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TOPIC: The Truth

The Truth 12 Mar 2016 08:14 #1

  • Robert Baird
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The degree of manipulation you know about is directly related to the amount of what you think about. Thinking is not a skill you learn in school and presumably your parents were too busy to teach you even if they knew what was going on - which would make them very unusual.

There is no black and white boogeyman but both sides of every issue are managed and considered with resultant contingencies generated when necessary. The politicians are not all that capable of deciding what is needed and they listen to the bureaucrats who are supported and trained by think tanks or outgrowths of the Rhodes Round Tables and banker's monies. So WHAT?

Some people think it is bad to make plans for the future and hope their g-d will bring them Rapture - which is a racist ideology as you should know. Others including Ted Turner actually say what they want - and that is refreshing but scary too.

We must evaluate the extent of lies from all quarters if we are to evaluate the Huxley's. Obviously by the very fact that they were related to THE Huxley in the Huxley-Wilberforce debates which put Christianity on the defensive to an extent it had to drop the creationist argument in most places and even consider the Pope might not be infallible and other lesser adaptations it waffles about such as Vatican II.

I can assure you Stanford Research Institute is totally into mind control of any and all kinds. I have raised concerns about Esalen having this kind of involvement in social engineering. Aldous and others at Esalen provided what I consider to be a leading edge breeding ground for the ecumenical wisdom all religions must eventually get behind or life on Earth is in grave danger of an Armageddon type event that many lifeforms will not recover from.

That does not mean I like Tavistock's involvement in the World Health Organization founding and support for drug pushing psychiatrists who do not study chemistry enough to know the damage done - especially when used in concert with any other form of natural and unnatural chemicals. I can tell you much of what you will read in the link that follows is true. That does not mean I agree with any of it's conclusions or fear-mongering. The Church of Scientology through Crowley and Jack Parsons is part of what happened, The kids who shot up the movie theatre in Colorado a few years ago were the children of a SRI mind control scientists who might even have used his own as guinea pigs (Not as bad as what B. F. Skinner did probably). The occult has lots of uses inside Churches other than Scientology as I have proven in many places so waving that flag around as if some devil is at work does not make any sense for me.

"The high priest for Britain's Opium War was Aldous Huxley, the grandson of Thomas H. Huxley, a founder of the Rhodes Roundtable group and a lifelong collaborator of Arnold Toynbee. Toynbee himself sat on the RIIA council for nearly fifty years, headed the Research Division of British intelligence throughout World War II, and served as wartime briefing officer of Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Toynbee's "theory" of history, expounded in his twenty-volume History of Western civilization, was that its determining culture has always been the rise and decline of grand imperial dynasties. At the very point that these dynasties—the "thousand year Reich" of the Egyptian pharaohs, the Roman Empire, and the British Empire—succeed in imposing their rule over the entire face of the earth, they tend to decline. Toynbee argued that this decline could be abated if the ruling oligarchy (like that of the British Roundtable) would devote itself to the recruitment and training of an ever-expanding priesthood dedicated to the principles of imperial rule.3

Trained at Toynbee's Oxford, Aldous Huxley was one of the initiates in the "Children of the Sun," a Dionysian cult comprised of the children of Britain's Roundtable elite.4 Among the other initiates were T.S. Eliot, W.H. Auden, Sir Oswald Mosley, and D.H. Lawrence, Huxley's homosexual lover. It was Huxley, furthermore, who would launch the legal battle in the 1950s to have Lawrence's pornographic novel Lady Chatterley's Lover allowed into the United States on the ground that it was a misunderstood "work of art."5

Aldous Huxley, along with his brother Julian, was tutored at Oxford by H.G. Wells, the head of British foreign intelligence during World War I and the spiritual grandfather of the Aquarian Conspiracy. Ferguson accurately sees the counterculture as the realization of what Wells called The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution. The "Open Conspiracy," Wells wrote, "will appear first, I believe, as a conscious organization of intelligent and quite possibly in some cases, wealthy men, as a movement having distinct social and political aims, confessedly ignoring most of the existing apparatus of political control, or using it only as an incidental implement in the stages, a mere movement of a number of people in a certain direction who will presently discover with a sort of surprise the common object toward which they are all moving . . . In all sorts of ways they will be influencing and controlling the apparatus of the ostensible government." 6

What Ferguson left out is that Wells called his conspiracy a "one-world brain" which would function as "a police of the mind." Such books as the Open Conspiracy were for the priesthood itself. But Wells's popular writings (Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau, and so forth), and those of his proteges Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) and George Orwell (1984 and Animal Farm), were written as "mass appeal" organizing documents on behalf of one-world order. Only in the United States are these "science fiction classics" taught in grade school as attacks against fascism.

Under Wells's tutelage, Huxley was first introduced to Aleister Crowley. Crowley was a product of the cultist circle that developed in Britain from the 1860s under the guiding influence of Edward Bulwer-Lytton—who, it will be recalled, was the colonial minister under Lord Palmerston during the Second Opium War. In 1886, Crowley, William Butler Yeats, and several other Bulwer-Lytton proteges formed the Isis-Urania Temple of Hermetic Students of the Golden Dawn. This Isis Cult was organized around the 1877 manuscript Isis Unveiled by Madame Helena Blavatsky, in which the Russian occultist called for the British aristocracy to organize itself into an Isis priesthood.7

The subversive Isis Urania Order of the Golden Dawn is today an international drug ring said to be controlled by the Canadian multi-millionaire, Maurice Strong, who is also a top operative for British Intelligence.

