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TOPIC: Communication

Communication 11 Dec 2018 07:23 #141

  • Rocco
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Gaia wrote:
Rocco wrote:
We fight, ...

Still awaiting your sabotage act of the BOP* to stop letting the oil money flow into the pockets of (((the families))).... :wissl:

*Blow Out Preventer

We're a privately owned drilling contractor company. Our rig is on a $560K Dayrate and I got plenty $$$PetroDollars$$$ flowing into my pockets. What the Oil Company does with the Well and it's Profits is none of my concern

We have a 5 RAM BOP. We get a kick once in awhile but nothing we can't handle

Btw, you haven't got a fuckin' clue what you're talking about. This is what happens when the BOP fails

I was working on another rig for this company when this happened
You can't fix stupid
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Communication 11 Dec 2018 11:06 #142

  • Gan Anim
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Oreironstar wrote:
We as humans need ro stop being Anal twats and we need to think for ourselves and not live in houses of ill repute...
Perhaps if we stop judging others and trust in looking after each other and working hard for each other.......we can all pay our way and
perhaps our God or your gods will find us if we stop hurting each other and our selves

The self dint model is foreign to most in modernity, as the technology starts to remove even the basic elements of survival people tend to become lethargic slowly loosing sight of what they are capable of and who they are and flock towards the songs of the sirens.

The only way to re-light our golden era is to take control of our minds eye, to remove thse who see an easy meal ticket and ways into our pockets without giving in return, and the very best way to remove them is not deal with them, until such time they realize life is not free if we allow the starving of the ones who feed them.

Because if we do it will soon be our turn once again.
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