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TOPIC: Forced Multiculturalism – The Death of The Most Innovative Continent

Forced Multiculturalism – The Death of The Most Innovative Continent 07 Apr 2016 01:38 #1

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Forced Multiculturalism – The Death of The Most Innovative Continent

Europe, The Old Lady Of The World, is dying.

No historian, no matter from where, no matter how wise, no matter how well read, no matter how biased, no matter how old, no matter how bright, no matter however can deny that Europe, with its dignified diversity and cultural enrichments has mean the most innovative continent of the world.

Ages of art, centuries of science, long history of literature, innovative ideas for and around the world have made the continent the Grand Lady of Wisdom in the World.

It’s possible to follow different views on Europe. The well-propagandised oikophobic one, the what an amazing set of peoples pleasure, all views point to the same; a dying, sad lady.

Europe is so rich in cultures, languages, traditions, values, ethics, art and diversity because it was not forced. The multiculturalism and diversity of Europe used to be voluntary, not forced. Taxes were forced, but not so much the multiculture. In the bigger cities it was present and anyone disagreeing with relaxed corner shops run by non-Europeans does have a problem with himself.
This new wave of immigrants is different. It will ruin this once great non-forced multiculturalism and this time hit the cities but more the downgraded rural areas. The great safe still very quiet nice little villages of Europe.

It’s a statue growing over with willless weed. No spirit to fight, no vibe, no protest, no resistance. Everyone hypnotised by the on shallow levels very safe lives. iPhone, Netflix, easy shopping and lots of free time hours have hypnotised a set of peoples.
Fake “terror” attacks are created to get the people mobilised.

It does work, but in a European way.

The News/Mass Media is 90% lies and 10% propaganda.

With the lots of free time Europeans get too much contact with these poisonous media.

When not in “ze news”, the social engineering, brainwashing, diverting and diverse craziness gets pumped into the people by the other favourite pastime; series.

Film has been proven too short to create this Hollywood HBO series strange version of some distant “reality”, so series are the new and much more ingenious weapon.

More time for a much more creatively freakily way of hypnotising propaganda into the people’s minds, our “social” engineering muppets have gotten the Weapon Of Mass Deception at hand.

Much easier to convince people of “reality” when they are relaxing on the Ikea couch with tablet, 52” or laptop with a cup of Big Food tea...
The once so culturally minded and interested continent has fallen to decay of everything it had. Call it NWO, JWO, Coudenhove-Kalergi, or call it The Great Decay, it’s unavoidably there.

Denying it is propagandising a sick democide agenda and is trolling in its core.

No person can be so full of self-hatred.

Follow the money but more importantly follow the Power.

Money is a tool, nothing more. Power is the real weapon. To buy Power you need a lot of Money. With Power you don’t need a lot of Money. It makes it, or rather replaces it.

In the Free Market, where Power is reduced and Money enhanced that is much harder.

If you have to hire 20 people to do work for you without Power, Money becomes an issue. If you have Power over 20 people, no Money is needed.

What’s needed is the illusion that one Homo sapiens has some kind of “right” to rule over another Homo sapiens (ehh, that’s you. Or me. Or anyone).

Aliens don’t exist and they never will, just like we cannot leave Gaia’s surface, EVER, but if you’d imagine one, it would look very strange at that peep, not?

People are potentially such bright animals but so dumb(ed down) that they don’t see the ridiculousness of the Ant Tax Farm. Animal Farm is not about “Communism”, it’s about us.

Slip away from that illusion and you feel much better. You can resist or know what I –and those who agree- talk about.

Defending Butchers is suicide and if it affects others homicide and Statism is the Numero 1 Forever of Democide.
Fuck those psychopaths, if you’re really Truthful to The Truth, that is.

The Truth lies in what you make of your life and your role in the World and if you’re afraid to do that, either hypnotised by the MSM and series or else by JewTube and Dennis “Wise”guy, then it’s up to you but you only aid the cancer of decay which is looking beyond silly invariables as race and into the cultural and above all power-financial side of this.

Supporting the idea that One Ape has any right to rule over The Other Ape is insane and will kill your whole “truth seeking” in Dolfy H.

No truth seeker can ever be anything else than anarchist. It can be religious anarchist, but any statist is not a real truth seeker, by not understanding that to our non-existing Alien this idea of Ape-power-over-you-because-I-am-too-weak-to-have-a-spine is unimaginably insane.
Europe has thrived in getting to know this planet, to shape all the continents in whatever way, the cradle of what people call “civilisation” (I see it as “a version” of it), Gaia’s surface has been shaped by Europe.

That Europe was always multicultural, diverse, rich and dynamic. The 1990s in Europe were the most thriving times all mankind has ever seen. The Roaring Nineties. When other continents suffered many wars and the imperialism was fought “far away” (Eastern Europe), Western Europe was dynamic, diverse in a good way and safe.

Now things are very different. And the problem is; the future is worse. To fund this madness of uncontrolled immigration of which parts are hoaxed, parts coloured, parts propagandised and parts real, all of it is socially engineered.

This Stockholm Syndrome of Statism, the word is much bigger than the snowily romantic city keeps 499,666,911 souls hypnotised. I still see some anarchists, true ones, freedom lovers, but there are few.

Supporting this monkey madness means to drop you’re a truth seeker. Acknowledging it still does not mean you are.
But combine it is the only consistent –imagine the Alien- position if you’re true to yourself, as one individual Homo sapiens who is able to choose whatever (s)he wants in this life. What you get of it is your way, up to you and yourself mainly.

You have one life, spend it well.



The Only Limit is Your Own Imagination
A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale - Gaia
"What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things."
- Vladimir Nabokov (1938)
"The silence of conspiracy. Slaughtered on the altar of apathy." - Lords of the New Church (1982)
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