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TOPIC: Lies in History and the Bible

Lies in History and the Bible 11 Jan 2016 17:11 #1

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It is entirely laughable to see people taking lies and building upon those lies a structure they BELIEVE and will defend in the face of all evidence to the contrary. Unfortunately it is not really very funny when you look at the societal situation on the Holy Land (and all those holes from all those wars). A key part of what needs to be said on the TV or in the schools is what Lord Renfrew has said about history being fiction now proven as such by science. Rick Gore is not as acclaimed as Lord Renfrew (Disney Professor of Archaeology at Cambridge in London) but in writing for National Geographic and quoting all so many sources he said anyone "writing about this era, is writing fiction'. That era is the era of Moses/Akhenaton. Here are the words of Lord Renfrew, read it carefully and think about all of the Laws of Moses we still are fool-owing. Both Muslim and Christians or Jews - all fool-owe this history made by and for EMPIRE!

"Archaeologists all over the world have realized that much of prehistory, as written in the existing textbooks, is inadequate. Some is quite simply wrong. What has come as a considerable shock, a development hardly foreseeable just a few years ago, is that prehistory, as we have learnt it is based upon several assumptions which can no longer be accepted as valid.."

When the Egypt Exploration Fund was created they had memoranda and articles of incorporation that directed the funding for site excavations which showed promise of being outside the Bible Narrative - should not be researched! This troublesome kind of bias is beyond reproach because sites like Memphis have been built over and for all intents and purposes destroyed. In the efforts of people like Schliemann (Troy) and Evans (Crete) to uncover their dreams that led from the 'myths' of Homer they also confused and made horrible mistakes that allow debunking science to discredit artifacts that would have proven valuable. There are so many examples of actual government destruction of artifacts and people's careers that it is hard to pick one single example.

Despite the negative aspects of archaeology illustrated in the Kensington Rune Stone response of Mr. Wiseman; there is a very real possibility that the truth will become realized in sufficient degree for good people to regain their freedom. W. F. Albright is considered the 'father of Biblical Archaeology' by the Biblical Archaeology Review. His admission and awareness that the Phoenicians are the major creators of the Bible in the 50s and 60s has not reached the public or even the academics at large. In time and with a great deal of outside detective work it seems some of us are able to paint a new picture of history, due in large part to the effort of archaeologists even if they don't know the meaning behind the things they uncover.

“The process that we describe here is, in fact, the opposite of what we have in the Bible: the emergence of early Israel was an outcome of the collapse of the Canaanite culture, not its cause. And most of the Israelites did not come from outside Canaan – they emerged from within it. There was no mass Exodus from Egypt. There was no violent conquest of Canaan. Most of the people who formed early Israel were local people – the same people whom we see in the highlands throughout the Bronze and Iron Ages. The early Israelites were – irony of ironies – themselves originally Canaanites!" [1] Finkelstein & Silberman The Bible Unearthed, 118

In 1982's December issue of the National Geographic they were still promoting 'The People's of the Sea' theory that Gasten Maspero (a French historian of the 19th century) created from very little factual data. This issue dealt with the 'digs' at Deir el-Balah in the Gaza strip! Moshe Dayan (The Israeli Defense Minister) was a purchaser and assembler of some of the artifacts that look very ethnically diverse. The site was admittedly cosmopolitan and had been used by many different cultures as well as some key figures from history. Here is a quote from the inset to an artists' rendition.

"Life's pleasures enhance palace life at Deir el-Balah {Remember Ba'al the Phoenician god is also Bel in Keltic clandoms.} in an artist's rendition. In the Amarna tomb relief that served as his model, Queen Nefertiti decants wine through a strainer for Akhenaten, using vessels similar to a bronze set found at the Gaza site. Floor plan of partially excavated buildings at level 6, under the archaeologists' grid, suggests a layout similar to palaces built in Egypt during Akhenaten's rule." (6)

Over a hundred years ago Robert Ingersoll wrote Some Mistakes of Moses. He knew something fishy was rotting in places other than Denmark and you should too.
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Lies in History and the Bible 18 Jan 2016 05:03 #2

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And now I will finally say where some Abrahamic myths originate and give a far older date for the Phoenician literary legacy which Professor Albright of John's Hopkins (Father of Biblical Archaeology) says the Bible is.

