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TOPIC: What the future might hold for human, animal and plant DNA?

What the future might hold for human, animal and plant DNA? 09 Jan 2014 15:19 #1

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As the methods and databases of surveillance increase, so too, does the range of ways that surveillance might be used. I have often wondered if a person's DNA might be used to identify him/her over a wide base of applications, how one might go about obtaining one's entire code and whether a person's DNA belongs to themselves and if they can patent it to obtain overarching rights to its unique code and prevent it from being used, published or stored electronically by another person, company or government.
It seems that that US FDA already has its hooks in this, as it has now banned DNA tests for health analysis. Who gives them the right to do that? Is the future one in which every aspect of ourselves and sovereignty will be stripped from us and controlled by governments, corporations or others who might profit from holding, controlling and using that information?

"In the future, everything from bio-genetic weapons tuned specifically to target an individual's DNA, to planted DNA evidence, to blacklists and healthcare rationing based on your genetic analysis could be possible if we surrender our DNA to the state and the corporations that constitute it. Governments and organizations engaged in eugenics dream of obtaining the summation of humanity's genetic makeup leading to a wide array of nightmarish scenarios."

[ ] "... the same biotechnology that makes GMO food possible, can also be used to test for it. If the FDA refuses to have GMO products labeled, we can just test for it and label it ourselves.
It can also be used to "treat" contaminated genetic lines. It is possible to sequence and store the genetic code for any organism - and as the technology advances this will become easier and more accessible to regular people. If people began taking up DIY biotechnology, this process could be accelerated. Having these "backup" templates will allow us to restore organisms back to their original state after genetic corruption. It may be possible to even "restore" ourselves.
There is also another possibility that democratized GMO crops could open up - the restoration of legacy crops and species that have long since been transformed through thousands of years of selective breeding. Underground Wellness put together a video regarding how the grains we eat today have changed over time and why the grains we eat today are less healthy."

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What the future might hold for human, animal and plant DNA? 09 Jan 2014 15:47 #2

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One of the reasons I started my own research into looking after myself was to enable myself to survive along with my family and any friends near by in this kind of medically rationed society. Not going to shabby at the moment. Learning more and more, haven't had to use my pain meds for over a week now, and that was only because I fell on the ice we had here on boxing day. Had a good look at essential oils now and ordered some to start "experimenting and learning hands on" with them. Water distiller has arrived, colloidal silver making kit should be here soon. Not been to see the GP in over a year and only the pain specialist at the hospital and the orthadontics, flippin wisdom teeth hehe... growing the wrong way, can't complain really, it was the last one and should have come out years ago, saves it causing problems in the future.

As for food, when this frost has passed I am opening up the rest of the garden to growing food, not just the experiment patch the kids and I did last year....still need to try and persuade them to eat thumper... you would of thought bambis mum would have been the problem, but whenever I get that from the local farmers market they love it... but fluffy bunnies and its a no go hehe
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