In 1937, Huxley was sent to the United States, where he remained throughout the period of World War II. Through a Los Angeles contact, Jacob Zeitlin, Huxley and pederast Christopher Isherwood were employed as script writers for MGM, Warner Brothers, and Walt Disney Studios. Hollywood was already dominated by organized crime elements bankrolled and controlled through London. Joseph Kennedy was the frontman {Kennedy was no simple front. He was worse!} for a British consortium that created RKO studios, and "Bugsy" Siegel, the West Coast boss of the Lansky syndicate, was heavily involved in Warner Brothers and MGM. {Scientology moved in when others moved out.}

Huxley founded a nest of Isis cults in southern California and in San Francisco, that consisted exclusively of several hundred deranged worshipers of Isis and other cult gods. Isherwood, during the California period, translated and propagated a number of ancient Zen Buddhist documents, inspiring Zen-mystical cults along the way.8

In effect, Huxley and Isherwood (joined soon afterwards by Thomas Mann and his daughter Elisabeth Mann Borghese) laid the foundations during the late 1930s and the 1940s for the later LSD culture, by recruiting a core of "initiates" into the Isis cults that Huxley's mentors, Bulwer-Lytton, Blavatsky, and Crowley, had constituted while stationed in India."

Bulwer-Lytton was instrumental in the Thule Society which heralded Hitler as the new Messiah after taking part in training him and his father before him. There has always been a push and pull Dialectic - no New World Order. I have identified smaller groups of more advanced people who train the best operatives like Thomas Paine, St. Germain, Jean Lafitte and Thomas Jefferson.
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The Truth 12 Mar 2016 22:37 #2

  • Robert Baird
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Since they provided some leading questions at the end of their garbage which weaves some facts into a system of BELIEF which threatens to bring Armageddon to all life on Earth, I should answer those questions.

When people will believe there is no end in what they will accept. I have nothing against the laying on of hands healers who tap into the power of Belief each person has in conjunction with the etheric energy. It can help - but it is not the work of a God or a prophet. Edgar Cayce should be called The Sleeping Profit but at least he woke up from his fundamentalist marketing plan (He and his father were high Masons) and went with the Eastern disciplines promoted by the people named as 'evil' by this web site and the article this excerpt is taken from.

"So much of what 'man' has thought and done has, as we have just read, been folly. However, God, Whom these 'intellectuals' have left out of the equation, promised us a prophet and a way to escape the destruction being wrought by such carnal men (Malachi 4:5-6; Revelation 10:7). That prophet was William Branham (1909-1965). His ministry is reported on Bible Believer's web Site.


1. Were Orwell and Huxley preparing us or warning us as Fabians?

2. Are the British Royals something we now admire in America?

3. Were drugs intentionally introduced to the U.S. at a time the British gave us no help in Vietnam?

4. Can we criticize the British royals for being into the cult of Isis after looking at the top of our nation's capitol?

5. Name a good recent book exposing British Fabianism.

6. Why is Gorby here when he can't get 2% of the vote in Russia?

7. President Bush and Paul McCartney were both knighted by the Queen. Why?

8. Who presently is a member of the Knights of the Garter?


1. They were warning humanity and telling truth in a fictional form. They have been shown correct. The question about Fabians is a pejorative assuming a connection to a theory the person devising the question hopes you will accept has relevance. But they ask another question later and I will address it there.

2. Some people do - and the British Royals have been a bad act but they have been reeled in and are pretty much just mouthpieces unless you want to rehash the past. I would like to dispossess them for many past acts. Raising them as a boogeyman for what ails our world is wrong and foolish.

3. The US was involved in more than the British were. His history is biased, incomplete and leading. The US captured Japanese research at or near the end of WWII that along with their German scientists taken to Randolph AFB including Strughold/Green saw a ramping up of drug research into things such as you see in The Manchurian Candidate (Shrub on Jupiter Island and Averill Harriman who backed Hitler and was found guilty in US courts). Also look into Jacob's Ladder here. Drugs as a means of war and propaganda have been around for at least ten millennia - see Richard Rudgley. A similar fiction is told about the Russians having a lead in Psychic warfare potential which was proven wrong.

4. No. You do not understand what is going on if you do. The Luciferian nonsense is similar. Osiris was a sun god but was likely a real person who was the equal of his lady named Isis. Son of man became sun of god and other flip back or reversals. See Heliopolitanism thread and many related threads like Rosicrucianism.

5. There is not such a book. There are books this site and it's cult want you to read. A similar abuse of the good work of Mullins on the Fed was recently done by Scientology.

6. Gorbachev went along with the plan to make Russia a new form of tyranny. They do not know what it was and they do not understand why it was done. Russia was a mirror of the US system and hired a bad man to head it up - Stalin. Government for the few by the few goes by many names - Synarchy and Oligarchy. The US is not a democracy, it is at best representational democracy but it is a republic.

7. It is a popularity contest.

8. Many good people who try to make plans to improve the way this world is governed. They are thwarted by ignorance and ignocenti who say they are reptoids or shape-shifting devils.

I have dissected the "brothers" and biblebelievers website on many threads. I should allow some other inputs so you can see how Psyops or 'projection' works in our world these cretins abuse.

"This report exposes agent-provocateurs who forge documents, edit Wikipedia biographies, revise histories to libel and discredit targeted opponents, and conspire to commit murder, including those of journalist/whistle-blowers, benefiting their CIA/FBI corporate handlers. This article documents how propaganda is administered today by COINTELPRO agents using the Internet, Wikipedia, and a "mix-it-all-up" strategy (i.e., the "Hegelian dialectic"). The agents co-create their celebrity, instigate and justify terrorism by generating religious and racial conflicts, cross-promote their divisive beliefs to generate controversies and social unrest, and divert attention from their criminal actions by projecting, through the media, their malice upon their targets.