"Conor Newman, an archaeology lecturer at the National University of Ireland at Galway, located the subterranean temple of Tara. Since 1992, Newman has been working on the Hill of Tara preparing a survey of the area for the state-funded Discovery Program. He found the Tara monument using an underground radar device. It fills a very important place in the jigsaw because it allows us to make sense of the distribution of other monuments all around it, says Newman.1

The Discovery Program, set up under the auspices of the Heritage Council, carried out a survey of the Hill of Tara between 1992 and 1996 when Mr. Newman was director.

When Mr. Newman moved to Galway he continued to be involved in the project. Using sophistic ated technology, he and his team of experts mapped what was underground. Like Theseus, they seek the secrets of the labyrinth-dwelling Mino-Taur, the King of Tara. The work is slow and tedious, because it has yielded such a huge amount of information.

What they uncovered eventually at the crown of the hill was a huge, oval-shaped monument measuring about 170 meters at its widest point. Around it are 300 postholes measuring two meters wide. Evidence indicates this `Crown' (tiara) of Tara was constructed through an enormous effort. 300 towering oak posts once surrounded the hill.

We think it probably dates from 2500 to 2300 BC and still had a big physical presence even after the posts were taken out or rotted, Mr. Newman said.2

This is the approximate time of Abraham, the son of Terah who became the patriarch of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (the three religions at the root of the holy War on Terror).

His Oaks of Mamre were well known and long revered .3 Credible evidence of them has never been discovered in the Holy Land. However, in Ireland clear evidence is found at Tara.

Legend says Abraham's oaks existed from the beginning of the world, and used to be green and bear leaves until his descendent Jesus died, when it and all sacred oaks were cut down.

Jesus (called Pan-Tara, `god of Tara') is known in ancient Irish history as Iessa, a name derived from I.A. or E.A. (pronounced Eye-a), the Sumerian creator god who was portrayed wearing a fish suit. Lord Melchizedek, the Pope-king of Jerusalem (Ire-u-salem) and forerunner of Christ who initiated Abraham and his wife, Sarah,4 is equated with E.A. The Irish called him the sun god Fin (an Irish name for the Sun), a pun on fish. The Irish are called the Children of the Sun, because in Egypt Ra, the Ray or the Ra-Eye is the Sun. Ra's symbol is an eye. Hence, the term Iris or Irish.

Fin (E.A.) presided over the Tara assembly, as a Druid in strangely flowered garments, and with a double-pointed head-dress and bearing in his hand a book. His two-headed miter of fishy form, his upright rod, spotted or checkered garment and basket in hand, are symbols that align him with E.A. His column (i, eye) or pillar of Tara is remembered as the Tree of Life of numerous traditions. (1)

My continuing research includes the clandestine associations of John Toland and various English Lords in control of Ireland. They include a Lord Southwell whose family had possession of certain Irish books that the English would not allow the Irish to possess or read. It appears he was able to wend a story about a time when Gaul was more important than Ireland and represent Ireland as a serfdom thereof, in his book The History of the Druids. Toland came to this effort that included various Royal Society and Ashmolean Museum members of the Rosicrucian fraternity with a special expertise in Hebrew and Irish linguistic studies. This in itself is interesting due to the connection of their Phoenician similarities and roots. The fact that he begins his book with reference to the most important personage named Abaris the Druid or Hyperborean is most relevant. I have discovered Abaris can be translated as Rabbi and I believe his sun worship credentials noted by Toland are entirely important to the Luciferian or Ostrogothic people whose nobles have ruled so much of this world for all of recent history. (2)

