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TOPIC: Are the Australian Aboriginals a good study case for why mass immigration is ultimately bad for the indigenous peoples?

Are the Australian Aboriginals a good study case for why mass immigration is ultimately bad for the indigenous peoples? 01 Dec 2016 05:00 #21

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Oz: Former Politician Offends Abo by Pointing Out Her House is a Mess

Daily Stormer
December 1, 2016

You don’t like them because you’ve never met them!

SBS is a government provided national broadcaster in Australia, whose aim is to shove multiculturalism down everybody’s throat and make sure that they drill it home that we are all the same.

They provide content for non-English speakers, as well as comedies, dramas and documentaries that showcase just how amazing everybody from all nationalities and religions are.

Currently they are airing a show called First Contact.

Basically, this show wants to make ‘privileged white people’ feel sorry for Aboriginals, and pushes the narrative that you’re only racist against them because you don’t understand them and their situation.

Spend a week with one and you’ll understand why.

They take six people into Abo communities, process them into a regional prison (because what Aboriginal doesn’t love crime) and then hope that by the end of it they feel sorry enough to cuck.

On a recent episode, Former One Nation Politician David Oldfriend was brutally honest in making it clear that he wouldn’t be taking any crap.

Controversial former politician David Oldfield was kicked out of an Aboriginal family home during the dramatic start of the second episode of First Contact.

Thirteen people lived in the overcrowded home and upon arrival, Oldfield took issue with the rubbish lying around the property.

He was told the family had been up all night preparing the home, so he asked why the waste hadn’t been collected.

His host, Suzanne Kenny ‘SK’ Jackson – who along with another woman ran the home with many children told him: ‘I’ll pick it up when I’m rough and ready. You don’t come in and tell me to keep my house clean.‘

Oldfield retorted: ‘Well, if you came to my place you wouldn’t find any rubbish because we pick it up‘.

After asking what the point of being at the house was and saying: ‘My mother doesn’t drop crap everywhere’, Oldfield was told to leave.

‘Well, if this is crap, get out of my house, I don’t want you here,’ SK said.

‘Get out and stay out! You don’t have to apologise. It’s not you. I’m not going to accept his apologies. He can get out of my house.’

How racist of him to point out that they can’t even be bothered cleaning up after themselves.

She was up all night getting the house ready

Because it’s easier to kick somebody out rather than admitting that you have chosen to live in a rubbish filled dump.

Despite not even being able to take care of a small home, the Aboriginals want the Australian Government to supply them with larger, better places to live.

Oldfield claimed even if the people of Elliott had more homes, they would ‘trash’ them, too.

‘If the Australian government built these people another 50 houses, all they’d do is bring in more people, spread them out a bit more, have a few less in each house, and it’d all still look the same, just more trashed homes.‘

When Ballard said they were trying their best, Oldfield erupted.

‘This is the f***ing problem, Tom. People like you, right, who don’t know anything about it.’

‘Who try and connect people… Feel sorry for them for five minutes then take your heart out, put it over there and put your brain to work to how you can actually help them.‘

‘Because if all you’re going to do is have a heart and feel sorry you’re not going to change a freaking thing, not one thing.‘

Is he wrong?

You can’t help somebody who can’t help themselves. Aboriginals will forever drown themselves in self-pity because so many years ago they had their land taken off them.

Do liberals believe it’s white Australians’ fault that Aboriginals are incapable of cleaning their homes and getting up off the couch?

Shitlibs want to put their hands over their hearts, shed crocodile tears and claim ‘oh it’s so sad they live like this‘ without being honest that nobody has forced them to not sweep the floor and make the bed.

Apparently the stolen generation is why this woman can’t even bag rubbish up properly

David Oldfriend also triggered a lot of cucks for denying that the Stolen Generation isn’t a thing, and saying that Indigenous Culture should have died out.

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I wonder how tolerant these shitlibs would be if they had to live next to an Aboriginal who scattered garbage around the front yard? I’d imagine not very.

give them your inventions Goy

Aboriginals have spent a lifetime doing nothing but complaining that they’ve been badly done by and they will continue doing this as long as nothing is expected of them.

If they’re happy living in the Outback and doing nothing, then I suggest white Australian’s stop interfering and just leave them there, but if they’re making demands that they are owed a bunch of luxuries, then it’s time for a wake up call – we need to ask them what it is they’ve exactly done to be deserving of nice, big houses, which are built by white people.
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