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TOPIC: Persistence of Structure .... This Reality

Persistence of Structure .... This Reality 01 Mar 2020 20:18 #1

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novum wrote:
.......... wrote:
Personal attacks almost completely destroyed this forum at one point by pushing so many people away.

Miserable people always want to attack others because they don't have the mental capacity to debate information.

Like Novum has always said "play the ball not the man"


Ok .... we will see :)

What are the memberships considerations on the below ....

Persistence of Structure

"The classification of stellar civilizations as per the Kardashev scale is solely based on the use of energy by such civilizations. From the point of view of information theory, stellar civilizations are classified as those civilizations of type Data (D-civilization), those of type Information (I-civilization), those of type Knowledge (K-civilization), and that of type Experience (E-civilization). D-civilization (say, Sol-3) is used by I-civilization to generate information, while I-civilization is exploited by K-civilization to generate knowledge, which is finally used by an E-civilization to design and build universes."

"I-civilization controls D-civilization by feeding it with perceptions and memories by stimulating it in order for the D-civilization to perceive a fictitious world. From time to time, I-civilization's probes visit the host planets in which D-civilizations dwell. D-civilizations wonder whether they are inhabiting a simulated reality, designed to emulate true reality, but they ignore how to answer this question. On the other hand, I-civilizations need data to get the information related to whether the world they live in is a simulation or not. K-civilizations process the information generated by I-civilizations in order to get the certainty they do live in a simulated reality. Once they conclude they do live in a simulation, they wonder how they could escape the simulation, a knowledge that is only attainable by the E-civilization. Therefore, all those civilizations need each other. The game is called 'Let's escape the Great Simulation'."

"The only thing a D-civilization can truly be sure of is the reality of its own subjective experiences at that stage. Everything else is questionable, even the existence of other intelligent beings in the Universe. It is a must for an I-civilization to never reveal its existence to a D-civilization, for that would destroy the data it requires to get information. A bit must never be aware of the existence of a data structure, much as a data structure must never be aware of the algorithm that operates on it. Additionally, an algorithm must never be aware it is part of a program, much as a program must never know about the existence of a programmer."

"An E-civilization knows the principles on which to base the final experiment, namely, the experiment to finally settle the question on whether the universe is or is not a simulation. Kaon scattering, if conducted in a specific and detailed way, could probe the limits of the Universe. For the experiment to be run, an E-civilization requires almost the entire energy of the Universe in order to break the physical world and go beyond the local coordinate systems"

"it is key for the experiment to guarantee persistence of structure, and this involves the cooperation of all intelligent beings across the Universe, corner to corner, end to end"

"Nevertheless, assuming that the universe is finite and therefore the resources of potential simulators are finite, then a volume containing a simulation will be finite and a lattice spacing must be non-zero, and therefore in principle there always remains the possibility for the simulated to discover the simulators."

"beacons and repeaters are key elements of the final experiment aimed at determining the initial conditions which in turn determine how the simulation evolves in time; this means setting the initial conditions with almost infinite accuracy in the real world. The main idea is that non-linearity is also programmed, simulated, and hence there must be a way to map it. Escaping the hologram requires a coordination between the many agents interacting with each other within the system."

"What the hell were you expecting? An E-civilization whose intelligent beings were similar to you, with two eyes, two ears, two hands? Learn this: the size of an E-civilization is 10 to the minus 43 seconds. Their realm is the quantum realm, and their entire civilization is much smaller than the smallest quark. That is precisely their power, that is exactly why they can play the magic on the entire Universe. Look for D-civilizations out there, in the exoplanets; look for I-civilizations in the interstellar medium between galaxies. Look for K-civilizations in the active galactic nucleus. But if you really want to find an E-civilization use the Queltron Machine"

"letting the algorithm run new knowledge is generated and the design of algorithms and the existence of algorithmic solutions become relevant; you will learn that the structure and complexity of each agent can be ignored when one focuses on their interactional structure. Simplicity is the fuel for complexity. That's how the simulation works."

"A K-civilization is the one that discovers that there exists a still undetected fundamental force in the universe which drives it to ever higher levels of information processing and hence ever more complexity. They gained the knowledge that the physical universe is the manifestation of a template universe outside of existence."

"A D-civilization has an acute lack of collective intelligence, does not understand the relationship between its own consciousness and physical reality; but such a civilization plays a crucial role in the persistence of structure: it excels in conceptual engineering. A D-civilization transitions towards an I-civilization the very moment it abandons the distinction between information and reality."

"Deep within the structure of reality, consciousness is found. That is the reason persistence of structure is so fundamental for any civilization. At the heart of reality, an E-civilization finds a computational engine which needs to be fed with information. That's why a K-civilization, an I-civilization, and a D-civilization are always needed. Escaping the hologram is a collective endeavour."


I don't hold out that much hope .... but lets see : )
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Persistence of Structure .... This Reality 01 Mar 2020 21:15 #2

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I remember the good old days, when 90+ year olds in nursing homes lived forever. Darn this pesky virus.

1365 = 1

1.1365 = 1,283,305,580,313,352
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Persistence of Structure .... This Reality 01 Mar 2020 21:57 #3

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Structure is a handrail for morons.
The universe and the human mind are absurd, creating structure between the two is an attempt to prove otherwise.
Jews LARPing as Nazis
Last Edit: 01 Mar 2020 22:05 by Frothy.
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