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TOPIC: There is only one true faith - belief in life

There is only one true faith - belief in life 07 Oct 2015 12:51 #1

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Believes are virtues that sprung spontaneously from many forms of life and time.

It needs to be understood that man is a creature that embodies millions of years. We are ancient creatures and carry characteristics of all colours of spaces and times that are merged within each individual.

If Creation is infinite then each man is born out of the infinite womb of Creation and thus reflects infinite uniqueness. The originality and consequently the merit of every person is therefore infinite and, just the same, all human beliefs are worthy of all respect.

Every man is a believer in his own way, for a man without faith is a dead man. Some believe in stability of their work, others in the power of a political option, etc.

Yet the deepest guidance that man has is the belief in the great unknown, called Life. Based on trust in complete accuracy and automatism of life, he can accept his problems as an unknown and take it onto himself as the only one. Therein lays the secret of man’s greatest power.

There exists only one faith – belief in Life – belief in creation that is in front of you, for it is God himself. The difference lies in rituals and approaches and that is what we call religions. All religions teach respect, friendship and love, which are the essence of life among us.

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There is only one true faith - belief in life 07 Oct 2015 16:26 #2

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Yes some truth in your posting .......

Only not convinced about this because of the reality which is out there in the real world....

All religions teach respect, friendship and love, which are the essence of life among us.

But the teachers aren't doing a very good job having 90% going in the opposite direction.
And most of the teachers are not giving a great example themselves to there believers either!

They all believers & followers as they saying themselves....

So what is the problem? ........ Most of them are liars for starters & the believe is the source of there lies.

Its not believe which makes anyone a good decent baseline moral human being ..........
Its the correct actions which will produce this.

Implementation is key ....... following is death of the individual...... IMO ... & as I can see the clear reality out there.
Who is not a premeditated liar?

Hard to find these days around the entire World ....... how many of them follow the so called Religions out there....... well all of them.
You believe in the good means absolutely nothing if its not implemented on an individual level.

To me personally believe is the second most Evil after money!

This is the thing people are promoting something which has proven its failure big time all over!

Even if I would be wrong with my statement the reality truth is out there for all to see Evil is rising daily not falling .......... why after all this so called teaching people still do not know & understand what the so called God/Allah is all about in truth?
I say because they are liars ........ & the believing followers are even more so.

These people don't even understand the simple 10 Commandments ......... never mind even implementing some of them; or reading a 998 page book not understanding the 10 base line instructions for starters!

Yes its clearly a believers World with no doers or implementers.

And this world is of evil & its majority; not minority.... Fact!

Which part should be used to make these liars human beings?? ...........
2000 years of hard core teaching & the result is..... >>> the real truth of things you can clearly see out there?? :thdown:

Religion is not what you follow or believe ....... true Religion is what you doing & you are not doing 24/7!

(158/159) Love the truth, and the lie use like poison.

(169) It is not possible for a believing nature to become fond of lying.

(325/326a) Someone who says "I believe," even if he spends a long time pretending, he will not prevail, but he will fall; as your heart is, (so) will be your life.

Correct!! .... believe comes from your heart & soul feelings ....... understanding, knowing & doing instructions comes from within your head!

So why Religious teachers telling ALL there believers to follow their heart and feeling & not there logical mind within there heads??? :dunno:

I know why ..... but do others knowing & understanding why???

Does anyone of the so called believers understands why the heart is within thorns in this symbolism??
Also living is not the same as being Alive .... you have to be A-live

Animals have life...... but do they represent Alive in human terms?

You know who are the ones which created this type of symbolism?
Yes the believers ..... because they placed thorns around there head & mind within your head;
so they can run wild with there hearts & feelings which should be the one thing which gets controlled through the logical mind!

You see the believers twisted everything upside down to suit there heart feelings!
And these believers are your teachers ..... teaching all in reverse logic!
Also called anti Christ ..... Christ is all mind, logic _ Plus, plus!

Here is your answer in regards of believe......
91. They said to him, "Tell us who you are so that we may believe in you."

He said to them, "You examine the face of heaven and earth, but you have not come to know the one who is in your presence, and you do not know how to examine the present moment."

Reading any texts is one thing,...... understanding it correctly is another thing altogether.
There is only one single thing you could truly believe in & that one stays in total silence & is not spoken about!

This one is a very interesting & revealing text quote ..........only for the advanced minds.
99. The disciples said to him, "Your brothers and your mother are standing outside."

He said to them, "Those here who do what my Father wants are my brothers and my mother. They are the ones who will enter my Father's kingdom."

It never said who believes in ..... ;) ;) :cool2:
Also proves at the same time what image form the so called Jesus has in truth .... :yup:
The biggest unknown to man is the unknown about himself who he really is & always was! :yup:

When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty."

Its just logic ....... if you could not even believe in yourself; who could you possibly believe externally of yourself ..... 1 + 1 = 2

@ oiram @
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There is only one true faith - belief in life 10 Oct 2015 13:17 #3

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Your thread title ▼ ▼ ▼
There is only one true faith - belief in life.

My personal understanding & wording...............
But to me the reality has different wording.

Truth is only one thing; but its many things!

Also to me faith has nothing much in common with believes.
Faith is something you know that it has positive form; but did not materialised yet in your surroundings!

You know it is right, you know it is good, you know it has to come <<<< Its a known within you; but you can not give a date & time to become reality in your surroundings & in many!

Basically Faith is a understood & known reality within.
To have any sort of faith means there is something real already within you; otherwise you would not have faith in the first place!
If you have faith is the prove there is something special within you already. Even if you were the only one on Earth which has this special thing within! All things started with the ONE first!
Nothing came from the many at once!

Believe is a totally unknown & based on hope which will fail you in most cases because it depends & relies on others & not yourself.
If you know there is something good ........ In the end you will try to make it known towards others ..... be it through Words or actions!

No! ..... faith is something much higher and above all believes!

And NO!:
Don't believe in life; because you will never know it by just believing in the clearly unknown ...... seek & become to know the life, seek to understand the life & last and least live the life by being it; in being Alive!

Being Alive also means you came to know yourself at the same time!

Believing lives within the unknown.>>> Believes is like a dead Tree!
Faith is already living in the known! >>> Faith is like a seed which fallen down on the ground before the Tree died!
All it needs some water to sprout into another new tree & around, around it goes into infinity; because that's what truth & life is! (is Alive!)
Not just a unknown believe!

This is the way I understand the real truth of things so far.

Real Faith ▼&▼ Life.

The true life is in Faith!


<< Just look at the new sprouted ONE.

Looks like a Men with two arms up pointing to the light.

I can see the Cross twice ...
the letter I ... the V big & small and the C on the right.


Small but great...

Manifested out of living Faith!
Living Father.
@ oiram @
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