The Gaels or Gaedhils are the Milesians like ML-chhi-zadok and Brian Boru who the Kennedy family trace their roots to. Thus one can honestly say Camelot in Massachusetts is as real as the one in Glastonbury or Lyoness. They include Columbanus and Columcille (St. Columba) if you look under Gaedhil at Wikipedia. Thank god we have DNA now - it was a lot harder to prove my history and that of MacDari (The Masonic linguist whose book Irish Wisdom I spent twenty years researching after given the task to re-write it by my Ogham mentor.) before DNA. Due to the destruction of books and efforts to deny the truth of earlier culture called Atlantean by some, I had to scour every science and technology. The likes of Fin and his Fianna turned into real people as the years went by and other scholars were finding out that the Phoenicians are what we might call Atlanteans just as Plato did. Along the way I learned why I was selected - my last name is more than merely a Bard or Druid, and I am named after the man who reformed the Templars as the Societas Rosicruciana en Anglia. The Hibernians of Robert de Bruges and Royal Society of the Stuart (Hatti and Hittite) Kings and Newton et al. My father had a lot of knowledge and a few legends of our family but it took far more to accept my burden than mere wive's tales.

"In their own national epic contained within medieval works such as the Lebor Gabála Érenn, the Gaels trace the origin of their people to an eponymous ancestor named Goídel Glas. He is described as a Scythian prince (the grandson of Fénius Farsaid), who is credited within creating the Gaelic languages. Goídel's mother is called Scota, described as an Egyptian princess (some modern writers associate her with Meritaten). The Gaels are depicted as wandering from place to place for hundreds of years; they spend time in Egypt, Crete, Scythia, the Caspian Sea and Getulia, before arriving in Iberia. It is here that their king, Breogán, is said to have founded Galicia.

The Gaels are then said to have sailed to Ireland via Galicia in the form of the Milesians, sons of Míl Espáine. The Gaels fight a battle of sorcery with the Tuatha Dé Danann, the gods, who inhabited Ireland at the time. Ériu, a goddess of the land, promises the Gaels that Ireland shall be theirs so long as they give tribute to her. They agree, and their bard Amergin recites an incantation known as the Song of Amergin. The two groups agree to divide Ireland between them: the Gaels take the world above, while the Tuath Dé take the world below (i.e. the Otherworld).

Advances in DNA studies have revealed some clues about the origin of the Gaels (who are associated with paternal R-L21).[31] Haplogroup R originated 26,800 years ago in Central Asia during the Last Ice Age. The R1b branch had broken off by the Paleolithic and it's derivative R-M269 was found at the Pontic-Caspian steppe by the Chalcolithic (the Kurgan hypothesis makes these speakers of Proto-Indo-European).[31] First entering Europe proper 7,000 years ago, the Indo-Europeans developed bronze weapons and domesticated the horse, giving them the upper-hand in their conquest of the Old Europe and the proliferation of their lineages.[31] After the R-L51 subclade founded the Unetice culture, a derivative R-L21 moved West arriving in Britain c. 2100 BCE and Ireland c. 2000 BCE, becoming the Gaelic people.[31]"
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Lies in History and the Bible 18 Jan 2016 13:30 #3

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Have you heard about saving people? Yep. You too can be 'saved' and live in Heaven. There are many ways to get rid of your demons. You sometimes can choose or buy your way into a different category of being saved. I have no evidence of a price list and I suspect it has a lot to do with the marketing axiom "Whatever the market will bear." I know the Catholics still get loads of "special dispensatory" income and "confessional" revenue for services rendered. That includes estates and wills that are sometimes written by the godly priest for the illiterate Alzheimer's patient. They are after all the only professional exorcists - they claim. All disease was said to be a result of sins and demons at one point in time (before Paracelsus and even after he revived medical science) and the official church [position is somewhat unclear. It is not enough to have the Catholic Encyclopedia as your source even though it is Nihil Obstat and other high-falutin verbiage (or is that garbiage). The local bishop was heard to say the Pope was losing his mind in 1999 when the Pope said there was no Heaven or Hell. This site says exorcisms are similarly in limbo (get it?). :joker:

The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel A.K.A Emily Rose - Catholic ...

forums.catholic.com › Forums › Catholic Living › Spirituality

Aug 28, 2008 - 15 posts - ‎8 authors
The Church does not grant exorcisms without being 100% sure of the facts. .... It seems difficult to find an official "Church position" on whether or ..."

