it also lambasted Kurt for his disappearance. This note is found on the stairway and Grant believes it was phoney, a tactic to make out DeWitt had been trying to contact/locate Kurt, when really by all sense of reasoning it looks like Courtney and DeWitt were in cahoots in obstructing efforts to find him. ... _7th.shtml


Kurt's body was found by Gary Smith, an employee of Veca Electric at approximately 8.56am PST. News quickly spreads around the world through the media, including MTV News.

Grant and Carlson were on their way to check the Carnation property when they stopped off for gas and Dylan made a call. Carlson says that a body was found at the Lake Washington home. They turn on the radio to learn that it was Kurt and that his body was found in the greenhouse . Grant asks Dylan about the greenhouse, and why they didn't look there. "It's just a dirty little room. I think they keep some lumber in there or something." he replied.

Grant calls his office and speaks with Ben Klugman, who says the credit card company indicated someone had continued trying to use Kurt's credit card as recent as the morning of April 8th (it was learned later that Kurt had been dead since April 5th, so it obviously wasn't him).

By mid morning spokeswoman for the Seattle Police Dept, Vinnette Tichi was reporting that a body had been found at the location of 171 Lake Washington Blvd, and that there was a suicide note. So by mid morning the police had already wrapped up the case (before they had even run any forensic/toxicology tests).

How many hours investigation was that? three at most. Upon what information did they draw, to reach that conclusion? The information supplied by Courtney Love. Tom Grant voiced his suspicions to the Seattle police, why didn't they consider what he had to say? (Frances Barnett)

When Richard Lee (Seattle Journalist) spoke to Vinette Tichi on April 13th 1994, Tichi told him "Didn't you know that we had a suicide attempt on him last month?" The Seattle police also used the missing persons report filed on April 4th to reinforce their verdict. The suicide attempt they referred to involved a call by Courtney Love to the police, wherein Love told them that Kurt was going to commit suicide.

During the previous incident at the Lake Washington Blvd home on March 18th, Courtney made a call to the police and claimed Kurt was suicidal. When the police arrived at the house, Kurt told them in very plain and easy to understand terms that he was not suicidal, but that he was trying to keep away from Courtney. Courtney then retracted her claim to the police that Kurt had threatened suicide. The missing persons report filed April 4th was filed by Courtney Love (claiming to be Wendy O'Connor). Filed one must add, at a time when it was scientifically/medically possible that Kurt was already dead.

Therefore, the Seattle police totally ignored the fact that Kurt had stated he was not suicidal to them just a few weeks earlier. They also ignored the fact that none of the people who knew Kurt were aware that he was suicidal . Friends (Carlson, Lanegan, Peterson, Cleary), psychiatrists at Exodus, Dr. Galletta (who treated Kurt in Rome), and professional acquaintances (Rosemary Carroll, John Silva, Novoselic, Grohl)

Grant calls the Seattle homicide detectives and tries to tell them something is wrong. The detective he spoke to said Kurt was locked in a room by himself and that the door was locked from the inside . He also said the fire department had to break a window on the door to get in. Grant wonders what type of lock the door has.

After speaking with Courtney on the phone later in the afternoon, Grant got the impression that she wasn't upset that they hadn't found Kurt, and that she acted as if she thought Kurt had died the night before. If so, Grant and Carlson could have had a chance to save him. Grant was surprised she wasn't angry at them. Courtney wants Grant to immediately talk to the press. He tells her that he didn't want to say anything until he found out more about what happened.

Grant leaves Seattle and flies back to Los Angeles. He starts to believe something is seriously wrong here. ... _8th.shtml

really is not up to the public or even a private investigator to prove a murder, that is suppose to be the job of the police, I might add that the coroner who did the autopsy on Kurt's body was a friend of Courtney Love's and shouldn't have been allowed to do the autopsy due to conflict of interest, that is if it had been treated as a potential homicide, it was not, in large part because the police listened to Courtney Love in her staging of it to look like he was suicidal as well as the so-called suicide note which many believe was really a letter by Kurt to his fans explaining why he was leaving the industry, the only parts of the so-called suicide that indicate anything other than that appear to have been forged according to handwriting experts.


This is believed to be Kurt's handwriting. Most of the "suicide" note was written like this. A few parts of the note, especially the last four lines stand out as being written by a different hand.

Listen to Tom Grant describe many parts of this note, and why he believes it was not a suicide note. ... scan.shtml

Handwriting Practice Sheet, found in Courtney's backpack.


These are the lines at the bottom of the note. They appear after Kurt had appeared to end his letter and sign his name. Notice the handwriting is much bigger, and experts that Tom Grant has talked to say this was not written by the same person.


This is an example of Courtney's handwriting from the authorization note she wrote to Grant after she hired him. Notice how the F and the P in this note are very similar to those in the last four lines of Kurt's "suicide" note. Some of the E's look similar as well.

Did Courtney write the last four lines on Kurt's note?

