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TOPIC: PAY Children To Go To School.

PAY Children To Go To School. 12 Aug 2018 00:13 #1

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Our capitalist economy just thrives on slavery. So it is no surprise to me that most capitalists want something for nothing. Such as the school WORK done by children to get an education that would benefit employers. Shouldn't children be taught the capitalist way? That if they do work, they get paid for it? Even if it is school WORK. This pay doesn't have to be a lot. Like an adult might expect. But it should be enough to make it well worth the children's while. For those children who's parents don't make enough to give them an allowance, or to even help them out a little if they needed a little extra cash, it sure would be a wonderful thing. Maybe children need to form a union and go on strike if they don't start getting some pay.
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