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TOPIC: Women that hate Women

Women that hate Women 19 Nov 2017 02:38 #1

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:wissl: truth-zone.net/forum/pfizipfei-forum-general-discussion/69533-has-tz-become-woman-haters-paradise-division-agenda.html Yes, you ran off all of them at one time or a dozen for not cowing down to you. But, the same goes for the core of the NAtionalist crew as well. That is true. :thumbup:
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Women that hate Women 19 Nov 2017 03:47 #2

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Wouldn't women who LOVE WOMEN be a much nicer topic?
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Women that hate Women 17 Jun 2020 06:29 #3

My wife often gets ridiculed and cops a lot of abuse from other women because she is happy being married to a chauvinist. These modern women or feminists are neighbours, her old school friends, and other mothers from our kids’ school. They made their minds up about me at a glance; I’m the tradie hoon, the bogan on the bike and the wife beating redneck. That’s not important, water off a duck's back but when they direct their contempt at her for being a stay at home mum it humiliates her which bothers me a lot. They try and tell her that she’s my slave that cooks, cleans, changes nappies and my convenient fuck, one woman even called her my masturbation machine, fucking insulting shit, it really angers some other women that she has 'settled' for a domestic 'existence' as if it was some kind of unbearable sentence.

She is not my slave, she's not chained to the cooker and she is free to divorce and leave me if I prove to be a lesser man- by beating her or by cheating on her or by failing to provide for my family and failing to keep them comfortable by drinking and gambling and being unemployed. I am head of the household and I work bloody hard to keep that right, I swore an oath to love her, provide for her, protect her from harm, comfort her, remain faithful to her in sickness and in health, till we depart the mortal coil - and she in turn swore an oath to obey me, and serve me, love, honour, and be faithful to me, in sickness and in health, till we depart the mortal coil. It wasn't a Christian ceremony, it was a hand-fasting ceremony in the forest but I'm aware the oaths still rankle modern feminist sensibilities to hear them.

I consider my wife to be a domestic engineer, she is efficient and effective at her job, she's an incredible mother to the kids and with five of them in the early days it was full time. She insists it's rewarding work and that she wouldn't have it any other way because it makes her happy but they don't believe her. She's still made to feel lesser, or stupid, wasted potential, she is often considered 'quaint' by condescending 'career' women. It makes me angry, but being angry just confirms these women's opinion that I'm an abusive brute. They are convinced that my wife is too scared of me to tell them anything and that she really wants to escape servitude to me and my abusive "sexism"

I rarely have to use my authority as a husband, I won’t allow her cut her beautiful golden hair above her shoulders (I pretend not to notice is not as 'natural' as it used to be) and I won’t have her wearing pants, I'm attracted to flowing skirts and feminine clothing -but if she is out with us hunting or we're in the outback, skirts are impractical and sometimes even dangerous, I don’t like to have females out in that environment but when it can’t be helped she wears pants. I put my foot down and refused to let her get a tattoo and here I admit I'm covered in tattoos from neck down and I'm aware of the double standard but I think tattoos on women look cheap and trashy and it just don’t turn me on, same with too much make-up and gaudy jewellery. I never liked cheap street whores and tattoos on sheilas look real cheap to me. It's probably the opinion of many that tattoos make men look equally as bad, but I don't care what men look like, they’re not my wife. That's not my wife's opinion either as she designed several of my tattoos. On the other side of the coin I don't call all the shots, I follow her lead in all areas of life she has the better understanding and just to be clear, I've changed more fucking nappies than I can count.

I'm not going to pretend our marriage of 25 years hasn't had its problems because we have had disagreements and fights and we've both been stupid and childish at times over those years. But I do feel I need to defend her choices and decision to remain with me and to be 'just a housewife' because I really appreciate the home life she has created for me and the kids. I don't take her for granted at all and coming home from work, taking my boots off, smelling the kitchen and listening to the kids squabbling, shouting and laughing is one of those pure joys in life that's all down to her. I hear these supercilious women disparaging her for choosing to create something as special as that and I can't help think on some level it might be jealousy. I know some of these women don't have as good relationships with their kids, -when they even get the chance to see them between their busy work schedule. I don't know. There are probably loads of reasons; I only know she doesn't deserve it.

Men can't afford to view women as equals because there is the danger of viewing femininity as equal; it is not and never has been. Feminists want equality but the only way they can try and achieve this is by becoming more masculine. They know full well femininity isn't going to work in competition so they abandon it and learn to try and think like a man. This is perverse and wrong, femininity has its place, nurturing is essential for babies and toddlers and little girls. For men femininity is a prize to be won, it makes women worth possessing, cherishing and protecting. Femininity is what makes women so desirable to us, without it women are as ugly and unnatractive as a dirty workboot. I want my woman in a comely dress, long beautiful golden hair and a pretty smile to welcome me home. Women LARPing as soldiers and policemen are a fucking joke and look ridiculous. Women think they want equality but they will never be fully satisfied seeking that goal because it is an impossibility. The masculine will always master the feminine and women will never truly be happy until they see the truth of this and submit to it. It is how nature works and we can't escape nature while we live on this Earth. That is why feminists hate my wife, she is submissive, feminine and happy; they are unhappy and have become so unfeminine that they can't be fully satisfied sexually with the cuck of a man who's submissive to her.
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