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TOPIC: Antisemitism Began For Me Upon Learning the 911 Attacks Were the Work of Jews

Antisemitism Began For Me Upon Learning the 911 Attacks Were the Work of Jews 24 Mar 2019 01:32 #1

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Jews did 9/11.
The loathing became more intense after being appraised of Adolf Hitler's Jewish roots, and discovering the Holocaust and the H0lodomor in the Ukraine and in Russia were similarly the work of Jews.

It extends to Palestinian & Lebanese Semites who similarly turn from exposing Jew culpability, amplified upon finding Jews have infiltrated the political and social order world wide, whence all decisions at government level, all political appointments and all news reporting is at their behest.

Just as the null response to evidence there were No Japanese Planes at Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 shames the entire Japanese nation tribe and race, so does the null response to evidence of Jew culpability for the 911 attacks, and the subsequent illegal and unjust wars under the aegis of the War on Terror, itself in alleged response to Moslem guilt, shame the entire US social and political order.

Thus "good" Jews will side with me and demand the politicos and police in Australia, answer charges stemming from the null response to the December 2006 killing of Katherine Schweitzer in Sydney, she said Jews sent her family to Auschwitz whence only she survived out of fourteen.

And the July 2000 Brisbane disappearance of Steven Goldsmith, who was in the company of a local policeman one night early in the same week he was reported missing, whose fate appears to be ground work for future
charges Jews were "disappeared" while nobody gave a good G-d damn because they were Jews.[/indent]
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