As reported in Love and Death, handwriting expert Marcel Matley says, "The last four lines of the suicide letter, which include the words 'I love you, I love you,' were written by a different person. There are differences in the two." Reginald Alton of Oxford University, considered to be the world's foremost authenticator of literary manuscripts according to Halperin and Wallace, concurs. "There are more than a dozen discrepancies in the handwriting, definitely in the first line where the word Boddah appears to have been added, and in the last four lines." After going through a backpack left at her house by Love, Rosemary Carroll, entertainment lawyer and long-time friend of Love and Cobain, found a paper containing different handwriting styles. On the top right side of the page was a section marked "combos", where someone had practiced writing two and three letter combinations. "I had no idea what it meant or who had been doing the writing," Grant states, "but Rosemary found it among Courtney's things. It sure looked to us like she had been practicing how to forge a letter." ... shaw.shtml



Kurt apparently had 3 times the lethal 225 mgs dose of heroin (1.52 mgs per liter) in his blood system and intravenous puncture marks in both arms. Medical experts will tell you that such an amount, when injected directly into the bloodstream will leave you incapacitated and cause you to lapse into a coma within seconds, if not kill you instantly before the needle can even be removed from your arm. It's common for deaths of heroin overdoses to be found with the needle still sticking out of the arm. That's how quickly one lethal dose can kill a person, let alone three.

Leland Cobain believes his grandson was the victim of foul play

It's hard to believe that Cobain injected himself with an insane triple lethal dose of heroin, pulled the needle out of his arm, carefully put away that needle and the heroin paraphernalia neatly back into a cigar box a few feet away, rolled down and button his sleeves, then picked up a Remington 20-gauge shotgun , placed it in his mouth and discharged it. There does not seem to be another case in history in which anything close to this has ever occurred and many researchers feel it is simply impossible.

The drug Diazepam (Valium), was also found in Cobain's blood system. A drug that is known to aggravate heroin, and makes an overdose that much worse. The question remains as to why Cobain would shoot himself after taking a triple lethal dose, which clearly would have been more than enough to cause death instantly. A triple overdose, followed by shooting yourself not only doesn't make sense, but is impossible according to the medical experts.

Canadian Chemist Roger Lewis read the Cobain autopsy report. Knowing that drug related "suicides" are often a staged cover up for a murder, he studied 98 similar deaths and their pathology, criminology and forensic tests. His research is titled "Dead Men Don't Pull Triggers", and it was published in Opinion Magazine. An online version is also available and is a must-read for anyone who wants to intelligently argue that Cobain was murdered. To be fair, there is a rebuttal to Lewis' findings, which has also been posted on the web, as well as Lewis' rebuttal to the first one. Links to that debate are available in the internet coverage section of this site.


According to the police report, there were no "legible" fingerprints on the shotgun (which some sources say indicate the gun had been wiped or cleaned), none on the pen found with the "suicide" note, or the box of shotgun shells found beside Kurt. How can you write a note, load up a shotgun with 3 shells, and shoot yourself without leaving any fingerprints on anything? Also, his head was nowhere near "blown off", as mistakenly reported by the press. It was fully intact and not as gruesome as people close to the situation had made it out to be to the media and friends. The Remington Model 11 shotgun is a very light shotgun that dealers recommend for home protection, because the shot won't penetrate walls and endanger those on the other side.

Sgt. Cameron admitted 2 years later that there were no markings on Kurt's hands indicating he had fired the weapon. "Yeah, there weren't any marks on his hands...Some rookie must've put that line in the police report." he said when speaking about the mistake in the police report. Tom Grant says: "I can say with confidence that there were no marks on Cobain's hands that would indicate he fired this weapon. I've had the police reports analyzed by other homicide detectives and criminalists. No one can figure out what these "marks" could have been. I can't explain further at this time, but I can tell you the authorities will never claim the marks were GS residue or soot. Some of the additional evidence I've obtained regarding these so-called "marks" cannot be disclosed until the case is reopened. If the Seattle authorities ever care to describe the "marks" in detail, I'll come forward with additional evidence that will prove those so--called "marks" did not really exist."

Since things were also so neatly put away at the scene and there were no fingerprints on key objects, this seems to indicate someone "swept" it before Cobain's body was discovered. He clearly was not alone in that greenhouse.


Courtney Love was in Los Angeles during the week preceding and up to Kurt's death and when asked by many to fly up to Seattle to help locate her husband, whom she had told others "had a shotgun" and was "suicidal," she replied, "I can't. I have business to take care of." When Tom Grant mentioned to Rosemary Carroll that Courtney had said she couldn't go to Seattle herself because she "had business in L.A", Carroll replied "She didn't have any business in L.A.!" While Kurt was in Seattle in supposed "suicide" mode, Love was arrested due to a 911 phone call reporting an overdose in her hotel room. Paramedics arrived and took her to the hospital before releasing her 2 hours later into police custody. She was charged with possession of a syringe and drug paraphernalia. Phone records show that the 911 call that got her arrested, originated from her own hotel room. Tom Grant believes this was Courtney's attempt to establish an alibi right before Kurt was found.


Courtney produced a never-before seen second note to Seattle police, which she claims Kurt wrote in Rome during "his first suicide attempt". A police officer says it was not a suicide not, but rather a rambling and unflattering diatribe against her. Courtney admits the existance of this note in a December 1994 Rolling Stone interview, and to Tom Grant. Grant has her on tape saying that she burned it . Courtney says the second note also mentioned a divorce.

