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TOPIC: UK Hell Hole

UK Hell Hole 06 Oct 2018 23:13 #1

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I agree that our airports are particularly fucking horrible.

There's something particularly dreary and shabby about England these days...... Suicide inducing TV soaps, fat greasy tattooed women bawling obscenities while they pull their knickers out of their swampy bum-cracks, demon possessed children looking for something to be nasty to, and politicians gleefully leading us into the deeper bowels of hell on a daily basis. The UK's spirit has become a tramp shambling up and down a shopping street looking at the things he can't afford to buy.

I can't live in the UK, I don't know how anyone can to be honest....... Living in the third world is actually better than the UK, no nation on Earth has quite mastered the death of the human soul the way the English have.

But of course we all know who has done this to us. I just hope I live to see some justice done to that rotten Kenite tribe.
Quote from main board. MAny more to follow :thumbup:
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UK Hell Hole 07 Oct 2018 19:47 #2

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Doctors raise alarm over rising private alcohol and drug abuse ...
www.independent.co.uk/.../baby-boomers-drug-alcohol-abuse-intake- units-a8243191.html‎
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