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TOPIC: The ultimate Spiritual Freedom?

The ultimate Spiritual Freedom? 09 Sep 2018 05:35 #1

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The ultimate spiritual freedom.

What would be the ultimate spiritual freedom for you? How would you define it?

Please remember, Man is generally thought of as a composite Being composed of, part Matter and part Spirit?

This is my belief to.

Ok so, a "composite" means, "composed of two or more properties that are different from one another". Like any composite, it's easy or (should be easy) to separate the two? After all, they are not blended or mixed together, they are a composite.

So, if Man is a composite Being, and it's possible to separate Spirit from Matter, then it would seem your ability to separate yourself from the body, will, would be the ultimate Spiritual freedom? But, that's just my opinion.

Spirit separates from the body at death. This is not what I am talking about. I am talking about separating from the body, in the here and now, this lifetime, at will.

It's been done before on this planet, in Man's past.

Some early Christian claimed to be able to separate from their body at will . They called it "resurrection" . They were of course, declared heretics for it, because Satan shuts down these operations as soon as he hears of them.

The Vedic scripture claims many people in ancient times could separate from the body at will. They claimed it was common place as, "the changing of one's clothes".

There were others to. Ancient Greece had something going on with separating from the body at will. So did a few in the New World. All were short lived. Like I say, Satan shut them down as soon as he heard of them.

Spiritual Freedom is something Satan will not tolerate.

So, for me, I think the Ultimate Spiritual Freedom would be the ability to separate from a body at will?

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