The real 'minions' will often be heard calling those who are seeking truth and an end to ignorance - by names that they understand best, because they are those things. Sheep today have bought the mindset of the exact thing society once succeeded in freeing itself from to good end, but the war is not over and I have to admit it may require the new wireless implants to get things back on track. The official church exorcists may be as bad as the 'torch bearer for Jesus' (Hitler called himself that.), who was a pawn for people who hung him out to dry, after he went further than they wanted or when they finished the job by carpet bombing innocents and making it impossible for Germany to feed the people in concentration camps as well as on their bombed out streets. There are atrocities galore in every conflagration arranged to amuse and inspire.

But let us examine the period before concubinage was outlawed and even before the Church declared all priests were celibate in order to make it impossible for any of their administration to will an estate to a child of their blood. BTW which do you think was first? Did they outlaw sex with concubines after they outlawed sex? Let us go back to the outlawed Malleus Maleficarum and other burning of books (Hitler had learned this lesson as a good Catholic should when they celebrated the burning of books - and his minions saw another use of incinerators later on.). But before I start putting history into the thread let me add a little levity.

It is not true that those days were much different than today. Yes, during the Dark Ages the church was a factor but the practice of keeping power and knowledge to oneself or their group has good reason; and existed long before there even were churches. The first law of the Magi is Know, Will, Dare, Keep Silent or Scrire, Potere, Audere and I leave out the Keep Silent since the opening of the atomic gates. Pythagoras and Socrates wrote nothing - not because they had nothing to say. They both paid the heavy price of truth.

So why not share power and knowledge? I give you one thing or time to consider. The Cathars freed women to be the equal of men, they had free education and free medicine. Their source of great wealth includes secret trade to the Americas but if one reads my work on Berenguer Sauniere they will find another possibility. So with all this going on you might expect a little turmoil from the average personages who enjoyed status quo. But even with the backing of the Alumbrados (Illuminati and De Medici or Benjaminites as well as Templars) they were burned at the stake and had to flee their land to go to the Balkans as the Bogomils or America later as the Huguenots under the auspices of the Merovingian John Jacob Astor.

When 250,000 men, women and children singing songs to the living love of Jesus (which means The Brotherhood of Man and is a title) were burned by Simon de Montfort and the Hounds of Hell a large number of knowledgeable people got first hand initiation to the second law of the Magi - As Above, So Below. I jest truly.

It also isn't just secrets that need to be considered. Throughout time there have been access to information issues such as do people actually read or care to learn after having the joy of learning drummed out of them by churches or parents who know so little about things themselves. Here is Bertrand Russell talking about Mass Psychology which includes religious seers pontificating and being listened to by the great unwashed.

“I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is Mass Psychology... Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions are generated.”
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Lies in History and the Bible 18 Jan 2016 14:11 #4

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I don't know how true it is, but the TV series Forbidden just said 68% of Americans believe in demons. They further said some 50+% believe in the Devil. Which number is more or less believable I cannot say. I laughed and then I thought maybe I believe in what the people doing such surveys would call a demon even though I definitely say I think energy CONstructs or projections cause a person to visualize cultural archetypes just like Jung said in his foreword to The Tibetan Book of the Dead. But people hear what they want to hear and maybe just by saying I believe the ether is full of energy and energy has consciousness they think I believe in demons. The head exorcist of the Roman Catholics has exorcized over 20,000 people all on his own, they said.

Then the show went into great detail showing a Detroit preacher who can exorcize any phobia or addiction, heal marriages and stop men from using their "one eyed demon" with people they are not in Holy wedlock with. He said he had one hundred per cent success and the show had many expert professors and researchers talking about 'maybe it will work' for whatever per cent of people benefit from the placebo effect and affirmations of outside interest. The preacher and a band of flag waving groupies left us with assurances they were going outside Detroit to give the "devil a black eye".

The insanity knows no end! In Argentina The Church of Maradona has 500,000 members and the professor/ commentator being interviewed said we should not laugh because Christianity began with one man and twelve disciples. That is not true but I would never expect to get truth from any TV show, in the social milieu of the present. I will have to do a lot of research which will show a lot more stupid things than this.

