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TOPIC: Living in an Ensouled Universe

Living in an Ensouled Universe 09 Feb 2013 03:07 #1

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the other thread on husks got me to thinking... found this a day or two after i read that thread... coincidences kicking in :D this is an interesting read :coffee:

Living in an Ensouled Universe

We exist in a system where our beliefs are continually manipulated to induce a programmed ‘reality’ – one we are conditioned to accept is reality. It is the ‘reality’ of the physical, five-sensory, finite world. In reality, reality is not this! In reality, we are living in an ensouled universe – a universe immersed and enfolded in Soul. It is a compassionate, creative, intelligent living being, this universe of ours. And it has our ultimate wellbeing at heart. The ancients knew this. We have largely forgotten – or rather, been convinced otherwise.

Our ancestors were genetically manipulated to experience and respond to a low vibratory energy frequency – it seems around 200,000 years ago – through the disconnection of a large chunk of their DNA. DNA serves as an aerial (it is a receiver-transmitter), attuning us to higher vibratory frequencies coming in from our Sun – and beyond. We were birthed into a system in which the world of the ego (separation) reigns supreme. The Soul, (our individual connection to Spirit), having been largely severed, lies somewhere distant in our awareness.

Prior to this manipulation on a grand scale, by intelligent off-planet beings (intelligent, but bereft of wisdom and compassion) a series of cataclysmic events was set in motion – ripping apart not only the physical world in our solar system, but the metaphysical one as well. This ‘fall’ – as it is called in religious history refers to the fall of our ancestors from a world of harmony – a Golden Age, into a world of separation.

With the disconnection of our full repertoire of awareness, and consignment to the five-sensory world of the physical, we ‘fell’ from oneness and unity, into separateness and duality. No longer able to tune into the Spirit realms, or the higher vibratory frequencies where we knew the universe and everything in it was ensouled, we were forced to experience a world where we stood alone and apart from everything else. At this time, the ego was born. The ego has been on its own evolutionary trajectory. We needed egoic awareness (managed from the reptilian brain) to help us survive in a place where every moment we felt the fear of not surviving. Our ‘fear of not surviving’ of course, was part of the program or manipulation that cut off our awareness of our infinite nature as cosmic beings. We have never fully recovered. We never will. Not until the reconnection is made. Every one of us is born into separation and everything we perceive in the universe answers to the call of duality. The more sensitive we are, the more we hunger for Oneness, the unity we came from. We know this is not who we really are or where we belong – this body, these thoughts, these emotions – and this insane world!

We’re here, in the programmed part of the time loop called 2013, and the darkest, most dense of ages in the Hindu system – the Kali Yuga, where the greed and cruelty of the materialistic egos, and the intensity, desperation and cruelty of the controllers are literally making the world a living hell. The ego is truly at its nadir. It can go no lower. From the depths of the depths, the only direction is up. And this time of ‘transformation’ has been widely prophesized. We are in it! It’s time to move out of the ego and its domain of the left brain – and into the heart.

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I don't like to think before I speak.
I like to be just as surprised as everyone else by what comes out of my mouth.
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Living in an Ensouled Universe 09 Feb 2013 03:42 #2

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I'll read the rest of that tomorrow :) We are more than this couch potato, junk food stuffing, sex and entertainment addicted shell. I feel there is more, and I want to see and know how much more there is, and what we can do when we lift ourselves out of this crazy imposed reality.
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Living in an Ensouled Universe 09 Feb 2013 11:36 #3

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Oh, great find, Stars! :hypo: I'll be taking a lot of this on board, because it kind of helps make a bit of sense with senseless stuff. Thank you.


@ irrie - agreed. There's more to everything than meets the eye; and, actually, we know less than we all claim to know. The game is far from over and decided! It's not even worked out yet. :D

"...Wyrde saves oft the man undoomed
if he undaunted be....". (Beowulf).

"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths... Beautiful people do not just happen". (Elisabeth Kubler-Ross).

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