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TOPIC: The Perpetual Motion Solution.

The Perpetual Motion Solution. 04 Jul 2017 22:29 #1

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It is enough to know that all you fags around here sentenced the world to doom. Rather than do me a small favor. So I won't keep you fools in suspense any longer. In my thread, "Forums sentence the world to death," I said that though perpetual motion may not be possible, getting more energy out of a device than you put into it is. And it is a reality. The thing is, it is something you all already know about. But in my other thread, you didn't know that. Thereby sentencing the world to doom.

This is the solution. Photovvoltaic solar panels. It may not be perpetual motion. But most people would consider any device that you get far more energy out of than you put into it to be close enough. It takes 1 to 4 years to get the energy out of a solar panel that it took to create it. And with improvements being made in the technology all the time, it may be even better than that. But the lifespan of solar panels are 20 to 25 years. So for 16 to 24 years, you are getting more energy out of them than it cost to create them.

The problem is that we live in a capitalist-plutocratic society. It is those with the money who decide how the rest of us live. And right now, most of the money lies with coal, oil and gas companies. And if there is any way possible to buy into any sort of technology or industrial companies that have anything to do with solar energy, it is a good bet that the energy companies with all their money have done so. Along with outright buying the politicians who make the decisions about such things. So don't expect us to be going into solar energy in a BIG way any time soon.
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