Listen to tape saying 'she burned it' on this page, click on 'she burned it': ... sons.shtml


was not a user of Rohypnol , he also didn't drink alcohol. On March 4th 1994 in Rome, when he was on the verge of leaving Courtney and the tour he was on, he was suddenly hospitalized with these substances in his body. Many believe this was the first, failed, murder attempt as both Michael DeWitt and Courtney Love were also in that hotel room in Rome. By some miracle, Kurt survived the combination of Rohypnol and Alcohol, and told everyone, including the doctors that it was not a suicide attempt. Dr. Galletta, who treated him, agreed it was just an accident. Kurt also mentioned that he could not remember what had happened to cause the coma. This is a common side effect of Rohypnol , better known as the "date rape drug" or "roofies". At the time, Rohypnol was a colorless, odorless drug which dissolves quickly into drinks, including water, and induces amnesia (loss of memory) when abused. The prescription for this drug belonged to Courtney. She was seen popping some during an interview with Select magazine in Rome on March 3rd and it's documented in the interview. Also, Tom Grant found empty packets of the prescription with her name on it when he searched the Cobain home on April 7th.


Eldon Hoke (aka "El Duce"), singer of a band called the Mentors, claimed he was offered $50,000 by Courtney Love three months earlier to kill her husband. On March 6, 1996, Hoke was administered a polygraph test by Dr. Edward Gelb, who is one of the country's leading polygraph experts. He was also teaching the advanced polygraph course for the FBI. Hoke passed a lie detector test with 99.7% certainty that he was telling the truth. Eldon Hoke briefly appeared in the Nick Broomfield "Kurt & Courtney" documentary.

On April 19th 1997, eight days after having his story filmed by Broomfield, Hoke was found dead in Riverside, California by the California Highway Police. A source described the events as "highly suspicious. He showed up at his house in Riverside with this guy who he introduced as his new friend none of his roommates had ever met before and said they were going out to the liquor store and would be back soon. He never returned. The 'friend' was never seen again and Hoke was found squashed on a railroad track, apparently hit by a train. Anybody who knew Hoke, according to his friends, knew that the best way to befriend him was to offer to buy him a drink. So the scenario is quite obvious."

While Grant and others believe Hoke was offered money by Courtney and was telling the truth about that, he did not personally, nor did he know who killed Kurt. Hoke used the situation to drum up publicity for himself and for a band he apparently started called "Courtney Killed Kurt". In the end, it might have been the thing that got him killed. A popular hoax has popped up in recent years where people claim they know who killed both Cobain and Hoke. Read more detailed information about Hoke including a brief transcript of the conversation he had with Courtney Love in Eldon Hoke, AKA El Duce - ( ... hoke.shtml) By Frances Barnett


There is evidence that circumstances were manipulated to prevent Kurt from using his own car and gaining access to his own money in the days leading up to his death. Courtney canceled his credit card right after he used it to purchase a flight back home to Seattle on April 1st, and according to the police report, all 4 tires of his car were flat.


After Kurt was found dead a month later in Seattle, and could not set the record straight anymore, Courtney tells everyone that the Rome incident was actually "a suicide attempt" ( ... dent.shtml).

This went against everything Kurt, and the doctors that treated him had said about the incident. The media goes with Love's side of the story for some reason and don't question it. The few that tried had gotten legal threats tossed their way or were just pressured to back off.

Peter Cleary, a friend of Kurt's from Seattle said the following in an interview: "The thing you have to remember about all the talk of Kurt being suicidal is that all the talk only started when Courtney came out after the death and said Rome was a suicide attempt and the media picked up on all her examples of Kurt being suicidal. That's when all these people started saying,'Of course he was suicidal, just listen to his music.' But that's a bunch of crap. Sure he was a moody guy and got depressed quite often. That applies to a hell of a lot of people, including me. But nobody ever talked about Kurt being suicidal before he died, Nobody. Why do you think everybody who knew him was so surprised when Courtney said that Rome was a suicide attempt? I've read all this ignorant bullshit in the media pointing to the fact that Kurt wanted to call In utero 'I Hate Myself and I Want to Die.' It was a joke, for chrissake. That was his warped sense of humour. He was the most sarcastic guy you'll ever meet. He was not suicidal, at least not when I knew him, and I knew him for the last year of his life."


The medical examiner, Dr. Nikolas Hartshorne insists Cob
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The medical examiner, Dr. Nikolas Hartshorne insists Cobain died from a self-inflicted shotgun wound. He was interviewed in 2000 for a VH1 Confidential story on the theories. Hartshorne is adamant that Kurt's death was "an open and shut case of suicide". "Kurt died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. I have no doubt in my mind, not one shred of doubt, that this is in fact a suicide." he says.

However, Hartshorne's credibility has been questioned due to a conflict of interest. He knew Cobain and Love personally. Hartshorne booked shows in Seattle in the late 80s. He was also a "party friend" of Courtney Love.

During a 1996 lecture by the authors of Who Killed Kurt Cobain? in Montreal, they showed video taped interviews of Hartshorne admitting he and Love were friends. Hartshorne left Seattle shortly after Kurt's death.

