'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used forums, email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard code strings are automatically converted into smilies.

Simply scroll below to find the smilie you want, then type or copy and paste the required string into the forum post reply box and the smilie will appear in the post.

If you want to disable smilies in a post you make, you can use the Code button kunena code icon in the toolbar above the reply box to wrap the text in [code] tags when posting. This is typically only used if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) and other code converted to smilies!

Truth Zone Forum Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:D Big Grin smilie Big Grin
:) Smile smilie Smile
:chuckle: Chuckle smilie Chuckle
:cool: Cool smilie Cool
;) Wink smilie Wink
:P Tongue poke smilie Tongue poke
:hahano: Haha no smilie Haha no
:O Shocked smilie Shocked
:( Sad smilie Sad
:conf: Confused smilie Confused
:emb: Embarrassed smilie Embarrassed
:roll: Eye roll smilie Eye roll
:mad: Angry smilie Angry
:rofl: Rofl smilie Rofl
:ownd: Owned smilie Owned
:up: Thumb up smilie Thumb up
:jakd: Thread jacked smilie Thread jacked
:spam: Spam smilie Spam
:hide: Hide smilie Hide
:hb: Happy birthday smilie Happy birthday
:tmi: Too much info smilie Too much info
:nilly: Nilly smilie Nilly
:killinme: You're killing me smilie You're killing me
:spank: Spank smilie Spank
:umm: Umm smilie Umm
:thumbup: Thumb up smilie Thumb up
:mail: You've got mail smilie You've got mail
:coffee: Coffee smilie Coffee
:aargh: Aarrgh smilie Aarrgh
:band: Band smilie Band
:think: Thinking smilie Thinking
:gleek: Loser smilie Loser
:spliff: Joint smilie Joint
:beer: Beer smilie Beer
:axe: Axe smilie Axe
:scotty: Bean me up smilie Beam me up
:couch: Hide behind couch smilie Hide
:notworthy: Not worthy smilie Not worthy
:sorry: Sorry smilie Sorry
:down: Thumb down smilie Thumb down
:approved: Approved smilie Approved
:loco: Loco smilie Loco
:zzz: Zzz smilie Zzz
:admin: Admin owns this thread smilie Admin owns this thread
:hypo: Hypo smilie Hypo
:cry: Cry smilie Cry
:ripped: I've been ripped smilie I've been ripped
:dunno: Dunno smilie Dunno
:usa: Usa smilie Usa
:hit: I'd hit it smilie I'd hit it
:banned: Banned smilie Banned
:ot: Off topic smilie Off topic
:nono: No no smilie No no
:bat: Baseball bat smilie Baseball bat
:yup: Yup smilie Yup
:angel: Angel smilie Angel
:pop: Popcorn smilie Popcorn
:pmsl: Pmsl smilie Pmsl
:poke: Poke smilie Poke
:waa: Waa smilie Waa
:no: No smilie No
:denied: Denied smilie Denied
:bash: Bash smilie Bash
:shtf: Shtf smilie Shtf
:with: I'm with stupid smilie I'm with stupid
:wall: Hide behind wall smilie Hide
:drama: Ohhh the drama smilie Ohhh the drama
:cold: Cold smilie cold
:aussie: Aussie smilie Aussie
:uk: UK smilie UK
:cheers: Cheers smilie Cheers
:gn: Good night smilie Good night
:werd: Werd smilie Werd
:corn: Popcorn smilie Popcorn
:last: Welcome to last year smilie Welcome to last year
:worship: Worship smilie Worship
:sokay: There there smilie There there
:hi: Hi smilie Hi
:bs: BS smilie BS
:marx: Excited naughty smilie Excited naughty
:agri: I agree smilie I agree
:sulk: Sulk smilie Sulk
:yinyan: Good or evil smilie Good or evil
