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TOPIC: Rahaf Mohammed al Qunun

Rahaf Mohammed al Qunun 12 Jan 2019 22:24 #21

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In the meantime..

Trudeau has passed legislation that allows convicted terrorists who are dual nationals to keep their Canadian citizenship. He doesn’t even use the term “terrorist” to describe these militants.

In a town hall earlier this year, Trudeau used an obscure euphemism to downplay the threat of ISIS fighters. He calls them “foreign travellers.”

Trudeau also believes that ISIS fighters have a “right” to return home, where they will face questioning and possible criminal charges.

Hence why at least 60 known terrorists are now roaming around Canada. One returned terrorist openly boasted in a New York Times podcast about the atrocities he carried out for ISIS. He’s now back in Toronto, living with his parents and attending a taxpayer-funded university.

The mosque Trudeau would visit had issued fatwas from a radical Saudi cleric asking for Muslims to kill any Muslim who does not practice the rituals of their faith.

One could have excused Trudeau had he said, “I didn’t know,” apologized and moved on.

But he did the opposite. He boasted about having attended the mosque which he himself identified as a “Wahhabi Mosque.”

Sharia Law in Canada

Sharia law is advancing in Canada at national, provincial and local levels.


In 2015, Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister and sharply increased the number of Muslim refugees being accepted as immigrants. At a press conference on August 26, 2016, Trudeau expressed his desire to identify himself with Islam, which he declared more peaceful than Christianity:

"After meeting thousands of new Syrian refugees, listening to their stories and learning more about the Muslim faith, I have learned to love Islam and the people of Islam. Islam promotes peace, not violence and is in fact more peaceful than Christianity. I feel like this is the religion I belong with and I should identify as."

Over the next 18 years, Canada's Muslim population is projected to more than triple, but the political tide is already turning in their favor. In January of 2017, Trudeau appointed Ahmed Hussen, a Muslim, as his Minister of Immigration.

Iqra Khalid, a Muslim Member from Ontario, tabled a motion named "Islamophobia" and swept discrimination against Christians and others into a broad generalization. Her proposal, known as "Motion 103" or "M-103," stated that the government should: condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination."

In March of 2017, the Canadian Parliament passed Iqra Khalid's "Motion 103" by a landslide 201-91; the government of this nation now officially condemns anyone who exposes the Taqiyya of Islamophobia.

Deception, Lying and Taqiyya
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Rahaf Mohammed al Qunun 12 Jan 2019 23:15 #22

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I added something to your all things canada thread regarding the islamic party of ontario

People who say islam will mix well with non muslims are lying or otherwise deceived.

Thee of ontario helpfully set out exactly what they believe and exactly how "islam " will attempt to run its course in Canada.
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Rahaf Mohammed al Qunun 13 Jan 2019 04:22 #23

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I have been catching up on the 'all things Canada' thread the last little while now.

I hope Rahaf is kept safe in Canada and that she is not used too much by the politicians and/or agenda driven people for their own ends.

She has publicly renounced Islam and defied her family so she will always be in danger, for the rest of her life.

As quoted in the other thread...

Ex-Muslims in the West do one or more of the following:

keep a low profile (many do not even inform their families and friends they have left Islam); write under an assumed name; live in a secure, undisclosed location; hire security guards; and/or live with constant death threats. This is not due to religious persecution from the laws of the country in which they live. It’s due to the law of the Muslim street: Sharia.

However....all these things aside.... I am glad she was not kidnapped and forced to go on a plane against her will back to Kuwait or Saudi Arabia.

Canada is in a scary place right now but it is much better than her being back in Saudi Arabia. I hope she is able to have a good life here and that she is kept safe.
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