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TOPIC: An Education and a Challenge

An Education and a Challenge 21 Feb 2016 06:32 #1

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The title of the book mentioned earlier in this thread dealing with the Sacred and Profane of life and esoterics is an important differentiation we do not teach our children. In Rebel Without a Cause starring James Dean you see the gritty point of departure when a child realizes his parents have no integrity. I suppose when people who watched it and got the message of the rebellion he expressed grew up they just decided it was a stupid movie with unrealistic premises that cannot be achieved. The same message is faced in many kid's lives but especially when a young woman gets pregnant and the parents figure she was making her own bed when she did what she did and got off the hook for having to send her to "Read English" at Oxford or some hoity-toity similar place where all she reasonably could be expecting to achieve is a marriage with a better class or money. The movie An Education from about 2007 with Carey Mulligan playing a sixteen going on seventeen ingénue deservedly gets four stars for showing the 'fun' decisions such a young lady can be faced with. How poorly the headmistress (Emma Thompson) argues for why there is a need for education is where we need to really learn about Sacred things and not teach for Profane things and ethics which religions have inculcated in our society.

The headmistress is disgusted (and disgusting) when she hears her young charge is engaged to a Jew. She says "They killed our Savior". That movie is set in the 60s and it was still saying what the Head of the House Un-American Activities Committee said as they drove many Jews to death and destruction over their support for Communist Russia which the US Government told them to do during the war. The young girl makes a great retort and says the Savior was a Jew. The headmistress says; "I suppose he told you that!" The girl also made a good point about how useless Latin was and that being boring and working to become more boring was not of interest to her. She told the headmistress she needed to explain why there was a need for education. And that is still true after you get you degree at Oxford I am here to tell you. If those two movies were shown in schools and discussed I think a great deal more growth might occur. If a person does not start to enjoy learning what use is there in going on about getting a degree, especially now when robots will do all so many jobs better than mere educated 'idiots' have been doing. Gurdjieff is right to call most people 'idiots'.

It shows how relieved the father is to see her get cared for by a rich but older man of the Jewish religion. It shows what I told a person very early in the show that would probably be the end result. The older man was married. In the end we see the young girl lying to a young man at Oxford when she is learning to "Read English" (which very few people really ever learn). She did not learn how profane a lie is. The priests and rabbis are not uneducated boors. They know the stuff their congregations eat up is Pablum and worse. I have quoted better people than me saying that is a fact - Jefferson, Mencken and Ingersoll to name a couple. What we need is a 'Conspiracy of Love"! That is what Teilhard de Chardin calls for and he makes excellent sense which even the Catholic Church was inclined to accept in Vatican II which is the era of these movies.

In the 60s we also heard a phrase almost as popular as Hesse's attributed "Make Love Not War"! This was another Teilhardism "We are spiritual beings having a brief illusory physical experience." We appear not to have learned it. It was not new when Plato said the same things after listening to Socrates in the Pythagorean Druidic line of thought either. We do need to learn it some day, soon! But listening to our political exchanges leaves me fearful and nearly hopeless. The power of every person with a deranged mind now includes dirty bombs and viral agents of mass destruction. The Hadith which says you can get 72 virgins for terrible acts is not new but it is more horrific because of the extent or lack of education. I say it is because we educate our children and do not listen to them about what really is right - as these movies show. I am getting out of Dodge very soon - I have 'paid at the office' for decades and delivered the truth as well as the bacon. What are YOU DOing? Are you eating excrement and living in the dark like mushrooms love to do? Or are you better than the Ostrich with his head in the sand? Your karma awaits, I look forward to mine.
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An Education and a Challenge 23 Feb 2016 03:18 #2

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I could place this observation in every thread and still have to place it in many posts. The issue is less a matter of how many Ph. D.'s we produce I think we should have more, but the courses he suggests should make up more than those focussed on paradigm methodology. Marks should go to those who ask new questions and challenge the teacher and fellow students to extend and expand their horizons and intuition.

"Historical speculation, philosophical argument, literary criticism, case histories, biography, semantic and semiotic analysis, ethnography - all these and more ought to be admissible as ways of telling our stories, and the less concern about method, the better. One becomes fastidious about method only when one has no story to tell.

...The alternative is to remain a shrivelled pseudo-science, useless for everything
except the assembly line production of PH.D.s."

Neil Postman.
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