And they did, too. In India the sacred cow provides a bounty of wealth. Cow dung is used to clean teeth and gums, the urine is a cure-all with one woman selling the stuff by prescription to 20,000 regular customers. It has so many uses that I think the government should charge people picking up the dung or get a royalty at least. Hindus all over the world are ordering these things from India.

Meanwhile back in Argentina they covered Flagellants, but I already know all about that and how it was part of a real Holocaust killing 70,000,000 Europeans via the Plague. The ghettoes then were far more efficient and less costly than the Final Solution; but the usual seizure of wealth from Jews who would not convert was a major part of it. Yes, intentionally - I have motive, opportunity and every proof you can think of including a confession from Winston Churchill who later authorized the use of gas on Mesopotamians.

Here are the first four Google entries for "exorcisms" and Forbidden TV series. When I have performed scientifically witnessed exorcisms (one time) or just helped free energy souls trapped by obsessions I always explain there is no demon involved, and the person should be free of any belief in such things if they stay away from churches where such images are perpetrated.

"New documentary shows shocking footage of 'Vatican ...


Apr 5, 2012 - Shocking documentary captures Vatican-approved exorcist working on ... Fortea is a Spanish priest who specialises in performing exorcisms.

Exorcisms & Possession - Shows - Coast to Coast AM

www.coasttocoastam.com › Shows

Oct 18, 2014 - First hour guest, 'forbidden archaeologist' Michael Cremo reacted to the ... Having performed twenty-seven exorcisms throughout his career, ... Guest host Connie Willis (email) has been in the radio/television field for 25 years.

Apparitions (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Apparitions is a BBC drama about Father Jacob Myers, a priest of the Roman ... evidence of miracles to be used in canonisation but also performs exorcisms.


Jun 18, 2015 - The Demonic Documentary Ghosts and spirits by WOLVOMAN80 ..... The Forbidden Rituals Of Haitian Vodoun - Full Seminar. by E.A. Koetting."

The good Pope John Paul II said they created Heaven and Hell in 1999. He apologized for "two millennia of heinous acts." But here they are still doing it.
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Lies in History and the Bible 20 Jan 2016 17:37 #5

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Why is it hard for academics to read something they don't want to have to learn which threatens all they have been brainwashed to believe. In many cases they are not religious people at all, so we can't use that excuse. Could it be religion has gotten inside academia for many millennia and controlled all knowledge buy burning books and destroying stelae? Nah!

"Tarshish (Hebrew: תַּרְשִׁישׁ‎) occurs in the Hebrew Bible with several uncertain meanings. One of the most recurring is that Tarshish is a place, probably a city or country, that is far from the Land of Israel by sea where trade occurs with Israel and Phoenicia. The Septuagint, the Vulgate and the Targum of Jonathan render this as Carthage. But other biblical commentators read it as Tartessos in ancient Hispania (Iberian Peninsula).[1] William.F. Albright (1941) and Frank M. Cross (1972) suggested Tarshish might be or was Sardinia because of the discovery of the Nora Stone or Nora Fragment, which mentions Tarshish in its Phoenician inscription. Christine M. Thompson (2003) identified a concentration of hacksilber hoards dating between c.1200 and 586 BC in Israel and the Palestinian Territories (Cisjordan). This silver-dominant Cisjordan Corpus is unparalleled in the contemporary Mediterranean, and within it occurs a unique concentration in Phoenicia of silver hoards dated between 1200 and 800 BC. Hacksilber objects in these Phoenician hoards have lead isotope ratios that match ores in Sardinia and Spain.[2] This metallic evidence agrees with the biblical memory of a western Mediterranean Tarshish that supplied Solomon with silver via Phoenicia. Assyrian records indicate Tarshish was an island, and the poetic construction of Psalm 72 points to its identity as a large island in the west -the island of Sardinia.[3]"


But if Tarshis is in Portugal as even they admit it might be, and Solomon kept a fleet there with his cousin Hiram (both being Phoenician) why would Wikipedia allow this idiot to post this trash saying Sardinia is where the silver came from - without some evidence of mining there? Surely the posting person has read about the Americas or Atlantis myths being that island. Why not comment on the over 9,000 medieval castles on Sardinia or the DNN (Greek) and Keltoi encampments there even before the castles (See Jacquetta Hawkes' Atlas of Archaeology) which were built by Phoenicians of Carthage and before Carthage even existed? Don't they want to know who the settlers or founders of Etruria, Sybaris and so many other places are?