To effectively extend counter-intelligence and their PSYOPs (i.e., psychological operations), frightening truths are mixed with lies by these agent-provocateurs to undermine social and political activism. ...

The Wiki-entities that claim to allow users to add and update biographies, routinely prohibit COINTELPRO victims from making corrections to their bios plagued by disinformation posted by CIA/FBI "dark editors," identified below as agent provocateurs.

Numerous victims prove Wikipedia and the Wiki Company routinely violates their "neutral point of view" policy, and their "non-profit" public service commission, by facilitating this CIA/FBI fraud to further operations exclusively benefiting "crisis capitalists," and/or satanists.

The CIA/FBI-linked "dark editors," identified below, are herein exposed destroying biographies of celebrities, scientists, inventors, whistleblowers, journalists, activists and dissidents of mainstream politics and social movements. In this way, this COINTELPRO works to degenerate society, stifling innovation and progress in every field. ....


The co-author of this report, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas journal, .. was targeted by the agents exposed below. While being attacked himself, he received several requests from medical experts, scientists, and "BigPharma" whistleblowers to investigate a perceived criminal Wiki-COINTELPRO operation. Leaders from several organizations including the International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine (ISOM), and the World Organization for Natural Medicine (WONM), additionally complained. The ISOM issued an international alert (May 11, 2010; Orthomolecular Medicine News Service) informing members about the Wiki Foundation's fraud. The WONM, allied with the Sovereign Orthodox Order of Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem, recorded the Wikipedia subversion of their humanitarian organizations, falsely tied by Wiki's "dark editors" to the Vatican, Jesuits, Jews/Zionists, and Knights of Malta, all demonized by the COINTELPRO agents.

Wikipedia's Use for Social Engineering

Evidence for psycho-social engineering through Wikipedia's yellow press is found in many places.

Common sense suggests fraud. Since when is a whole field "unscientific," since science is applied to every field? Nutrition, for example, is a vital part of alternative medicine. When did the entire field of nutrition become unscientific? More importantly, who is served by this disinformation nonsense?

Shedding light on the "dark editors" that Wikipedia encourages to violate common sense and experts' biographies on behalf of CIA/FBI corporate commissioners was difficult until recently. Proof of criminal operations surfaced involving CIA/FBI agent-provocateurs attempting to discredit Horowitz. These covert operators include Greg Szymanski and Eric Jon Phelps--journalists allied with Timothy Patrick White, "Dr. True Ott," Doug Millar, Xena Carpenter, and a few others. This group was found consistently communicating their advocacy for the famous FBI/CIA operative Ted Gunderson, who is among the nation's leading experts on pedophilia, satanic networks, and child-trafficking.

The group of men are widely known as "brothers" in a religious cult called the "Bible Believers" that cross-promotes these agents, their theology, and activities. The "brothers" advance teachings of William Branham, memorialized by occult symbols on his "Christian" grave; and the Church of Satan leaders Anton LaVey and Michael Aquino. E-mails from Millar, White, and "True Ott" linked these men to numerous Internet articles featuring Gunderson's involvement in child-trafficking investigations, including allegations of his own involvements in this, the Church of Satan, and pedophilia.

Wiki's lengthy list of persons targeted for character assassinations, including several celebrities, is labeled by the Phelps/Szymanski/CIA ring as "Masonic media agents." Altered biographies in Wikipedia libel and discredit these targets as "Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors," or "disinfo/distraction agents." Phelps and Szymanski's references tie them to a white racist anti-zionist satanic cult promoted by the "Bible Believers," their doctrines, and a leading PSYOPs expert, Michael A. Aquino."
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The Truth 15 Mar 2016 15:21 #3

  • Robert Baird
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A central issue or misunderstanding which takes experience and discipline to understand is really not about the labels we give to it - whatever "IT" is. You can be a 'fool' and get the essence of "IT" or you can be the kind of fool who will never know anything. Wisdom acquisition can appear in Peaceful ways much as Gibran says about the "heather in yonder valley breathes it's fragrance to the air. Those are the children of God - and through them he smiles upon the Earth."

It is not about the scripture or what other people say. If you read John 10:34 telling you that you are god, - then maybe you are right, but maybe you are wrong. Instead of it being "Ye are gods", I say it is WE and not any one person who is given the awesome responsibility of making the world "within" and "without" what Providence and potential allows.

It is not what you desire to be true, or especially not what you feel you MUST have or control. Control is never what you think it is, it is more a matter of insecurity and thus it reflects the opposite into your life. Possessions do indeed 'possess'. I forget where that thought possesses me from, probably in one language or another it has been around for as long as the ape wanted a hug.


Your potential and mine are different and yet connected. My truth is never going to be your truth but if we find it together - it will seem a great beauty indeed. That is a borrowed thought I suppose, from Fritz Perls. Knowing where our thoughts begin or came from becomes a chore as you gain knowledge. Knowing truth is an illusion. There is always more and each time you open a door there are more doors beyond. I forget where I got that metaphorical apparition.

Your thought is transitory and your truth is something you strive to fulfill or learn. In palmistry it is seen in the mound at the base of your thumb. Your thought or ego requires full development and the mound grows bulbous in youth as you achieve things or gain what you think are right - BELIEF! When that mound is less full than the rest of the hand - it signals growth in wisdom and loss of ego.

Do possessions provide relief from any karmic potential unfulfilled? Does BELIEF make you more powerful in truth or in ego?


