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TOPIC: 'No, I didn't kill Michael. He did it himself... with a massive overdose using his own stash'

'No, I didn't kill Michael. He did it himself... with a massive overdose using his own stash' 24 Nov 2013 15:17 #1

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What really happened the night Jackson died, by Dr Conrad Murray, the doctor jailed for the death of the King of Pop
Dr Conrad Murray, 60, was convicted of killing Michael Jackson
Proclaiming his innocence, he claims Jackson took an overdose
Reveals 'truth' about the King of Pop's last months in exclusive interview

Conrad Murray’s voice softens when he recalls the moment Michael Jackson reached out, clasped his hand and said in his soft falsetto voice: ‘There are only four people in my family now. Paris, Prince, Blanket and you, Dr Conrad.’
It was, the 60-year-old doctor recalls: ‘one of the happiest days of my life. This man who had been so lonely, who had spent so many long nights telling me about his pain and anguish, finally felt he could trust someone in his life apart from his children.
‘We were family. We loved each other as brothers.’

Unrepentant: Dr Conrad Murray speaks during his first interview after serving half of his four-and-a-half-year jailterm following his conviction of killing Michael Jackson
Murray says: ‘Michael trusted no one. The bed chamber smelled because he did not even let maids in there to clean. There were clothes strewn everywhere.
‘Then he looked at me and said, “You know, for the rest of your life and my life our names will become inseparable.”
‘I asked him, “Michael, what do you mean?” and he smiled and said, “I am clairvoyant.” ’

Maybe he was. This brief but intense relationship has all but destroyed Murray’s life and almost certainly defines it.
The heart surgeon, released from prison three weeks ago after serving half of a four-year sentence for killing pop superstar Jackson with an overdose of intravenous sedative, maintains he was not responsible for Jackson’s tragic death.
And, in his first-ever interview, he remains unrepentant. ‘I never gave Michael anything that would kill him,’ he says tersely. ‘I loved him. I still do. I always will.’

Whether he did or not, he can say just about anything now. Plus, there's always what the Fans think of him, to consider.

Interesting article though.
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'No, I didn't kill Michael. He did it himself... with a massive overdose using his own stash' 26 Nov 2013 19:35 #2

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I doubt he deliberately killed him....its been claimed that Jackson wanted/asked for an overdose - a 'mercy killing', hasn't it I don't think that happened.

Nor do I think it likely Jackson took an overdose himself as Murray claims. He probably just over-sedated Jackson by accident, through negligence.
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