Solomon had mines in Africa as we see in movies but he also went to the Amazon or sent his sailors there as the Paraiba Stones tell us. The amount of emerald's in the Old World did not come from the single known mine in Egypt - they came from the upper Amazon.

Egypt was colonized by the Phoenicians or ancient ones termed Keltoi or Ogygia. I have created numerous threads tying the DNN into this fact.

The Druidic sun-worship referred to in Paine's posthumous publication which he dared not expose while alive is part of the mix. He says that is the origin of Masonry. Homer correctly said the DN or DNN colonized Greece and they definitely gave alphabets to all their colonies in the Mediterranean. Probably I do not need to point out that heliopolitanism is sun-worship and son-worship.

Before Druids we have other heliopolitan origins for certain and now that we have evidence of Denisovan interbred Neanderthal near the Europod/Asian Ainu I am inclined to think a lot more truth will soon become apparent. D'Ainu minus vowels is DN and DNN is one step of difference from the origins geographically speaking (code). Heliopolis is Byblos in Lebanon but also BBL or Babel where the BBL (Bible) says the tower provides the origins of languages. That is a simple summary. This shows the Horus and Jesus myth connections.


In case anyone thinks most of what I put in these forums is from my books - it is not. Most of what I post is confirmations which come after having written nearly 100 books. Confirmation and further research which confirms rather than disproves (as is the case with most academic and almost all Biblical authorship). Here is a quote (I rarely do.) from one of my books.

At the beginning of my book Merovingians - Past and Present Masters (No longer available but I will happily assign rights to a person willing to update and take back to market through Ingram where other books also languish and perhaps some revenue also.) we have a quote from Dyonysius of Susiana, A. D. 3

And yes, the Sea Peoples of Gasten Maspero was a mere glimpse of truth later beaten back by Empire academics of Classical History. And the crap from Sitchin and the Annunaki or other alien NONsense such as Oannes the fish-man is about Phoenicians. The Sumerian records say they were colonized out of Dilmun where the World Book Encyclopedia has the Phoenicians selling ships in 2850 BCE to their colony in Egypt and yet the same book talking about Phoenicia shows them in the normal Bible Narrative clinging to Tyre and Carthage. All the knowledge given by Oannes including language is proven to have come from the Phoenicians. It is widely (even universally) accepted in linguistics, but that is where academia stops and no doctoral program exists on the Phoenicians.

'Upon the Tsurian sea the people live
Who style themselves Phoenicians...
These were the first great founders of the world--
Founders of cities and of mighty states--
Who showed a path through seas before unknown.
In the first ages, when the sons of men
Knew not which way to turn them, they assigned
To each his first department; they bestowed
Of land a portion and of sea a lot,
And sent each wandering tribe far off to share
A different soil and climate. Hence arose
The great diversity, so plainly seen,
Mid nations widely severed."

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Lies in History and the Bible 09 Feb 2016 21:35 #6

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It is amazing how we were told the Silk Route was not being used and thus Columbus or Marco Polo are great heroes, as I went to school. Truth - of course is far different. Columbus discovered nothing and had maps and guides to take him where he went spreading diseases which along with de Soto wiped out over 100 million people from cultures or races all over the world. Yes, I have proof they knew what they were doing! Marco Polo and his family were slavers.