Will any person who achieves all they could be, have salvation - regardless of any religious following they may have said they thought was their path? Yes, it is probably the case and no one can tell you for certain what is most important for you, if you do not work to discover it, without a closed mind (Belief) or soul (mind, spirit and ESP or other words we have invented).

"He who is least selfish is most selfish." Is true for you whether you ever know it in this life or not. The rewards are not in this realm of BE- ing. You must try "Not to BE" as much as you try "TO be." This conundrum we call life is also transitory to what our soulful connection may be. You nor I are likely to know it while we are what we call alive.


The Beatles said it can be 'instant' in the moment you get it. That will be at death most likely. It was once in the Christian thought but certain people saw they could gain power if they got control of who got to go to some mythical place and they could charge you for "special dispensations", "confessions" and make your "will" and "testifying" fit their marketing plan. It was called The Law of Retribution and you were not destined to have it "happen to you" as the song said. You got to actually decide if your karma was good or not. It only requires giving all you have to your life. If you forfeit this giving and put it in the hands of others who interpret it for you, "IT" will get you.

All these things are in the Gospel of Truth from the Nag Hammadi scrolls and you can find them all in just this one paragraph. Of course, there is great depth in each cliché I gave above, like "To Be or not to BE." That is a question to be sure.

"The gospel of truth is joy for those who have received from the father of truth the grace of knowing him by the power of the word, who has come from the fullness and who is in the thought and the mind of the father. This is the one who is called the savior, since that is the name of the work that he must do for the redemption of those who have not known the father. For the name of the gospel is the revelation of hope, since that is the discovery of those who seek him, because the realm of all sought him from whom it came. You see, all was inside of him, that illimitable, inconceivable one, who is better than every thought."

All three laws of the Magi are in the essence of any well conceived thought. But I see "Know, Will, Dare, Keep Silent" as the most applicable law in what is above.
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The Truth 16 Mar 2016 17:07 #4

  • Robert Baird
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There certainly are many dualistic religions with the good and evil debate. Mani was part of the Mesopotamian cultus branch of what I consider to be alchemy or hermetics and his root source goes back to the Sarmoung of Gurdjieff and even further back to the Sidhe. I say the debaters deceive themselves or have not gained the insight through ONE-ness or androgynous (which does not require one to be homosexual, but no doubt this contributes to the prejudices against homosexuality) 'knowing' and direct access to the Logos or Harmonic Convergence. You can certainly be impressed by the energy or knowledge in either of the two forces aligned in dualistic belief systems - against each other. But common psi-sense alone should tell you two forces combined give greater potential than if they are in opposition to each other.

A man named Lewis Loflin has a positive take on Pelagius and the Original Sin. He spells Manicheanism different than I do and he is addressing a more Empire oriented Gnosticism as I see it. There are many issues one must consider including how people had to protect themselves and their families from heresy trials and later the fires of the Dominican Hounds of Hell when children were sent to the fires singing hymns to the living love of Jesus with their parents. I have many threads and books on the Gnostic Cathars who contrary to what this person says actually brought love and romance back to an equal state between the genders.

"An examination of Pelagius Why He was Right

by Lewis Loflin

Pelagius (c. a. 354-418?) and his Christianity are more in line with the teachings of Jesus while those of Augustine are derived from a Gnostic cult known as Manacheism, a form of Mesopotamian Gnosticism. Augustine would define the Original Sin for the Latin Church, but Pelagius saw through this appalling nonsense. (Gnosticism claims all creation and flesh are corrupt and even sex within marriage was evil.) Like Arius who tried to bring the Christian church in line with Bible, Pelagius too would try to bring the church back to the moral teachings of Jesus. Both lost.

The whole argument is over the question of original sin a concept invented by Paul and later expanded by St. Augustine in the West. Due to the politics of Augustine, Pelagius was convicted of heresy in the West, but was cleared by the Eastern Churches while Augustine himself was rejected later on.

Pelagius was accused along with his disciple, Coelestius of the following beliefs:
1.Adam was created liable to death, and would have died, whether he had sinned or not.
2.The sin of Adam hurt himself only and not the human race.
3.Infants at their birth are in the same state as Adam before the fall.
4.Neither by the death nor fall of Adam does the whole race of man die, nor by the resurrection of Christ rise again.
5.The Law introduces men into the kingdom of heaven, just in the same way as the Gospel does.
6.Even before the coming of Christ there were some men sinless.

Ref. Catholic Encyclopedia.

Thus he claimed one could achieve grace through ones own free will without the church, its priests, and all its trappings. Many early Christians believed that following Jesus example and living life as He taught was the way to salvation, but this left nothing for the church to do and so this was declared heresy. Like the Arian Heresy, controversy would rage in the church for years and still haunts us today.

After much theological and political maneuvering, pope Zosimus condemned Pelagius and Augustine's view of sin more or less became the official one. Later, a middle road was sought which would be somewhere between Pelagius and Augustine. John Cassian. (360? - c. 435?) produced what is known as Semi-Pelagianism. What this boils down to is Augustine claims man is corrupt/dead and only the elect are saved; Pelagius claimed all man were alive/good and could be saved; Cassian says were just sick and can be cured.

While it's true Pelagius was convicted in the West for heresy due to politics and the urgings of Augustine, Pelagius was cleared in the Eastern Churches. (The Catholic Church claimed this was because of his accusers not being able to be at the trial.) To quote: immense impact that Augustine has had in shaping the landscape of Western Christianity; and the divergence of the Augustinian trajectory of theology from the Apostolic and Patristic Tradition has been carefully charted...

