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TOPIC: Is this Britain's most vicious cat?

Is this Britain's most vicious cat? 27 Nov 2013 22:46 #1

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Is this Britain's most vicious cat? Villagers in fear over family pet that has left people and animals with scars

They say it's bad luck to cross the path of a black cat.
And that's definitely the case with Shiny, the vicious black tom that has been branded Britain's most dangerous after he terrorised a village.
Shiny has been reported to police five times after launching a series of attacks which put residents and pets in hospital.
Locals call him the 'Devil Cat' because of his reputation for chasing children, picking fights with dogs and even bursting into people's homes to claw and scratch them.

Mean face: Shiny the four-year-old male cat who has terrorised the neighbourhood of Little Treviscoe, St Austell

Shiny's victims are so scared they retreat behind locked doors and arm themselves with hoses and mugs of hot tea whenever they see the black cat prowling the streets.
But despite being reported to the police officers are powerless to act because laws designed to combat dangerous dogs don't apply to cats.
His owners say they are trying to curb their pet's behaviour. He has been neutered and booked in to see an animal psychologist.

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Is this Britain's most vicious cat? 28 Nov 2013 00:21 #2

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And I thought Our Midnight, the half-werewolf we got from the RSPCA as a kitten, was bad.

ETA: actually, you can see from the light falling on that cat's fur (especially on its barrel) that it is not a black cat. It's a tortoiseshell - a dark one, but a tortie nonetheless...... just like Our Midi.... and, before you ever reach for one of these cats, know that torties are NOTORIOUSLY feisty!

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Is this Britain's most vicious cat? 28 Nov 2013 08:08 #3

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Interesting, maybe this cat does not like people, or dogs or children... Usually they don't, they just stay out of the way. :D

Crazy kittie... Have you ever tired to subdue a cat in a violent clawing frenzy? I have once, and that was the last time... Anyway, there were two fighting cats and I went in between to stop that. They would have tore their ears off etc. unless something made them stop. I managed to stop the fight, grab the other cat and take him to another room. It all took just few seconds and the cats were able to slice my hands into bloody mess of claw marks and bitewounds.

No wonder if people are scared the kittie in the OP.
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Is this Britain's most vicious cat? 28 Nov 2013 19:22 #4

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I had an un-neutered tomcat years ago, and he was one badass cat.

Used to disappear for days, then turn up with injuries obviously gained from fighting other tomcats, and scratch my legs (badly) if he didn't get fed pronto.
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