August 22nd 2002 Update: Mr. Hartshorne passed away on August 6th 2002 in a BASE jumping accident.


Kurt's friends said he preparing to leave Seattle to join friends on the East coast. Kurt apparently had made plans to see one of his favorite bands who were touring the East coast at the time. He also made plans with his grandfather, Leland Cobain, to go fishing. Michael Stipe, of R.E.M., says Kurt was going to visit him to work on music. They had struck up a friendship and planned to record something together. Why would someone that is about to commit suicide make these types of plans? When Tom Grant asked Kurt's best friend Dylan Carlson if he thought Cobain was suicidal, he was adamant, saying, "No. Not at all," and added that despite the major changes imminent in his life, Cobain was "pretty upbeat." Mark Lanegan (of the band Screaming Trees), another of Cobain's close friends, expressed the same sentiment to Grant, and later told reporters for Rolling Stone, "I never knew Kurt to be suicidal."

In a Rolling Stone interview a few months earlier, Kurt was quoted as saying "I've never been more happier in my life". Not one of the therapists who spoke with Cobain just a few days before his death at the Exodus Treatment Center (one of the most renowned drug rehabilitation facilities in the country) considered him suicidal. Finally, Tom Grant and Rosemary Carroll had an impassioned conversation in which she exclaimed, "He wasn't suicidal, Tom. Kurt wasn't suicidal!" For more documented quotes from friends and family close to Kurt in the final weeks, please read Kurt Was Not Suicidal by Frances Barnett.

These are the main reasons why this case should be reopened and looked into again. For more information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions (, and the detailed Timeline of Events. ( ... ndex.shtml) ... sons.shtml

As stated earlier, it is up to the police to investigate a potential homicide, that they so quickly dismissed Kurt's death as a suicide (withing three hours) was shoddy police work, in deaths that should be deemed as at least suspicious (until more facts are known) you do not take the word of the spouse. The police in addition to not questioning her take (that it was a suicide) also handed the rifle back to Courtney Love which she had melted down, she had the greenhouse torn down, she was a friend of the coroner who did the autopsy on Kurt's body, none of that should have been allowed to happen amongst all the many other things.

All that we are asking is that the case by re-opened because there is sufficient reason to believe that Kurt's death should have been investigated from the outset as a potential homicide.

Grant believes the main motive is the oldest in the book. She was facing a divorce and would have possibly lost millions of dollars. She apparently admits on tape that the note from Rome mentioned Kurt wanting a divorce. Coincidentally, she also admits destroying that note. Kurt Cobain apparently had his Will re-done in March 1994, which excluded Courtney. Sadly, he didn't get the chance to sign it and make it official. Rosemary Carroll, Love's attorney, allegedly told Grant that Courtney wanted her to get "meanest, most vicious divorce lawyer" she could find a few weeks earlier. Love was preparing to fight it.

Nirvana's management company claims the Rome incident was not a suicide attempt. Kurt was just "going to take his and Courtney's money and run away". Witnesses have Cobain writing a note and getting ready to leave the hotel. All of a sudden he's in a Rome hospital with an overdose of Rohypnol and champagne in his system, which others claim he never used.

There are also witnesses, including Grant, who saw Courtney throw fits because Kurt turned down millions of dollars when he decided not to headline the 1994 Lollapalooza tour. It seems Cobain had enough of the music industry and/or Nirvana, and told friends he wanted out. Turning down an insane amount of money to headline the biggest summer tour of the time seems to support this fact. Dave Grohl has also said in recent years that Nirvana were about to break up. Kurt seemed interested in, and actually planned on making music with Michael Stipe of R.E.M, who he struck up a friendship with.

There is also information that Courtney was having an affair with Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins 3 weeks after Kurt's death. Apparently while the press had her at home as the upset widow, Tom Grant claims she called him from a resort in Arizona bragging that she was sleeping with Corgan. Courtney's father Hank Harrison has told the media that she was having an affair with Corgan while she was married to Kurt, which may or may not have contributed to Kurt's decision to leave Courtney and get his Will re-done.

Grant claims with a divorce, "Courtney would have gotten half, at best, of Cobain's fortune" since they had a prenuptial agreement. She also could have lost full custody of their daughter to him. With a "suicide", she got everything. Grant says she also got a lot of publicity, as her "Live Through This" album which was released shortly after Cobain had died.

They had a pre-nuptial agreement, and this is public. She talked about this publicly. She said, "We have a pre-nuptial agreement because I don't want Kurt running away with all my money," half-jokingly at the time. If they had gotten a divorce, she wouldn't have gotten anything, or she would've gotten a very small settlement based on the terms of the pre-nup. Community property laws would not apply. So, this is a very rich guy whose future royalties are worth tens of million of dollars.

Q: That much money? Nirvana was that successful?