Condemnations of Pelagianism were included in the ecumenical Synod of Ephesus only under Western influence...was actually tried at local councils in the East, the evaluation was positive. Pelagius was not condemned simply on theological grounds. Rather, Pelagius' teaching was seen as a threat... See Pelagius: To Demetrias by Deacon Geoffrey O Riada

Both Martin Luther and John Calvin (founded Calvinism) would base their theology on Augustine and Paul, rejecting Jesus' moral teachings as irrelevant. This is the basis of most evangelical/fundamentalist Protestant churches. Some claim "Pelagius accuses Augustine and Jerome of being under the influence of Manicheanism. Their doctrine of original sin restored evil to a Manichean status, and their predestination was tantamount to Manichean fatalism."

Semi-Pelagianism would influence both Celtic Christianity and later may have contributed to Arminianism, which says as follows:
1.God has decreed to save through Jesus Christ those of the fallen and sinful race who through the grace of the Holy Spirit believe in him, but leaves in sin the incorrigible and unbelieving. (In other words predestination is said to be conditioned by God's foreknowledge of who would respond to the gospel)
2.Christ died for all men (not just for the elect), but no one except the believer has remission of sin.
3.Man can neither of himself nor of his free will do anything truly good until he is born again of God, in Christ, through the Holy Spirit.
4.All good deeds or movements in the regenerate must be ascribed to the grace of God, but his grace is not irresistible.
5.Those who are incorporated into Christ by a true faith have power given them through the assisting grace of the Holy Spirit to persevere in the faith. But it is possible for a believer to fall from grace.

Arminius and his followers claimed they were not Pelagians, and they are certainly not.

Arminianism is generally characterized by an emphasis on the fatherhood of God, the supreme moral and religious example of Jesus, the essential goodness of man and his infinite capabilities of growth in reason and freedom, the duty of doing something to correct all those conditions whether ignorance or social injustice-that stultified the being of man. Strongly indorse critical Biblical scholarship. Usually denies the existence of the wrath of God and equates God with love.

This is what's followed by Mainline Protestant Churches today and sounds close to Pelagianism. For example, the evangelical tenets of Arminianism found a forceful expression in the teachings of John Wesley and the Methodists, with its emphasis on the moral responsibility of man, the need of a new birth, and the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit.

Why Pelagius was Right

Protestants claim the Bible is the sole authority on God, and considering the hostility of both Protestants and Catholics towards Pelagius, we must turn to the Bible and our God-given reason for answers. Let's take the issues Pelagius confronted one at a time and see if his claims are false based on Scripture.

Adam was created liable to death, and would have died, whether he had sinned or not. There is nothing in Genesis claiming that Adam was immortal. In 2:17 we have thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. He didn't die of course from eating the fruit, but we find also this in Genesis 3:22, "And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever..." Adam was expelled from the Garden for the express purpose he would not be made immortal. It seems God never intended humans to be immortal, which throws any idea of life after death (bodily resurrection) into question. Pelagius was right on this count.

The sin of Adam hurt himself only and not the human race. Throughout the Jewish Scriptures God says over and over that only the sinner will die, not mothers, fathers, their children, etc. (See Deut. 24:16; 2 Kings 14:6; Ezek. 18:20; Ezek.33:20; etc.) One is held liable for his/her own actions, not that of others. If Adam was the "father" of the human race, we are not responsible for his actions. Thus God said clearly the innocent are not liable for the actions the guilty.

The fact is Jesus Himself never mentions Adam or any "Fall" in any gospel. The Apostle Paul invented this entire concept of Adam causing humans to lose immortality they never had in the beginning because we are responsible for Adam. Romans 5:12, "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned" Romans 5:19, "For as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners..." Paul by the way never met Jesus in the flesh. The entire concept of God sacrificing His "Son" an innocent person just to make up for the "crime" of someone else is immoral in itself and contrary to God's words in the Old Testament.

Even before the coming of Christ there were some men sinless.

This brings up one of the most thorny issues for Christian dogma in that all of those prior to Jesus are burning in hell for the mere fact they were born before Jesus was ever "conceived." Thus they are punished for something they had no possible power to prevent. The Bible again proves Pelagius was right on this issue."
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The Truth 30 Mar 2016 17:29 #5

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You might find my assertion that our nations are founded on such memes or ancient brainwashing techniques but it goes much deeper than that. It affects your psyche and soul as well as the laws you operate under or with. Most of what knowledge you gain occurs sub rosa or under the logical mind of acquisition techniques therein. I recall a Harvard study saying only a third of our personal knowledge come via the art of what logic and linear thinking brings. You might find some of what follows pretty extreme, or you might say it is biased, but I do not see much more than the obvious.

"The foundational platform of a society is always attached to the laws and regulations that are instituted (at least theoretically) for the benefit and protection between its members. The reasons for establishing laws arose as societies developed into more complex relational systems regulating the actions of its members and enforced by the imposition of penalties. From the earliest eras of human civilization it was seen that laws were necessary structures of protection from abuse between members of the group. Not only that, certain conclusions were drawn. The observable world seemed to operate fairly predictably, and since science had not been developed, superstition and imagination were the platforms that formulated the conceptual framework to explain the natural cycles of the stars, seasons and permanence of the world. In looking at two of the oldest and most influential societies we can see what they considered the most important aspects and concerns when it came to building a system of laws for its citizens. We will find that certain conclusions led to specific outcomes, and since we are still living with the consequences of those ancient conclusions and find them inadequate and destructive, we need to re-imagine a new foundation for a new set of laws based not upon superstition and deceptive, imaginary concepts, but rather a moral universalism that enriches, protects and strengthens the bonds of relationships between its members. {Which was once in existence as the Brotherhood of Man and symbolized as the Great pyramid of Iesa. Darryl and all people almost have no idea who built that Pyramid and the thousands of other ones or megaliths around the world.}

