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TOPIC: Flare. When will you stop sucking.

Flare. When will you stop sucking. 13 Apr 2021 22:25 #1

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(Along with Novum that is) And completely lift my ban. You know, even if somebody commits armed robbery, they only keep them in jail for a certain amount of time. Is it because I never asked you guys politely? i.e. kissed your ass? There is something I have discovered over the years. For about 95% of the people out there, you're all fucking nuts! Off your rocker. Brainwashed all to hell. Followers of one cult or another. In many ways, criminals. I'll never kiss such people's asses.

Though that isn't to say that this forum is completely useless. You posted something interesting once. It was a short video showing two Czech Republic police officers demonstrating the knee to the neck restraint. At various forums, I have used it myself. I even posted it for a George Floyd supporter and apparent nigger loving niece of mine on facebook.

I found soon after that youtube had deleted the video because it violated their policy against harassment and bullying. So I complained to facebook. Because though the fools out there who see it and think that George Floyd was suffocated and murdered, they may consider being shown it to be harassment and bullying. But there is nothing in the video itself that can be considered to be harassment or bullying. Soon after I found that the video had reappeared. Though under a different URL. The new URL is
. For getting a video you yourself posted to reappear at youtube, do you think that might be reason to completely lift my ban?
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