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Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump continues to lead in most of the polls, with his popularity soaring as the candidate speaks controversial truths that his running mates wouldn't dare vocalize.

So far, Trump has distanced himself from large corporate donors in an attempt to prove that he has no controllers, voiced his concerns about the link between the autism epidemic and the administering of too many vaccines at once, and now, for a brief moment, he's seemingly taken on the world's most evil corporation: biotech seed giant Monsanto.

Yesterday, Trump's Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, retweeted a post alleging that Iowans have had way too much ‘Monsanto corn’ that was ‘creating issues in their brain’. The tweet, which was promptly deleted, was retweeted by Trump’s account after reports broke of a new Iowa poll showing presidential candidate Ben Carson had taken the lead among Iowa caucus-goers.’

Read more: Donald Trump campaign tweets, then retracts post criticizing Monsanto’s toxic GMO corn for damaging Americans health


Author: Truth Zone
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