The Vedic and Egyptian Concepts of Law and Order

We begin with a survey of the great civilizations that arose in the Indus and the Nile river valleys. It is ironic, but worthy to note, that both of these civilizations that produced and contributed so much of the cultural framework of all the civilizations that followed are hot, steaming piles of rubbish today, at least in terms of the current state of their societal status today. Both societies are now embroiled in controversies centering around long-standing divisive religious arguments that have never been resolved. India suffers from a punitive and divisive social caste system and Egypt is in the throes of a civil war between the military and various religious factions. There exists a titanic social and economic inequality between the members of both societies. This is the consequence of a social inability to deal with the issues of social balance and harmony, and reveals the dysfunctional systematic objectives that has riven the social contracts and made them untenable.

When one turns to the Vedic structures of society, we discover that there was a direct linkage between the observable patterns and rhythms of the natural world and the emerging social relations that were moderated by the priestly factions. It was under the great Sun – Eye of the sky god Varuna that the cosmic Law of the universe was said to have been established. This law was eternal and kept chaos and discord at bay. It was the same law, according to the priests, that regulated the moral relationships between the people. The priests insisted that to keep the balance of the universe in place rituals were necessary. Over time these rituals become more complex and intricate. More valuable sacrifices were instituted. Literature emerged to give guidance and rules about the proper institutions of the rituals. This gave the priests much authority and advantage over the people they allegedly served, and it also was a source of controversies when these rituals failed to produce the desired results, which over time became more clear to the people. Over many centuries the rituals began to lose their mysterious hold on the people and the power of the priests diminished, but not before they had managed to protect their social status and inoculate themselves from the lower rungs of society. Today the consequences are on the Indian subcontinent is extremely unpleasant. Recently elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi has compared the current economic state of Indian to a “dying patient.” [1] Child brides, violence against women, institutionalized poverty, widespread hunger, lack of education and opportunity; all these flow from the consequences of these fabled and utterly failed cultural constructs.

On the African continent, Egypt also enjoys a historic status as being one of the most influential and ancient civilizations in the world (over 10,000 years in the making). Science, technology and religion made its greatest advancements in this North African country that the world has ever seen. And yet, it is today a seething cauldron of misrule, social division and punitive militarianism that has gained ascendency in governance. But in the beginning, the members of the civilization of ancient Egypt was concerned with maintaining order, balance and an abiding sense of justice. And this was personified by the ancient feminine deity Ma’at.

Ma'at icon Depicted in the ancient glyphs as a winged woman shown with an ostrich feather and a set of scales,

Ma’at represented balance, law, order, justice and judgment. It was believed at death, one had to pass the judgment in the Hall of Ma’at. With her ostrich feather she measured the human heart on her scale. If the heart leaned to the side of good, the soul was allowed to pass into the afterlife. If it was deemed bad, the soul was forced into eternal damnation. Thus were formed the foundations of law and order within ancient Egypt, not to mention ethics and justice. As with the example of the ancient Vedic priesthood, the order of priests in Egypt asserted that they alone were the representatives of the goddess Ma’at and were bound to keep her traditions and precepts alive for the people. Thus an intricate legal system developed along with a deep sense of morality and justice.

It was the Pharaoh, or the ruler of the ancient kingdom that was responsible for maintaining balance, law and order – that is, maintaining the “Ma’at” of the country. As the “God” living on Earth, the Pharaoh was not only the political leader of the nation, he or she was also the religious leader as well. As gods, they owned the lands, created the laws and engaged in maintaining the country or conducting wars against rival nations. Obviously an aristocratic elite was necessary to keep that power in the hands of a few. Predictably, the decline of the power of the Pharaohs coincided with the many military defeats at the hands of the Persians, Greeks and the Romans. And while the country always garnered great respect for its historical ancient wisdom, technology and culture, it is today a crumbling social vortex of uncertainty, violence, death and injustice.

There are consequences to establishing societies based on social inequality. They all turn into failed, authoritarian states with elites desperately clinging to power through any means necessary. This leads to questions about the possibility of laws ever being able to fulfill its role in ensuring that justice, equality or personal liberty is possible for everyone. As it stands now, laws more and more are designed and used to protect the positions and advantages of those who sit in the seats of power. A call for the re-imaging and recalibration of the meaning of law and order should be placed under discussion and examined. In the next few posts we will look at some of these points that deserve attention.



It may be better today, or it might not be. When Eckart heralded a new Messiah and Armand Hammer was teaching Al Gore about how to manage Russia, things got pretty bad. They were just as bad in Canada under the Family Compact in a century before that as The Gangs of New York created Tammany Hall. There is always room for a Thule Society or a Leni Riefenstahl as long as people have no Critical Thinking skills and allow those who do (Like Socrates) to be eliminated.
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The Truth 01 Apr 2016 17:39 #6

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One of the most important aspects of what Hitler must have had encouragement or training in (like Tesla not far away) is early life dream and astral travel initiation. In Tesla's case his father was from a family of 'speakers' and priests who knew the techniques. It is very hard to unlearn what is beaten out of a person through social 'norming' and 'forming' (psychological modalities). From what little we know about both of their early lives - there definitely was a 'storming' stage in their relationship with their father. This stage almost always causes a 'trip' within.

