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TOPIC: Communism is a JEW invention. China is a JEWISH tool.

Communism is a JEW invention. China is a JEWISH tool. 28 Sep 2018 19:37 #1

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There is too much China this, China that crap going around, and yes, Trump sent the B-52's out today. IGNORE IT. Ignore it because every damn last one of the traitors in our government are corroborating with China, and a bulk of the traitors are Jews.
The Jews have a long standing history of using whatever tools there are at their disposal to destroy others, and China is just another tool. If they think they can take down the United States with China, and then own China, that's exactly what they will do. The end game is to rule the world, and if they can do it via proxy of China, as their final paradise Communist state, that's exactly what they will do.

First they went for Russia, but the plan did not go well there. Then they went for the U.S. and Europe, and Communism is simply hitting too much resistance. Then they decided China was the cat's meow, and the Chinese offered very little resistance to communism. So China it will be.

Once the decision was made that China was the answer, Jews who infiltrated all of America's businesses and tech firms, as well as the government, sold America's secrets out to the Chinese to give the Communist system a chance. American businesses paid for the manufacturing facilities there to boot, China did not have to front the cash for it. They did none of the research, it was all handed to China on a silver platter by infiltrating traitorous Jews, (Hillary was the anomaly with that).

Never forget that if we "go to war with China", it is only because it was successfully prepared with American secrets and American tech, and then wielded as a tool by the Jews.
Feinstein, a rather filthy kike, was so in bed with them that she had a Chinese spy driving for her while she knew it. Does that say enough?

I was never able to pin down Hillary as a Jew, but she's clearly luciferian, so she'll do fine with the luciferian sects of that tribe because after all, that's what really matters.

The Jews may miscalculate China. And I am talking the luciferian Jews. There's something about orientals that causes them to reject outsiders. But they are very polite as long as they are never crossed. The Jews/Luciferians had damn well better be careful with China. I hope they are not. I hope they screw it big time. Because China will not be successfully infiltrated in anything other than surface image, if the Chinese figure out what the real plan is, they won't forgive the way passive white males will, the friendliness will be smooth as glass and then one day BOOM: the Jews are gonna be TOAST. Chinese people are on/off. They won't put up with bullshit. That could really bite hard. The Jews will get influence in image only, at the end of the day it is what the Chinese guy in charge thinks, and that position will not be taken by a Jew.

Fact: China does want world domination. And if they get it, they sure as hell won't be sharing it with the tribe. The Jews had better be careful with what they wish for when seeking help from others that want what they want. The Chinese really are the wrong people to give power to and then double cross.
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