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TOPIC: Does God demand equality?

Does God demand equality? 29 Jun 2015 19:06 #1

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Does God demand equality?

My Gnostic Christian God demands equality of all peoples as a part of our Universalists beliefs.

Most religions also preach some form of equality yet also preach homophobia and misogyny. Why are most believers denying equality to the vast majority of those not in their particular religion as well as to many within their own circles?

It seems that Gods do demand equality. Love thy neighbor as yourself, or some other reciprocity rule, are in every major religious tradition. It seems that the religious believe in equality just as little as they believe in their Gods who demand it. What happened to fearing God and doing as he commands?

I cannot see the world solving its problems, be they religious or political, while the vast majority, the religious, deny equality to the other majority who are not of their particular religion. That religious hatred against gays, women and those in other religions must stop. Religious hate of others puts more hate than good into our societies and prevents rapprochement.

We, as individuals, are quite good and altruistic. This is quite apparent if one looks at the statistics of our progress as a people in other moral areas. It is our religions and other social institutions and governments that are evil, not the people, as many governing hierarchies have institutionalized misogyny in their written policies.

Our last great challenge against justice, our hate directed against gays and women must be set aside if the harder challenges we face, if there are any, are to be defeated.

That hate is holding back our rise in being civilized people. I urge all men to look at their mothers, daughters and wives, and wonder why they do not see them as equal or demand that their religious laws make them so.

I urge all women to ask the men in their lives why exactly they continue to promote the hate and inequality of gays and women through their support of homophobic and misogynous policies.

Does your God demand equality and why are you, --- you meaning all religious people, --- not granting it?

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