:bla: Blah Blah smilie Blah Blah
:thdown: Thumb down smilie Thumb down
:noway: No way smilie No way
:iitm: Screwy smilie Screwy
:secret: Secret agent smilie Secret agent
:larf: Laughing smilie Laughing
:clap: Applause smilie Applause
:drunk: Drunk smilie Drunk
:woot: Woot smilie Woot
:yeahno: Yeah no smilie Yeah no
:give: Surrender smilie Surrender
:can: Canada smilie Canada
:shlap: Slap smilie Slap
:rant: Rant smilie Rant
:norty: Naughty smilie Naughty
:hedbut: Bash head against wall smilie Bash head against wall
:shiner: Shiner smilie Shiner
:urok: You rock smilie You rock
:fraid: Eek smilie Eek
:alien: Alien smilie Alien
:fresse: Fresse smilie Fresse
:rab: Rabbit smilie Rabbit
:baller: Baller smilie Baller
:bounce: Bounce smilie Bounce
:cat: Cat smilie Cat
:cheer: Cheer smilie Cheer
:coolio: Cool smilie Cool
:evil: Evil no smilie Evil no
:fairo: Pharaoh smilie Pharaoh
:flower: Flower face smilie Flower face
:joker: Joker smilie Joker
:king: King smilie King
:pissed: Pissed smilie Pissed
:horus: Eye patch smilie Eye patch
:bacon: Pig smilie Pig
:queen: Queen smilie Queen
:teef: Big teeth smilie Big teeth
:dolf: Rudolf smilie Rudolf
:yerright: Eye roll smilie Eye roll
:fro: Cool smilie Cool
:saturn: Santa smilie Santa
:scratch: Thinking smilie Thinking
:study: Study smilie Study
:lumi: Sunny smilie Sunny
:twisted: Twisted smilie Twisted
:sadno: Sad no smilie Sad no
:lolplac: LOL smilie LOL
:nite: Sleeping smilie Sleeping
:hmm: Suspicious smilie Suspicious
:alc: Drunk smilie Drunk
:ar: Shooting smilie Shooting
:attn: Attention smilie Attention
:barfonu: Barf on you smilie Barf on you
:bomb: Grenade smilie Grenade
:bow: Bow smilie Bow
:box: Boxing smilie Boxing
:butkik: Butt kick smilie Butt kick
:cool2: Cool smilie Cool
:dodge: Dodge smilie Dodge
:eek2: Eek smilie Eek
:pink: Gay smilie Gay
:rokhit: Throw rock smilie Throw rock
:hug: Hug smilie Hug
:lick: Lick smilie Lick
:moon: Moon smilie Moon
:nutkik: Nut kick smilie Nut kick
:oldfart: Old fart smilie Old fart
:playball: Play ball smilie Play ball
:postwhore: Post whore smilie Post whore
:rl: Rocket launcher smilie Rocket Launcher
:scare: Scared smilie Scared
:shitstorm: Shitstorm smilie Shitstorm
:shower: Shower smilie Shower
:slapem: Slap em smilie Slap em
:splat: Splat smilie Splat
:stuck: Stuck smilie Stuck
:suicide: Suicide smilie Suicide
:zorro: Fencing smilie Fencing
:toetap: Toe tap smilie Toe tap
:uzi: Shooting smilie Shooting
:villagers: Villagers smilie Villagers
:woo: Woo hoo smilie Woo hoo
:wtcslap: Slap smilie Slap
:sanctum: Sanctum smilie Sanctum
:tail: Cocktail smilie Cocktail
:meow: Meow smilie Meow
:ninja: Ninja smilie Ninja
:zip: Mouth zipped smilie Mouth zipped
:puppy: Puppy smilie Puppy
:heart1: Heart smilie Heart
:star: Star smilie Star
:present: Present smilie Present
:luvu: I love you smilie I love you
:peace: Peace smilie Peace
:turt: Tortoise smilie Tortoise
:sheeps: Sheep smilie Sheep
:clock: Clock smilie Clock
:beer3: Beer smilie Beer
:down2: Thumb down smilie Thumb down
:up2: Thumb up smilie Thumb up
:crossed: Fingers crossed smilie Fingers crossed
:beat: Beating heart smilie Beating heart
:helios: Sun smilie Sun
:inluv: In love smilie In love
:cake: Birthday cake smilie Birthday cake
:winky: Wink smilie Wink
:broken: Broken heart smilie Broken heart