But we had fleeting myths about Alexander and his travels - and some fortresses have been discover along the Oxus River which fit the myths or legends. Will we find some of these fortresses were built over previous cities? Here is a little of the emerging proof from the American Institute of Archaeology. Macedonia itself was diminished in our history and we are finding it was more advanced and older than our trashed lies of history have said for millennia of Empire and Hellenizing. Philip of Macedon was the father of Alexander and he made deals or established a strong presence in much of Scythia where people who were his own forbears (the DNN and Sidhe) had long ago developed culture and technology including the metal working we now see Macedonians excelled in. The question I have, is did Alexander simply break his father's treaties? He did become a heralded god or Messiah for centuries after his demise, was this his plan or some other people using him to create religions like Christianity? There were many other Alexandrias and someone definitely knew the average people loved their conquering heroes. My predilection in history is to follow the money and power motivations.

"The citadel at Kampyr-tepe today commands a view to the Oxus River in the horizon and Afghanistan beyond. It is one of several fortresses believed to have been established by Alexander at key crossing points along the river.

Nowhere else on Alexander the Great's 22,000-mile, 13-year march from Greece to the Punjab did he encounter more difficulties than in what was known in ancient times as Sogdiana.

In four quick years, beginning in 334 B.C., the young Macedonian king had won a succession of breathtaking victories, sweeping across Asia Minor into the heart of Persia. By 330, however, the Persian king Darius was dead and his murderer, Bessus, had usurped the throne and fled into the empire's easternmost province of Bactria-Sogdiana. Alexander and his men followed in pursuit, crossing the Hindu Kush and the brutal northern Afghanistan desert, eventually reaching the Oxus (modern Amu Darya).

North of the Oxus--the ancient sources are unclear exactly where--the land of the Bactrians ended and that of the Sogdians began, and it was here in Sogdiana, encompassed today by most of Uzbekistan and a bit of Tajikistan, that Alexander's fortunes changed. He successfully pursued Bessus across the Oxus, capturing and executing him, and took the Persian crown for himself in 329. Alexander continued on to the northernmost reaches of his new empire on the Jaxartes (modern Syr Darya) River, where he attempted to seal off the border between the settled Sogdians and the less predictable, nomadic Scythians on the opposite bank by establishing a permanent walled city on the river called Alexandria-Eschate, or Alexandria the Farthermost.

[image] Sogdian warriors decorate a second-century B.C. carved bone plaque. (V. Karasev) [LARGER IMAGE]

That act sparked a vicious rebellion by the Sogdians and their Scythian compatriots that was to mire Alexander in the region for three long years--more time than he would spend anywhere else on his campaign. His attempts to quell the rebellion would force him to build more fortresses in Bactria-Sogdiana than anywhere else on his route, and to bury more of his troops in its territory. Then there were the specific events said by historians like Arrian and Quintus Curtius to have taken place here: lethal ambushes led by Sogdian rebel leader Spitamenes and his crack Scythian horsemen; a brutal blizzard during which 2,000 of Alexander's troops froze in place "as if in conversation"; daring sieges of Sogdian strongholds by Macedonian "flying soldiers," who used iron tent pegs to scale sheer mountainsides; the murder of trusted commander Cleitus, killed by Alexander in a drunken fury; and finally, the emperor's marriage to a barbarian princess, an expedient political solution that would allow him to finally leave Sogdiana behind and follow his dream into India.

Logic would follow that Alexander's troubles, resulting in the loss of thousands of men in a heavily garrisoned territory, would be a boon to modern scholars trying to piece together the inner workings of one of the world's greatest armies. But Sogdiana has still been left behind as archaeologists have forged ahead with Alexandrian sites from Greece and Egypt to Iran and India.

So what exactly were archaeologists learning about Alexander's longest and bloodiest campaign? This last summer, I traveled to the region to find out for myself.

Kristin M. Romey is deputy editor and senior writer at ARCHAEOLOGY."

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Lies in History and the Bible 11 Jul 2016 07:14 #7

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This is a far more important proof than the article or media know and should be heralded on every street corner. It proves the lies of the bible and in fact all religions do the same thing. They write stories to make people hate some mythical people other than the actual authors of the Scriptures or Gospels. These priests and Popes are the continuing interpreters and liars seeking to gain power and are the elites we should be wary about or careful to challenge on all their lies in history. Again I thank Leon Levy for his courage - and Harvard for keeping it away from the Bible myth making destroyers od facts.