A: Not only were they that successful, but when the Nirvana biopic eventually comes out, remember she (Courtney) and the daughter control all his royalties; that soundtrack will probably sell 30 million copies. Think of how much money that is. His first album was huge, ("Nevermind") Fifty, one hundred million dollars for Geffen Records, who knows how much money? The actual soundtrack from the film is gonna be the biggest soundtrack of all time. Everybody is gonna buy this soundtrack. There's a lot of recordings sitting in the vaults that have never been released. There's definitely a lot of money still to come. Just like Elvis, The Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix, they're still making huge amounts of money. O.K. so, if they were gonna get a divorce, she would've been left high and dry. Now, Rosemary Carroll told Tom Grant, and this is among the things he has on tape, that in fact, Kurt had approach her about getting a divorce lawyer, shortly before his death. ... nger.shtml

The oldest motive in the book.

Original guitarist for 'Hole' Kristin Pfaff

Whatever happened to her? oh yes she angered Courtney by quitting the band and deciding to leave Seattle then ended up dying a suspicious death when she returned to her apartment overnight to get her things..

Kristen Pfaff had used heroin, but she had been through rehab, she was clean and she was leaving Seattle and Hole and Courtney behind. This is exactly the same for Kurt. Both ended up dead, both had heroin/morphine in their systems at the time of death. Both of them had contact with people Courtney was close to, just before they died. Michael DeWitt and Eric Erlandson. DeWitt and Erlandson both had experience of drug use.

Kristen was genuinely upset over Kurt’s death and she seemed to be scared about something. She was desperate to get away from Courtney. So was Kurt, he had enough of being belittled, enough of having to censor his words and actions, enough of listening to Courtney going on about designers and mansions and luxury cars and money money money. Kurt wanted to get some quality back in his life, he was ready to ditch Courtney. Both of them died before they got the chance. How many reasons do the Seattle Police need? I find myself torn between mocking the Seattle Police Department’s incompetence and trying to reason with them and be respectful.

Torn between begging them in the sincerest manner to reopen these cases and degrading them for their shoddy work. Chief Stamper I beg you, please do something to redress what has happened, for Kurt and for Kristen. Until you reopen these cases your Police Department will be open to ridicule born of the frustration and anger your verdicts have caused. Your verdicts have condemned two dead people to stand accused of acts they did not commit. The names of these people have been destroyed so that a raging madwoman can walk free.

On June 15th 1994 Kristen was packed and ready to leave. She was joining up with her old band Janitor Joe. The truck was packed, her friend Paul Erickson was ready to drive her and her belongings far away from Courtney early the next day. Eric Erlandson paid Kristen a visit that evening at around 8pm he is the last known person to see Kristen alive. At 9am the following morning Paul Erickson let himself into Kristen’s flat, he called her, there was no reply. He realized the bathroom door was locked, he called her again, again no reply. He broke the bathroom door down, Kristen was dead in the bath, heroin paraphernalia were on the floor. This is similar to the scene of the crime at Kurt’s house. Erickson called 911. If the police and medical services arrived shortly thereafter, at what point did the following happen?

“I had to go over there and get Eric away from the body. Kristen had been his lover for a really long time. He’d already broken down bathroom door after bathroom door for her.” (Courtney, Rolling Stone, December 15th 1994.)

What kind of lock did the bathroom door have? If it was a key, where was the key? Was it in the door on the inside? Was it on the floor inside the bathroom? Was there an unlocked window in the bathroom? It is the same scenario as Kurt and the greenhouse. The police wanted us to believe Kurt had locked himself in there and that no-one else could have gained access. Thanks to Tom Grant, we know that is not the case. How thorough were the Seattle police in investigating Kristen’s apartment? Probably as thorough as they were at the scene of the greenhouse. I have no faith in the Seattle Police Department. We will probably never know if there was a key and where it was, or if there was an unlocked window. It’s a terrible shame that Tom Grant wasn’t there to investigate, we would all know a lot more. Tom Grant has done some investigation into Kristen’s death, he does have some information. I trust Grant, I back him 100%.

Kristen deserves that these questions are asked on her behalf, even if Courtney and Eric don’t like it.

If there is the slightest chance Courtney and Erlandson were both in the bathroom before Erickson discovered Kristen, then the Seattle Police have a duty to investigate this. Even if this occurred after Erickson found Kristen, there is still the fact that Erlandson was possibly the last person to see Kristen alive to consider. How difficult would it be for Courtney to suggest to Erlandson that he give Kristen a going away present, one last hit before she started her new life? Courtney could have supplied heroin of a higher purity than normal, Erlandson might just have been giving her normal smack for all he knew, he may not have realized what was happening.

Because Kristen (and Kurt) were clean, their systems could not tolerate this purity, they lapsed into unconsciousness and one died in the bath, and the other was shot. Because of the connection between Courtney and both Erlandson and DeWitt, and the proximity of them to Kristen and Kurt, the possibility that Courtney was involved must be seriously investigated Erlandson could have visited Kristen with his “gift”, he talked her into it, she died. Erlandson freaked out and called Courtney, she went over to calm Eric, and they left the premises. When a dead person is found, and that person is unfortunate enough to have been involved with Courtney Love, and that person was on the verge of disentangling themselves from her, then Courtney must be investigated. ... days.shtml

On June 4th 1994, narcotics Detective Antonio Terry was murdered. According to Grant, he is the first Seattle police officer to be murdered in the line of duty in nine years. Grant has read the news reports, and it doesn't appear that Terry's murder is connected with the Cobain case. However, being a private investigator (and a damn good one at that), he'd like to know more. If you recall, Antonio Terry was the officer Courtney was in contact with from L.A. while Kurt was missing, the officer she called from Grant's car on the trip to the Carnation property, and the officer she admits on tape dealing with to try and get people she didn't like, such as Caitlin Moore, busted. Obviously their relationship was a bit more than Courtney just being a good citizen trying to rid the neighborhood of drug dealers. With her own drug related problems in the media on a regular basis at the time, Detective Terry had to have known he wasn't dealing with someone that had a squeaky clean record.

