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TOPIC: To Hell With Other Cultures.

To Hell With Other Cultures. 12 Jul 2017 23:36 #1

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That is, non-white cultures. I want no part of them. Though the list is nearly endless, I will show you some pictures of the primitive and barbaric things that other species of humans do. First, I will show you a picture of an African herdsman performing cunnilingus on a cow to get it to lactate. These "people" will also sometimes blow air into the anus of a cow to get it to urinate. They will then stick their heads in the urine stream and spread it around to dye their hair.

The next two pictures I will show you are of muslim girls getting their clits cut off. That's enough said on that matter. The next picture I have for you is of a bunch of people in India defecating out in public. I have also seen a video of some guy in India catching some cow dung in his hands as it came out of a cow. He then pinched off a chunk of it and happily ate it!

The next picture I have for you is one of a couple that I showed in another thread. Hopefully that won't get this thread buried into that largely unrelated one. It is of a rabbi sucking baby penis. Why they do this is a bit of a mystery. Maybe they think that a good blow job can make even a circumcision feel better. Or maybe it is like what I have heard of some satanic rituals. Where the more evil the deed, the more power they think they can get from it.

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To Hell With Other Cultures. 13 Jul 2017 01:38 #2

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Pleasant and peaceful nonwhite culture here. People respecting each others differences; muslims (majority), hindus, christians, buddhists, atheists.

The upscaled generalisation of extreme and sick practices to a whole culture is bogus.

But to see that you'd have to leave your autist attic, which may be very scary.
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