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Be My "BITCH!" 02 Dec 2019 22:41 #1

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Ugh doesn't like the plan I came up with to help support White Patriotism. He considers doing so being my "bitch." But as I told him, doing so wasn't for my sake. One of the main reasons you can see for yourself by going down to the vent room and reading my thread, "Listen to the children scream!" Go there and read it. Or do so again if you have already done so. Look at the pictures of White children murdered by niggers. And how they died. Keep in mind that here in the U.S., there have been tens of thousands of others. And there will be others to follow. Unless YOU do SOMETHING.

I gave you all one small thing you could do. Only one person around here was man enough to agree to join in. As for the rest of you, you should be willing to do the very small thing I asked to help bring even a tiny bit of ease to the souls of the murdered White children. And if doing so could keep even one more from being murdered, it would be well worth the "effort." These things would be worth being a "bitch" or any other lame, lying excuse you could come up with.

But this is what I expect instead. The same thing that I have continually encountered around here. Which is to be largely ignored. To have practically nobody around here step up and tell me I am wrong and why. And why do you do that? Because you ARE a bitch! Unfortunately, just not mine. (If you choose to wrongly put it in those terms as far as I am concerned)
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