A couple weeks later on June 15th 1994, Hole bassist Kristen Pfaff is found dead of an alleged drug overdose. Her body was found in the bathtub of her Seattle apartment.

Grant says he's very suspicious of the circumstances of Kristen's death. Simply because of the similarities between her death and Kurt's. Kurt was apparently leaving Seattle and Courtney when he ended up dead. Kristen was also leaving Seattle and Courtney when she ended up dead. Both with heroin overdoses in their system and "barricaded" in rooms. Kurt in the greenhouse; Kristen in the bathroom of her apartment. Kristen had a U-Haul trailor packed and loaded, and was leaving the next morning. Sadly, she never got out of Seattle alive.

During an interview with the media, Courtney said she had to "drag Eric away from Kristen's body". So Courtney was in Seattle at the time of Kristen's death.

She’s a fucking talented musician, she’s also a beautiful soul. I think she’s so beautiful, but if I ever told her that, and Courtney found out, it would be hell."
- Kurt talking about Kristen to Dylan Carlson (WKKC? page 149)

Kurt thought in terms of beautiful souls. He had to censor every word and action in an attempt to contain Courtney’s ugly anger and jealousy. Kurt and Kristen are beautiful souls. Courtney is a bleak soul.

"Courtney’s scary. If I take a hike, she’ll make me look bad or do something to make my life miserable."
- Kristen to a friend (WKKC? page 146)

"Don’t fuck with her, just bite your tongue when Courtney does something stupid or insults you. That’s what I do. Courtney has the power to make us a lot of cash.
- Eric Erlandson to Kristen (WKKC? page 147)

"As long as she has three puppets who agree that she is the star, there are no problems." - Kristen on Courtney (WKKC? page 147)

"You fuck my guitar player, constantly make eyes at my husband and now you’re telling me how to sing. Just don’t fuck with me because you’ll regret it forever."
- Courtney to Kristen (WKKC? page 148)

"At first she’s really nice to you to your face, but if you do something that she doesn’t agree with, she’ll do something behind your back to make you look really bad."
- Kristen talking to her mother about Courtney (WKKC?)

"I care a lot about you but you’re such a low life, Your whole life is a fake. Everything. The people you hang with, the drug dealers, Courtney...even your guitar playing. You’re so good at fooling the crowd."
- Kristen to Eric Erlandson.

1999 - Sgt. Cameron Corruption Charges - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

In 1999, Sgt. Cameron, the lead detective in the Kurt Cobain death investigation, is accused of participating in the theft of $10,000.00 from a crime scene as well as staging a crime scene in an unrelated case in which a man was shot and killed by police in 1997. Sgt. Cameron immediately retires. Another detective accused in the incident would later be tried twice. On juror, Carol Pease, gave an interview in which she said some of the jurors were convinced that Sgt. Cameron was "involved in what was going on". Sgt. Cameron never testifies against the detective at trial and Pease states that the jurors were of the opinion that if he was called he would plead the fifth. Ultimately no charges would be brought against Sgt. Cameron.

****Note: The original story was that Det. Davis stole $10.000.00 from a crime scene in which a man was shot and killed by police in 1997. Davis' partner, Det. Steiger found out about it and got mad. Steiger claims Davis then offered him half of the money in order to shut him up. Steiger went to Sgt. Cameron to report the incident and instead of reporting it to his superiors Sgt. Cameron allegedly told Davis to return the money to the scene of the crime and stage it so that the money could then be "found" by police and checked into evidence. However, Det. Steiger accused Sgt. Cameron of playing a greater role and stated he believed Sgt. Cameron was a co-conspirator in the theft.

****Note: Courtney Love claims she showed Sgt. Cameron the secret second suicide note. This note was not checked into evidence. If Sgt. Cameron did see this note and chose not to enter it into evidence is this against the law or at least some form of police code of ethics?

****Note: Courtney Love claims Sgt. Cameron told her to get rid of the Rome Note because it would cause her problems. Courtney Love admitted to burning the note.

****Note: According to Tom Grant, Sgt. Cameron told him that Kurt barricaded himself in the greenhouse with a stool. This was not true as per the police records the stool was found near the back balcony doors, not the entrance doors. Also the stool was small and most likely could not be used to barricade the doors. Grant also claims that Sgt. Cameron told him there were no Polaroids taken at the scene when in fact there were 23. ... chive.html

Rape Me

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Kurt Cobain 27 Jul 2015 02:10 #3

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End of El Duce clip (above) has been changed......... original clip he expressed nervousness having said the name 'Alllen' saying something to the effect of leaving that name well El Duce was FOUND DEAD about a week after that clip that you may have just watched was filmed (as stated in the original clip)..... found dead on railroad tracks in an isolated area nearby.......