Intellect and intelligence are seen in psychology as factual cognition or emotional feelings according to Wikipedia. I see their point and I think I would only agree if feelings are not integrated with a soul and they are only dealing in ego. Yes, words are tricky little buggers and concepts seldom apply wisdom over facts. What a fact is to one person is often anathema to another. When I apply the word anathema in this context I am not practicing black majik or some socially accepted religious connotation used to curse and ostracize or cause harm through excommunication by a Pope or Council of cretins. You can consider I am using the word as if it were 'abhorrent' to the individual confronted by facts in the same manner one of those councils thought Ivan Illich and his proof about education or other social institutions including their own were abhorrent.

But we still have words (in the west for certain) which are devoid of soul and this almost pre-empts wisdom or Gnosis before people even try to communicate. I wonder if the social media has a way to overcome this in 155 characters or less? BFF is all fluff and ego - for example, which does not mean people using the term are not exchanging genuine care, but usually it is a very different thing they are exchanging. I consider myself an able Empath with the goal of genuine cognition and true purpose in all interests except when having a joke. I may be an Illuminatus in the eyes of many.

I admit I have pursued Enlightenment all of my life, and I started this cognitive process in earnest intellectual processing before I attended school, due to a wise father who had returned from a maelstrom of extreme idiocy called World War. My older brothers had missed the input of a 'pixie mind' (My father Jim, called it.) during their early life formative growth which is so important but hey had a more rational mother than I did during these all important years. We had no TV most of the time and I would run to my father asking if I could go to bed and watch the TV in my brain or head. Yes, I am still not sure where one 'see's. Is it in the soul, the spirit, the mind or even just an intellectual process. Astral Travel is common to every person in dream state and a conscious remembrance of it can allow great wisdom to permeate one's life. In psychology it is called journaling, or portalling and many other things in between.

Thus I find a disconnect often occurs in web world where idiocy and ego reign supreme and criminal hatred is valued over intellectual discourses. People actually believe things like "Everyone has an opinion" or "Evolution is just a theory" entitles them to proselytize common indecencies from the depths of abject neuroses and religious indoctrination. Inalienable Rights are preventing political discourse and planning to allow human life to progress and we are facing extinction that is blamed on the elite who may also have elements who encourage these disconnects with reality. If schools taught soulful wisdom acquisition such as seen in a book called The Wonder Child by top psychological researchers - we might not need the coming wireless implants to overcome past extremist religious indoctrination or the connected Elohim and other scapegoats called angels, demons and aliens. However, I see no movement towards soulful teachings in the West. The inalienable right to "religious freedom" is so perverse and it is the other kind of anathema or should be.

"In those long ago days just after World War II, when reading Psychology at the University of London, it was constantly stressed that Intellect and Intelligence should not be seen as synonymous terms—even though their symbiotic relationship in consciousness must be recognized.

Intellect was seen to denote cognition—the rational mental processes that constitute ‘knowing’: the ability to identify and analyze, memorize, and categorize… the physical characteristics and implications of whatever thing or event is perceived by the senses, thus bringing one to comprehend the objective facts of the external situation. Intelligence, however, was regarded as a mental faculty in its own right—a function of consciousness taking one beyond the facts as such, to suggest meaning or purpose, and determine the course of action to be taken.

It is a level of consciousness that is triggered by the arousal of Feeling: the psychological phenomenon that accompanies every act of cognition—the ‘felt-thoughts’ that bring to mind one’s latent emotions and sensibilities that accompany not only every sensory experience of the external world... but also attend those moments when internally generated abstract ideas and thoughts take over consciousness. It is the way we feel, and the strength of feeling, that determines how we evaluate the facts of life and how we are driven to respond to them. ‘Feeling-attitudes’ motivate the actions we take: they may stir little or no interest or engage a questing curiosity; give rise to enthusiasms and passions demanding creative (intelligent) responses; or provoke apprehension, fear and a negative retreat.

Intellect (Fact) and Intelligence (Feeling) determine the existential course of one’s journey through life. Here is a relatively mundane illustration of how they work together:

You are about to step off the sidewalk and cross the road as a car is bearing down. You visually recognize it as such; register its color, size, make, estimate its speed, the distance between yourself and it, and the time factor involved in crossing safely to the other side: (Intellect—the Cognitive factor.) Immediately, a ’Feeling’ response sets in, allowing one to be confident, apprehensive, or even fearful about crossing the road (the Intelligence, or Affective factor). And the combination of these two modes of consciousness will determine the nature of your actions: whether you stand still, stroll across the street, hurry across, or run like a scalded cat (the Action of Conation factor).

You could take this mundane illustration as a simplistic analogy for Life itself. A life dominated by Intellect, given to living by Facts alone, is a pretty limited kind of existence. To live devoid of Feeling is to go through life permanently bemused—wandering… with little drive as to direction or purpose.

