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TOPIC: Brussels "'bombing" Thread a troll & gate keep affair

Brussels "'bombing" Thread a troll & gate keep affair 26 Mar 2016 01:20 #1

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  • Foxy's Avatar Readers look at this line up of DIF shills doing what they do best & worst. Appalling & most obvious. :) The smiley is now standard.
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Brussels "'bombing" Thread a troll & gate keep affair 26 Mar 2016 01:24 #2

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Brussels bombings

It appears mails are getting through because the box trolls are busy elsewhere bashing and censoring comment sections into oblivion. I will fish through what is there and put the good stuff up.

Kitty wrote:
Hi Jim,

I Was looking through some Dutch websites (I'm Dutch) who were pointing out the false flag scenario. Looks like crisis actors again. Martin Vrijland from posted this. Picture of bloody woman smiling on phone and man walking past body holding briefcase. I tried to attach the pictures but I couldn't get it to work


My response: One key screw up proves this is all a false flag. That screw up was the lack of subsequent blasts, despite news reports stating more explosives were found. KEY DATA, TRUE EVERY TIME A BOMB IS FOUND: It does not get touched or moved in any way. It is detonated on the spot because it is too dangerous to touch. Police crews would have brought explosives of their own to the scene and set them off next to the bombs to blow them up within hours. This did not happen means PROVEN FALSE FLAG. Crisis actors would not be surprising. I am still digging this one.

Anonymous wrote:

Witnesses here say explosions came from ceiling! So then no suicide bombers. Some pictures show all the ceiling panels on the floor.

Richard in the Netherlands wrote:

Hi Jim,

Media in the Netherlands is still talking about suicide vests, and a 'third one' is blown up on spot, but they are not suicide vests at all...

You are correct, they are packages/luggage delivered by guys who probably don't even know they contain bombs. Sputnik News says the 'third one' was a package as well.

Just like the guy in Turkey with a package in his hands walks cross the street and suddenly it blows up. He didn't know either. He's clearly looking for someone (to deliver the package?) and if he was a suicide bomber, why didn't he enter a place with a lot more people? Looks like a remote controlled or timebomb...

My response:

Obviously this is what they are doing. Package carriers are common. Quite possibly the three guys pushing carts were doing it for someone else who they thought was really going to fly somewhere. That happens all the time for tips. Dirt simple to plant a bomb that way. After that it is just a cell phone call and boom. Cell phones are cheap, and perfect. One did not go off, perhaps because the shock wave from the other two disabled the cell phone. Fat chance the police, who are probably bought into this crap would ever mention a cell phone trigger.

There is such an established history of this being done, and it was documented in Iraq on numerous occasion, with the U.S. army planting the bombs in cars while they had them confiscated, and when the owners picked them up the next day they were "suicide cars". The explosives got found three different times (out of many successful bombings) and were disabled by mechanics twice and the driver of a car once. That is your "suicide bomber", it is all fake, and in this case virtually assured to be unwitting package carriers.

See below, there is quite a bit here to back that scenario up.

There were no stories about the bombs being detonated after the fact by security personnel on this side of the ocean. Inconsistency seems to be the order of the day. It took them forever to get the "suicide vest" story straight, and apparently it was a rock stupid ruse.

From Scotland

Hi Jim

I noticed the "3 suicide vests" were found story too, and thought, "that stinks". Note the colour of the white smoke from the explosions at both scenes. A white smoke. I know nothing on the science of this. It is in the BBC images

I think there was likely bombs already planted, as the windows at the airport are all blown out. A large explosion would be needed for that. Keep in mind that the same "terrorists" were unable to blow out windows in small cafes in Paris. So I think larger bombs planted. The suicide vests story is to plant the suggestion that it was "suicide bombers".

Then 322. Skull and Bones. They are taunting and taking the piss. It plays into Hilary's hands, and she is more interventionist and a puppet of the real mobsters / establishment.

Blessings from Scotland.

Cheers, S

My response: Yep.
From Jim Stone web site.
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