According to those who knew him...... he was approached in a public drinking establishment and offered alcohol in another location and took up the offer and wound up dead. shortly after .... many will dismiss what he had to say but he SUBMITTED HIMSELF to one of the most professional POLYGRAPH EXPERTS in the UNITED STATES and PASSED.. according to the expert he was telling the truth when he said that Courtney Love offered him fifty grand to blow Kurt Cobain's head off and to make it look like a suicide.........though that job ended up being offered elsewhere..
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I just watched Soaked in Bleach on Netflix and don't understand why it took 20 years for all this info to come out.
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.......... wrote:
I just watched Soaked in Bleach on Netflix and don't understand why it took 20 years for all this info to come out.

So who wanted him taken out then?

I cant watch vids at the mo.
1365 = 1

1.1365 = 1,283,305,580,313,352
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novum wrote:
.......... wrote:
I just watched Soaked in Bleach on Netflix and don't understand why it took 20 years for all this info to come out.

So who wanted him taken out then?

I cant watch vids at the mo.

He was in the process of getting a divorce from Courtney Love when he got killed and he had a prenuptial agreement.

Since Kurt died before the divorce she got all his money which the lawyer in the movie said is near a billion dollars to this day.

It's a must watch movie when you get a chance to see it.
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This woman is the epitome of the Babylonian whore.
I always thought she was set on him.

The other thread on "The Pain Of Kurt Cobain":

Just in case someone might be interested.

"The truth must be repeated over and over again,
because error is repeatedly preached among us, not
only by individuals, but by the masses. In periodicals
and cyclopaedias, in schools and universities; every-
where, in fact, error prevails, and is quite easy in the
feeling that it has a decided majority on its side."

~ J. W. v. Goethe

Johannes Lang "The Hollow World Theory" Blog
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Courtney Love Sued by Frances Bean Cobain's Ex-Husband for Alleged Kidnapping & Murder Plot

Courtney Love is being sued by her daughter's ex-husband, alleging she conspired to have him murdered over ownership of her late husband Kurt Cobain's 1959 Martin D-18E guitar that was used during Nirvana's iconic MTV Unplugged in New York performance in 1993.

Along with several others, Sam Lutfi -- who managed Britney Spears during her public meltdown in 2007 -- is also named in the suit and accused of supplying illicit drugs to Love's daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, as well as kidnapping, attempted murder, false imprisonment, extortion and more. Actor Ross Butler, star of 13 Reasons Why, is also accused of playing a role.

According to the civil complaint filed in Los Angeles County, Love, Lutfi and Butler entered into a criminal conspiracy to commit trespass, burglary, home invasion, robbery, assault, battery, kidnapping and murder against musician Isaiah Silva, all in order to take possession of the guitar, which is believed to be worth millions of dollars. Billboard has reached out to Love's rep for comment.

A source close to the family told Billboard, "Frances and the family are prepared to fight with a fury of unprecedented legal force and they will prevail."

Since Cobain filed for divorce from Silva in 2016, the guitar has been the subject of public interest and a point of contention in the couple's settlement. (The rare acoustic-electric 1959 Martin D-18E was produced for just a year before being discontinued and the left-handed Kurt Cobain had its bridge and nut adapted so he could play it upside down.) As the press has followed the matter over the past couple years, Love has spoken out on the subject, calling it a "treasured heirloom of the family" and saying, "It's not [Silva's] to take."

But, according to the suit, the guitar was gifted to Silva by Cobain in 2014 six months before their wedding as a dating anniversary present, marking a sentimental time in their turbulent relationship. The documents go into great depth detailing Sivla's gift to Cobain for the same anniversary -- an extravagant and heartfelt conversion of the couple's spare bedroom designed, essentially, in tribute to Cobain and her interests. The lawsuit also notes that Cobain needed Love's permission to remove the Martin D-18E guitar from storage, as both of their consent was required for such a decision.

As well, it is described that Cobain never showed any interest in or asked that Silva return the guitar when she initially left him in February 2016 and filed for divorce a month later. Yet, according to Silva's suit, once Love and her business manager and so-called "rottweiler" Lutfi got involved, the battle over the guitar -- along with some property rights -- became life-threatening.

Silva and Cobain began dating in 2010 and started living together a year later. But, according to Silva's lawsuit, when Love moved to Los Angeles to be closer to her daughter in 2012, soon after Lutfi began supplying Cobain with narcotics and illicit benzodiazepines, which Cobain and Lutfi referred to as "cookies." Often the drugs would be delivered by Butler in secret, without Silva knowing.

From there, according to Silva, Cobain developed an addiction, which was supported by Lutfi, causing great strain to their relationship and resulting in Silva ending their engagement at one point. In 2014 the couple married, but Cobain's alleged drug use only intensified over the years, leading up to a grand mal seizure later that year that nearly killed Cobain at the couple's home while Silva was there with his young daughter, Arlo. Still, according to the suit, her drug use persisted leading up February 2016 when she disappeared from the couple's home in West Hollywood, California.

