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TOPIC: schizophrenia is takin me home. jesus had a twin who nothin bout sin

schizophrenia is takin me home. jesus had a twin who nothin bout sin 10 Dec 2015 15:40 #1

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mount th silent hill to the air of silence


then get beat down by a coven of sirens
sirens raise the alarm in my head to become violent
demonic sluts with wings ill slay ya
cos perving is a dope rhyme sayer
with the bull whip and the holy cross lookin like simon from castlevania
hit that skiny little prick the hardest
summon up the army of darkness
knock him out with a one two jab like oscar dela hoya knockin out fernando vargas
i lead her down to my chamber
perving bout to murder a stranger
dont give a fuck about police and the danger
jesus christ gor fucked in his manger
hey little girl im sexually past it and tell yya father he is a fat bastard
if the police come and try to arrest me
like a fascist yo i run the fastest
met this pimp gave him a backhander for a night to spend with yolanda
down a alleyway i cant stand her and smash her skull with the clawhammer
to all the faggot men in the back that are kissing
will go missing escape from new york like snake pliskin
now ive seen things sinister things schizo
now obviously bitch am a fucker self harmer
throw me in a ice bath like am francis farmer
if an apple aday doesnt keep the dr away
bite a chunk ourra his face like jeffry jahmer
she was in the corner crying and frigtened
she got shanked in a clash of all the titans
about twenty thousand went down on her pussy lik the crew of poseidan
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