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TOPIC: Is The Problem That We Do Not Hate Enough?

Is The Problem That We Do Not Hate Enough? 15 Feb 2021 10:22 #1

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Is The Problem That We Do Not Hate Enough?

February 14, 2021 Kyle

We are told time and again that “hate” is ruining our world. The social engineers totally want to remove this emotion from “polite society” and leave us with the only acceptable option of loving degeneracy, perversity, ugliness, criminality, and our own destruction. The reality of the situation, though, is that we need to hate that which threatens our survival and the safety of our kith and kin. Without hatred we become human geldings, eunuchs who pose no threat to our self-proclaimed masters.

No Place for Hate, Stop the Hate, Eliminate Hate – these are some of the slogans our enemies use specifically against White people. Isn’t it telling that only White people being angry and “hateful” seems to be a problem? Spewing vile hatred against White people for the most ridiculous reasons is perfectly acceptable in our current world. It’s just like how “racism” is the ultimate evil, unless of course the group being discriminated against by everyone (including the government) is White people. It is the ultimate double standard, and our enemies do not care whatsoever about their blatant hypocrisy. All’s fair in love and genocide.

Our enemies hate us with every ounce of their being, but they do not want us to have this same weapon in our arsenal. Hatred can fuel us. It can inspire us to get up and defend our people. It can cause us to dedicate our lives to attacking our enemies’ systems of control. It can spread like wild fire to others who get “infected” with hatred for all that is evil, wrong, and criminal. Of course our hatred should be properly balanced with the love that we have for our people, and that which we consider good, righteous and beautiful. Hatred is our natural response to seeing what we loved being destroyed.

Even for myself and others here, I feel we do not hate enough. We know all of this information, we have seen our enemies fulfilling their agendas, and yet we sometimes still remained distanced from it, without really allowing ourselves to fully express our emotions of absolute hatred. There is definitely a time and place to be logical, cold, and calculating, but there is also a need to unleash our absolute burning fury. I do not mean flying off the handle and lashing out with reckless abandon, but harnessing our hatred for our cause. Hatred is the fuel for our engine, keeping us going.

Perhaps the only pitfall we need to watch out for is hating too much and hating too broadly. We only have so much hatred to go around, so we must use it wisely. Our enemies do not mind if we hate their proxy armies, as it keeps us distracted and in a “flame war” which will get us nowhere. This is why I do not hate broad groups, such as leftists or Blacks, as this spreads our hatred too thin and does not target the group who is orchestrating our destruction. And while jewish criminals are orchestrating destruction, we should reserve our ultimate hatred for those “chosenites” at the top. And perhaps most of all, we should hate the White traitors who have enabled White genocide, selling out their own people for some shekels.

We should not allow our righteous hatred to destroy ourselves in the process or targeting our enemies. Hatred can be a dangerous weapon to handle, but it is one we must wield if we wish to survive.

"Freedom is not a measure of good, but good is the measure of freedom." - Bishop Williamson

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Is The Problem That We Do Not Hate Enough? 18 Jun 2021 00:49 #2

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It might interest you to know what Elon Musk said. He said, "They don't ban hate speech. They ban speech they hate." Or is that a little too "feddie" for you. Or is it just Novum who believes that "fed" crap about me.
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