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TOPIC: Should Boys Cry?

Should Boys Cry? 06 Sep 2019 06:42 #21

  • novum
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I did karate as a kid into my teens and got into a few scraps myself.

One time in high school i got beat up pretty bad, a boy much bigger than myself, who was in the final year when I was first year, so I was 12 and he was 16 or maybe even 17, kept taking our tennis ball (we were playing handball) and throwing it on the roof of a building. They were my tennis balls mostly.

one day i had enough and after he once again threw the ball on the roof and turned his back to walk away smug, i karate swept/kicked his legs from behind down low and dropped him onto the ground. It hurt him, and his ego got dented as quite a few people were watching on. So he started beating the shit out of me and just had too much size and power for my small self at the time to stop him from striking and repeatedly dropping me. Onto concrete mind you, so i started getting grazed pretty bad. Tho adrenalin had kicked in, and i kept getting up and fighting him. That was the biggest beating i ever got.

A teacher watched what he did to me as they happened to be in a building nearby looking through the window at lunch time (which isnt typical, teachers usually went to the staff room so this bully didnt expect a teacher to be in the building, he could see there were none around in the yard)... and he got dragged to the principals office and shamed. :larf:

He never bothered us again and respected me from that day on despite the size difference.

I never got into fights as an adult.

And whether you ever need to fight or not depends on your circumstance and what youve made of yourself. If you become a doctor for example and are well paid, buy houses in the expensive areas and have good security, youre not as likely to need to be able to fight, perhaps not ever... so it just depends.
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Should Boys Cry? 07 Sep 2019 22:34 #22

  • Voltaire
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Frothy wrote:
I'm trying to work out if Voltaire's last post is a joke or not? it sounds like the sort of thing Edmond Blackadder might say.

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Should Boys Cry? 07 Sep 2019 23:11 #23

  • Frothy
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I wonder who would cry if Frankie Fraser put electric wires on your ball sack in a bath upstairs in the office to a scrap yard in South London back in the day?
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Should Boys Cry? 29 Sep 2019 13:05 #24

  • Truthspoon
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Last time I cried I was watching Stereolab at the Sheffield Leadmill in August and they played this song....

Fucking killed me man...but I was pretty drunk and stoned.... and I just started crying...I had to get out of the crowd and drink more cider. It was just too intense.

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