As Silva and Cobain worked to amicably settle their divorce without attorneys, the lawsuit says the guitar became a point of contention for Love and Lutfi and the two "became obsessed with finding a way to retrieve the guitar from Silva."

From there, Love, Lutfi, Butler and a chauffeur named Yan Yukhtman allegedly hacked into Silva's iMessage account and sent out messages "making it appear Silva was despondent and on a mental precipice contemplating suicide." This was allegedly part of a plan to commit a home invasion, kidnap Silva, murder him, make it appear to be a suicide and recover the guitar, as well as remove him from claims to the couple's house, another house they had acquired for Silva's daughter Arlo and her mother and any spousal support.

Silva reported the suspicious activity to the Los Angeles Police Department, noting, according to the suit, that it follows "a disturbingly similar pattern and course of conduct to the modus operandi of Lutfi" in various previous harassment cases. From there, things worsens, as Lutfi and Love allegedly began threatening Silva's friends, family and bandmates in attempt to turn them against Silva.

Shortly after midnight on June 3, 2016, according to the lawsuit, Lutfi, Butler and Yukhtman broke into Silva's house and tried to enter his bedroom -- where he had been watching a movie with a friend -- claiming they were the police. Lutfi allegedly yelled at and threatened the friend, telling him to leave, before Butler and Yukhtman pushed him out of the house. Following some struggling, the documents continue, Silvia was overpowered and then threatened to calm down by Lutfi "grabbing Silva's genitals through his pants, and whispered to Silva, 'Listen f----t, calm the fuck down or we'll drag you upstairs and take turns fucking you.' In fear for his life, Silva tried to appear calm and cooperative. However, he claims, Lutfi, Butler and Yukhtman continued to threaten him and physically removed Silva from his Curson Avenue residence against his will," forcing him into the back seat of a Cadillac Escalade outside and driving off.

Silva's friend had been outside calling 9-1-1 from his car and was able to drive ahead of the Escalade, blocking its way on the narrow canyon road trying to prevent Silva's captors from getting away, the suit claims. When police arrived in cars and a helicopter overhead, Silva claims Lutfi "hurriedly concocted a false story intended to prevent LAPD from arresting them" and threatened the lives of Silva's family -- including his 7-year-old daughter Arlo -- if he didn't go along with it. "In shock and fearing for his life and the lives of his family and daughter," Silva agreed to go along with Lutfi's story that they were old college friends and the kidnapping had been a prank.

Were it not for the intervention of Silva's friend and the LAPD, the suit says, "it is believed, based upon facts and evidence, that Silva would have been taken to a secondary crime scene and murdered on June 3, 2016."

The lawsuit also several times draws parallels between the allegedly false narrative Love and her cohorts attempted to establish around Silva with the often-speculated upon death of Kurt Cobain. Silva claims that Kurt Cobain's mother Wendy O'Connor confided in him that she was "keenly aware of the disturbing correlations between his circumstances and those of O'Connor's late son." She also said that she "believed Love to be involved in the alleged suicide of her son, Kurt Cobain."

Once LAPD left the scene, the suit claims Lutfi, Butler, Yukhtman and Silva returned to the house, where Silva was held hostage for several hours while he was threatened repeatedly over the location of the 1959 Martin D-18E guitar. Silva eventually told Lutfi that the guitar was not there because he was in the process of recording with his band. Eventually, Lutfi allegedly changed his tactic to extorting Silva into signing a settlement agreement looking to accomplish the original objectives of their conspiracy with the help of attorney Marc Gans -- demanding Silva agree to surrender the guitar, any claim to the houses and spousal support from Cobain, as well as all photographs and recordings of Cobain he had acquired during their relationship and marriage. In return, Lutfi said he had convinced Love and Cobain to offer him $120,000 if Silva signed the agreement with those terms and the harassment would end. Eventually, Lutfi left the house, where Silva remained to scared to leave on his own.

Later that day, Silva's mother and sister brought him and his daughter Arlo back to their home in Orange County for safety. But Lutfi's harassment and threats continued, according to the suit, as he tried to further pressure Silva into signing the settlement agreement, including stalking him and his family. As well, Lutfi allegedly sought to defame Silva and undermine his claims to the guitar and property. According to the lawsuit, Lutfi caused one of Silva's friends to lose his job at the Chateau Marmot, posted a Craigslist ad with his daughter's puppy advertising a free dog with her mother's phone number attached, and illegally rerouted Silva's mail delivery to his own apartment.

Throughout it all, Silva claims he was afraid to go to the police because of the constant threats and he was convinced by Lutfi that he, Love and Cobain "controlled the LAPD, judicial system, and media." Finally on June 8, 2016, he did file a police report and obtained a temporary restraining order against Lutfi later that month.

Silva and Cobain's divorce was finalized last year and the two reached a settlement agreement earlier this year. Silva's attorney Douglass Unger could not speak to whether the harassment ended entirely following the restraining order, but confirmed that under the settlement agreement Silva retained possession of the guitar, while Cobain won rights to the couple's property and was free from any spousal support.

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