In an edit on this post about a year and a half after having written it and about a decade after writing far more on point of who the Philistines are and why the bible Narrative and funds were directed away from the archaeological reality which would prove the Bible wrong in a major way. We have this article on MSN and I draw your attention to the title saying it solves a Bible myth. The title says that but the body of the article makes it clear the Bible authors were scapegoating the Philistines. Ashkelon is a site proving peoples from all over the region (if not the world) met and traded. Rather than the 'uncultured' they are the elite and most cultured. But they did not wish to tell people the elites included among the Jews are smart and wealthy - they tell the story of some poor shepherds to make the poor people they ask alms from and tell lies to - to accept the Philistines were bad and you can trust the priests who warn you about them and the Pharisees who get the same bad rap. http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/ancient-philistine-cemetery-in-israel-could-solve-one-of-the-bible%E2%80%99s-biggest-mysteries/ar-BBu9rJk?li=AAadgLE&ocid=spartandhp

This probably should be placed in the threads about the Phoenicians and Carthage and many other threads.

Notice the mention of Greece who scholars know was founded by the Danaus or DNN (not just because of Homer). Make special notice of the proof of what i say about bible extremists and their lack of interest in having the truth get out. I knew enough before I started writing about 20 years ago. I had followed this from the first announcement made thirty years ago.

"Archaeologists appear to have found a cemetery belonging to the Philistines for the first time ever, along with the remains of 200 people who were buried there. And together they might help shed light on one the Bible’s most mysterious people.

The scientists have said that the members of the Biblical nation didn’t appear to be “philistines” – finding the people buried alongside jewellery and perfumed oil. They will now conduct further tests that could shed yet more light on the maligned people.

Those discoveries might be enough to make us rethink today’s use of the word philistine, which tends to refer to uncultured people who don’t know enough about the arts.

"The Philistines have had some bad press, and this will dispel a lot of myths," said Lawrence Stager, an architect who has led the expedition that found the cemetery since 1985.

Until now, most of our understanding of the Philistines came from the things that they have left behind. But now for the first time we have found their remains.

"After decades of studying what Philistines left behind, we have finally come face to face with the people themselves," said Daniel M. Master, professor of archaeology at Wheaton College and one of the leaders of the excavation. "With this discovery we are close to unlocking the secrets of their origins."

The discovery was finally unveiled Sunday at the close of a 30-year excavation by the Leon Levy Expedition, a team of archaeologists from Harvard University, Boston College, Wheaton College in Illinois and Troy University in Alabama.

The archaeologists kept the discovery a secret for three years until the end of their dig because of a unique hazard of archaeology in modern-day Israel: they did not want to attract ultra-Orthodox Jewish protesters, Mr Master said.

"We had to bite our tongues for a long time," he said.

In the past, the ultra-Orthodox have staged demonstrations at excavations where human remains are found, arguing that the remains could be Jewish and that disturbing them would violate a religious prohibition.

Mr Stager's team dug down about 3 metres (10 feet) to uncover the cemetery, which they found to have been used centuries later as a Roman vineyard.

Ancient Roman texts shed light first Londoners 2000 years on

On hands and knees, workers brushed away layers of dusty earth to reveal the brittle white bones of entire Philistine skeletons reposed as they were three millennia ago.

Decorated juglets believed to have contained perfumed oil were found in graves. Some bodies were still wearing bracelets and earrings. Others had weapons.

The archeologists also discovered some cremations, which the team say were rare and expensive for the period, and some larger jugs contained the bones of infants.

"The cosmopolitan life here is so much more elegant and worldly and connected with other parts of the eastern Mediterranean," Stager said, adding that this was in contrast to the more modest village lifestyle of the Israelites who lived in the hills to the east.

Archaeologists and biblical scholars have long believed the Philistines came from the Aegean region, based on pottery found in excavations of Philistine sites.

But scholars have debated where exactly in the Aegean region the Philistines came from: mainland Greece, the islands of Crete or Cyprus, or even Anatolia, in modern-day Turkey."
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