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TOPIC: T P V a charitable solution, PLEASE HELP!

T P V a charitable solution, PLEASE HELP! 20 Jan 2014 18:32 #1

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Tele Philia Vaccinations.
Many of you, over the last twenty or so years will have become aware of a growing problem in our society, ‘telephilia’ the overwhelming desire to appear on television.
The campaigning journalist Terry Christian first brought this syndrome to public attention with his programme ‘Kiss a Granny’

This programme was ground breaking in exposing how some people suffering from Telephilia, are prepared to go through any sort of humiliation for the chance of getting their fix of appearing on TV. This addiction will drive them to all sorts of horrors.

It is not merely members of the underclass who are afflicted with this addiction, but even parlimentarians..

A politician reduced to licking milk from Rula’s bowl just to be on TV.

Programmes like ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’, and ‘big brother’ have specialised in humiliating, individuals that are stricken with telephilia. The days when people paid money to go to a mental home and laugh at the inmates have returned. Just turn on any TV set and you will see people humiliating themselves just for the chance to be on television. And the broadcasting corparations know this, offering a red carpet welcome to any sad person suffering from Telephilia.

It would be bad enough if we only looked at the effect this has on society, if the broadcasters managed to get the public to accept as entertainment the public humiliation of damaged individuals, but that would be to overlook the cost that these telephiles have to pay in their personal lives because of this illness, when there is a quick clean vaccination available.

A case study of an individual suffering from Telephilia.
We shall call him David an illegitimate son of a Rothschild from an early age became transfixed by the family B/W Television.

As a young man David was drawn to anything which looked like it would help him act out his life in front of television.

He eventually gained notoriety, getting his first fix of ‘apearance’ as pushers refer to it, as a morning TV sports presenter. From here the young David, could expect the gradual fixes of ‘appearances’ to have a lessening effect, and David would go the normal route like so many others of taking on ever more demeaning tasks to get his fix of ‘appearance’. However this was not to be and the studio sofa was pulled away from under his feet. Bereft of hope David became a pitiful figure, railing against his former family and friends, bleating on about how they had used him. Yearning for even the slightest ‘appearance’ to help him feel again. The addiction coloured everything David saw or did, and he eventually was reduced to railing at the moon, declaring it to be broadcasting at him. In David’s mind everything was television, the moon itself he declared to be nothing other than an out side broadcasting unit, containing vast empty TV studios. Even stating categorically the universe itself was nothing other than a three dimensional holographic TV screen. In doing so we can see in his desire for a fix of an ‘appearance’ and failing all else David was trying to convince himself he was in some way centre stage in some giant soap opera.
David with the help of a number of therapists was over coming his addiction, but his pusher Sean, and a woman called Sophie persuaded him to buy an old laptop capable of Skyping, and from a derelict tower block in run down North London David started using again. Like all addicts he started spending on his addiction, and inveigling anybody he could to help pay for his Telephilia. The telephiliac is single minded and all thinking all life revolves around their next ‘appearance’. From this stage David went rapidly down hill uncontrollably crying, and now looking grey and haggard. He is reaching the final stages of Telephilia, where the Telephiliac can only breath when ‘on air’, as they call it. Please help!
Tele Philia Vaccination, is the only answer, a simple payment of £10 a month can keep David Breathing and ‘on air’.
T. P. V. is now David’s only hope.
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T P V a charitable solution, PLEASE HELP! 20 Jan 2014 18:35 #2

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Great OP, jonb!

"A politician reduced to licking milk from Rula’s bowl" :umm: :D
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T P V a charitable solution, PLEASE HELP! 20 Jan 2014 18:39 #3

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"Do you want me... to be the cat?" :umm:

"What the fuck am I watching?" :wtf:

That was a disturbing bit of telly :chuckle:
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T P V a charitable solution, PLEASE HELP! 20 Jan 2014 20:54 #4

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Class :D

Even if some of the clips made me want to... :barfonu:
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