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TOPIC: Rainbow Cultural Garden

Rainbow Cultural Garden 19 Apr 2018 02:28 #1

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Rainbow Cultural Garden, which has a branch in London, was created by the leader of the secretive Nxivm group Keith Raniere, and involves babies and toddlers being taught by multiple nannies or teachers who each speak a different language to them every day.

Keith Raniere, who created Rainbow Cultural Garden, is allegedly the leader of a secretive cult

Critics have now raised questions about the school's teaching methods and its links with controversial Raniere.

Educational inspection board Ofsted, confirmed Rainbow Cultural Garden is not registered with them and said allegations against the school were "extremely concerning".

The experimental educational programme - which strongly denies any wrongdoing - has 11 branches around the world, according to its website, including one in Kensington, London.

Its programme - which is believed to cost parents up to $120,000 a year per child - involves children being taught by up to seven nannies a week, from different countries, who each speak to them in their own native language - including Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Russian, German, Hindi and Spanish.

Only languages approved by Raniere are allowed to be taught in the schools - and the programme runs a mixture of in-home daycares and schools in nursery-like settings.

Nxivm's former publicist Frank Parlato is one of five sources who voiced their concern about the kids programme to Sun Online.

Parlato, who first exposed Nxivm's activities on his website the Frank Report, says that controversial Raniere developed Rainbow Cultural Garden with the help of Dr Brandon Porter, a New York doctor currently under investigation after allegedly carrying out traumatising experiments on women in which he made them watch video clips of violent rapes and murders.

According to Parlato, parents are told not to speak to their child or interfere with the nannies while they are speaking the different languages.

He told Sun Online: "There is no scientific study that supports this programme and no study into the long term effects it may have.

“To begin with this programme is created by cult leader Keith Raniere which should be an immediate red flag, given all allegations against him.

“Also this is about learning multiple languages but it was devised by a man who can only speak one language English - he knows nothing about other languages.

He added: “In my opinion it’s an attempt to train children to become sociopaths who can never bond with their parents because there’s always a different
nanny in the house speaking a different language. It’s a classic cult technique.

“A parent is not supposed to speak to their child when the nanny is there unless they can speak in the language of that day.

“So for the parents on the home programme, which is what most of the wealthy parents do, if you can’t speak Arabic or Russian or whichever language it is you can’t speak to your kid all day.

“You aren’t supposed to hold your kid or interfere with what the nanny is doing - I witnessed this when I worked there and I was astonished by it.

“They say they have a bunch of children who speak between seven and 13 languages but it’s a total fabrication they could not produce one kid," Parlato continued.

“I have spoken to several parents who were bitterly upset because their children could not speak any other languages and in one case the child could not even speak his own language.

“I spoke to one of the first kids who took part in the programme from being a baby and he could not speak any other language and seemed very negatively affected by the whole experience.”

Actress Allison Mack is allegedly a high ranking member of Nxivm

Child welfare advocate Joseph O'Hara, who used to run a children and family services division in Missouri, says he is "amazed" that the operation, which is headquartered in New York, has not been shut down already.

O'Hara, used to work with Nxivm as a consultant between 2003 and 2004, has filed complaints about the New York branch of Rainbow Cultural Garden with the New York Attorney General and social services.

O'Hara told Sun Online: "They are putting children through this kind of experience from birth and they're not even trained to run a daycare never mind an educational institution.

"In most states you have to be licensed either as a school or a daycare - you can't just look after other people's kids for money without it - especially in a large scale organisation like this.

India Oxenberg is also believed to be "trapped" in the cult

He added: "Whatever Rainbow is - it is not a licensed educational institution here in New York state or a daycare - and I'm pretty sure that is the case around the world.

"That's just the legality - the so-called curriculum they are immersing these kids in is damaging - we've got examples of kids coming out and not being able to speak in any language, just babble.

"Everything I've read suggests there is in fact psychological damage done to kids that don't learn languages at an appropriate age.

"Of all the things this group is involved in I'm amazed Rainbow Cultural Garden hasn't been shut down."

One source, who asked to remain anonymous, told how her daughter - a member of Nxivm and DOS - ran a branch of Rainbow Cultural Garden in an American city for two years, despite being completely unqualified.

She believes it is a damaging programme that has been purposely designed to stop children bonding with their parents.

Alleged cult leader Keith Raniere says he created Rainbow Cultural Garden in 2006

Rainbow Cultural Garden's first student was Raniere's son who began the programme in 2007, at the age of about six months, Parlato said.

According to one document seen by Sun Online, the boy had four nannies a day teaching a different language for three hours each - seven days a week.

His mum Kristin Keeffe eventually fled the cult with the help of New York State Police, taking the boy with her in 2014, according to the Albany Times Union.

The brands that are burnt on to member's pubic areas include Keith Raniere's initials and Allison Mack's,
according to the group's former publicist

This is the brand of an escaped member of Nxivm and DOS

Rainbow Cultural Garden's founder Raniere is believed by many to be the leader of a sinister cult.

His secretive Nxivm group have recently been at the centre of a slew of claims about how they allegedly recruit women into a secret master-slave cult called DOS where they are forcibly branded with Raniere's initials on their pubic regions and forced to hand over blackmail-worthy material such as naked pictures.

Former members of Nxivm and DOS - including Canadian actress Sarah Edmondson - revealed how they were pinned down and branded with a hot iron - and forced to be "on call" to their "masters" 24/7.

Rainbow Cultural Garden’s CEO is listed on their website as senior Nxivm member Sara Bronfman, the millionaire heiress and stepdaughter of actor Nigel Havers. She did not respond to requests for comment.

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Rainbow Cultural Garden 23 Sep 2018 01:53 #2

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That is similar to Lomaland in the early 20th century,and later that cult in Australia where the leader is still free after being exposed.
The Bronfman tie shows the daighters are like their parents.Their mother bailed out the killer Eichorn,and their father was a NWO player.

Co-founder of NXIVM sex cult in plea talks with feds

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Rainbow Cultural Garden 23 Sep 2018 02:23 #3

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Another perverse use of the 'Rainbow' covenant between God & man. MK-ULTRA right out in the open. And of course child rape & sacrifice to their god MOLECH. These practices have never stopped, and now mainstream. Why? Because mainstream is disconnected/disassociated with God, morality, compassion, love. The general population is as predicted in the Book of Revelations. Good post Annabelle.
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