Seeing is believing, but feeling’s the naked truth. - John Ray, English Proverbs

(I must make a short qualification here with regard to the psychological inferences implied by the term ‘Feeling’. It is generally understood that Feeling develops at two levels. Children—say up to the age of five—release feelings as spontaneous expressions of emotion at any given moment, depending on the particular situation in which they find themselves. But as they grow up, such random emotional responses tend to become more ordered, consolidated into predictable emotional ‘attitudes’ to life’s events, forming the basis of individual judgment and action, and are then described as Sentiments—and as such form the basis of the adult individual’s personality.)"
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The Truth 02 Apr 2016 00:13 #7

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In my mind's eye we have techniques or tools which when applied bring forth new approaches depending on the strength of reason and integration across boundaries made by previous thinkers. Some of the tools are not even related to reason and that further exacerbates any differentiation worthy of being considered a school of Philosophy. I will overlook the fact that Greek thinkers originated very little if anything at all. Their hegemony or governing entities sought to destroy and Hellenize or make philosophy a form of Hell which had not previously been considered any more real than the gods people knew were representations in idealized forms. I have to overlook this because we are left with little more than Hecateus's "all in one" - ness and Pythagoras's vectors of energy intertwining the cosmic cum harmonic earth frame resonance which people will always call Plato's Metaphysics even though he was probably only a little better than other students of Socrates. Then on the other side of the Philosophic continuum we have a dialectic questioning in depth which starts by a true interrogation using any and all points of reference - employed by Socrates who gets no credit for having generated the Scientific Method of Observe - then Theorize - Proof - then Conclude; before starting anew to enjoy what was applicable in all areas the idea can be applied to.

Clearly de-constructing ideas was part of the Socratian Dialectic, so how anyone can call this a school of Philosophy is beyond me. I am glad the tool was highlighted recently by Jacques Derrida, I enjoy it's usefulness in Literary Theory and critique. However, I think all the naming of re-hashed nomenclatures and hackneyed phraseology is just rationalization for new chairs and endowments in social exercises for effete elites who are not conversant with wisdom schools in the first place. Was it Snagglepuss who said "Methinks therefore I Yam (YHVH).!" I cant give Kant credit for much more than no mind repetition and it is hard to grasp how absurdity does much more than confront an existential medium of social intercourse, at least in the hands of Harold Pinter and Camus. Maybe I can't get it - any of it - at all!

I have enjoyed dancing circles around Cognitive Analytical ideologues with tests they do not design. I can demonstrate the flaws in the tests and explain each of the question's origin in modality or cliché. The epistemic teleological ontology is just obfuscation in the main. Yes, if you are to employ yourself in the fields of schooling and brainwashing you must make it appear you understand what the latest re-hashing says is different. Self-esteem is not as important as Purpose or Logotherapy in my jaundiced opinion. Socrates sought a muse much deeper than mere back-slapping Sophistry. With integrity like that of a man who drank Hemlock when confronted by the Hegemony who tired of him questioning their authority or laws against equality what can I say - he will always stand above the mendacity of mortal men who engage in pocketbook power-thinking over wisdom.

I have reason to enjoy what comes naturally to me, in a logical linear process or learning style which I have accentuated through application of the opposite approach which is spatial creative or meta (wholeness) physical. So in the end I am a rather eccentric sort of autodidactic dilettante with no discipline due to my deranged desire for truth and Right Thought with complete wholes or no belief at all. You can call it Bairdism - which it was, before Pythagoras was initiated into Druidry or Bairdism. In colloquial terms it was known as Thoth/Hermes (Rome) or Imhotep/Asklepios (Greece) in the Hermetic continuum of changing alphabets and languages just a millennium before he came dancing with Abaris the Hyperborean onto the stage of Old World structuralism. No matter what you think about what any Professor of Philosophy or his analysis of knowledge acquisition - if he cannot tell you who knows god or how to gain access to such knowledge just remember he too is no more than a fool. If he acknowledges the Fool on the Tarot cards is a teacher for us all then you should pay heed, but if he reacts in anger or disdain - like the proverbial guru seeking students or fool-owers - shoot him. I am of course, speaking in a metaphorical sense.

Plato in the eyes of Derrida saw writing as a drug. He also knew it was not disciplined knowledge transmission and a way to avoid real understanding in depth. We can all quote from his ilk and say whatever we want after we study them long enough.

Wikipedia has a rather complete thread on just the Trial of Socrates which had been a play by Voltaire during the revival of reason and enlightenment. I am quite open to a less corrupt form of government and even if it gets called Anarchy by those in power. If that means questioning all people and encouraging real thinking as Socrates did - you can also call me a supporter of meritocracy. In fact I have inspected every word used to describe a person's political bent or acts and I find so much overpaid chicanery inside the various parties as well as in the critical commentaries that none of the words mean much to me. I guess you could say I regard gossip and uninformed opinion with distaste approaching disgust. I feel that is pretty much how Socrates acted in his trial for which he is justifiably famous. We need more like him! So it is no surprise that I see Wikipedia having discourse about gossip and uninformed reactions during his era and afterwards.

"Moreover, according to the portraits left by some of Socrates' followers, Socrates himself seems to have openly espoused certain anti-democratic views, most prominent perhaps being the view that it is not majority opinion that yields correct policy but rather genuine knowledge and professional competence, which is possessed by only a few.[13] Plato also portrays him as being severely critical of some of the most prominent and well-respected leaders of the Athenian democracy;[14] and even has him claim that the officials selected by the Athenian system of governance cannot credibly be regarded as benefactors, since it is not any group of many that benefits, but only "some one person or very few".[15] Finally, Socrates was known as often praising the laws of the undemocratic regimes of Sparta and Crete.[16]

Apart from his views on politics, Socrates held unusual views on religion. He made several references to his personal spirit, or daimonion, although he explicitly claimed that it never urged him on, but only warned him against various prospective actions. Many of his contemporaries were suspicious of Socrates's daimonion as a rejection of the state religion."

A perceptive and well read intellectual would say my idol (from reading just these words) is Samuel Johnson but I am just as influenced by a more modern Johnson who writes about Literary Theory as a means to limit growth and new ideas. I am not in the closet with Thomas Kuhn either, he has thrown out the baby or soul in his bathwater or paradigm shifting evaluations. But do take the time to read about Samuel and his pursuit of reason and truth.
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