:vsad: Very sad smilie Very sad
:heartb: Bouncing heart smilie Bouncing heart
:bawl: Bawl smilie Bawl
:yepyep: Yep yep smilie Yep yep
:wabbit: Rabbit smilie Rabbit
:goat: Goat smilie Goat
:wilt: Wilted rose smilie Wilted rose
:point: Arrow pointing right smilie Arrow pointing right
:rbow: Rainbow smilie Rainbow
:bulb: Light bulb smilie Light bulb
:question: Question mark smilie Question mark
:snail: Snail smilie Snail
:kiss: Kiss smilie Kiss
:rose: Rose smilie Rose
:heart: Heart smilie Heart
:silly: Silly smilie Silly
:super: Super smilie Super
:bunny2: Bunny smilie Bunny
:smokn: Smoking smilie Smoking
:gum: Bubblegum smilie Bubblegum
:winning: Winning grin smilie Winning grin
:downb: Thumb down smilie Thumb down
:upb: Thumb up smilie Thumb up
:scaredb: Scared smilie Scared
:roflha: ROFL smilie ROFL
:2cool: Too cool smilie Too cool
:cryb: Crybaby smilie Crybaby
:fanx: Thanks smilie Thanks
:kisskiss: Kiss smilie Kiss
:omg: OMG smilie OMG
:screwy: Crazy smilie Crazy
:righton: Right on smilie Right on
:gleek2: Loser smilie Loser
:paris: Socialite smilie Socialite
:coolfro: Peace man smilie Peace man
:butterfly: Butterfly smilie Butterfly
:smoking: Smoking smilie Smoking
:goodbad: Good girl gone bad smilie Girl gone bad
:aok: OK smilie OK
:pixie: Pixie smilie Pixie
:drinks: Cocktail girl smilie Cocktail girl
:dimops: Raise glass smilie Raise glass
:noudiint: No you di'int smilie No you di'int
:facepalm: Facepalm smilie Facepalm
:yupgrin: Yup grin smilie Yup grin
:grouphug: Group hug smilie Group hug
:mswrshp: Mass worship smilie Mass worship
:gmc: Get my coat smilie Get my coat
:giz: Gizmo smilie Gizmo
:hookah: Water bong smilie Water bong
:cavalier: Horseriding smilie Horseriding
:camp: I love camp smilie I love camp
:joint: Fat joint smilie Fat joint
:3sum: Threesome smilie Threesome
:heartflower: Heartflower smilie Heartflower
:hugs: Hug smilie Hug
:smooch: Smooch smilie Smooch
:luv: Love smilie Love
:smith: Agent smith smilie Agent smith
:cruiselarf: Cruise laugh smilie Cruise laugh
:drevil: Dr evil smilie Dr evil
:field: Dangerfield 666 smilie Dangerfield 666
:thup: Thumb up Thumb up
:titsout: Flash smilie Flash
:whip: Whip smilie Whip
:spankit: Spank smilie Spank
:devilgirl: Devil girl smilie Devil girl
:good: Good smilie Good
:kiss2: Kiss smilie Kiss
:nea: Nope smilie Nope
:scheme: Scheme smilie Scheme
:spanknov: Spank smilie Spank
:hitting: Rolling pin hit smilie Rolling pin hit
:slap: Slap smilie Slap
:irked: Irked smilie Irked
:tumbleweed: Tumbleweed smilie Tumbleweed
:twitch: Twitch smilie Twitch
:waiting: I'm waiting smilie I'm waiting
:wtf: WTF smilie WTF
:no: No smilie No
:hrumf: Hrumf smilie Hrumf
:taptap: I'm waiting smilie I'm waiting
:wine: Wine smilie Wine
:kiss3: Kiss smilie Kiss
:huh: Huh smilie Huh
:brewing: Stir the pot smilie Brewing
:pass: Pass smilie Pass
:carryon: Carry on smilie Carry on
:drool: Drool smilie Drool
:banana: Banana smilie Banana
:dancin: Dancing smilie Dancing
:kingrep: Reptilian King smilie Reptilian King
:looky: Looky smilie Looky
:layrubber: Lay rubber smilie Lay rubber
:nos: Got Nos smilie Got Nos
:wissl: Whistle smilie Whistle
:ponda: Ponder smilie Ponder
:hdbng: Bang head on wall smilie Bang head on wall
:spartan: Spartan smilie Spartan
:bnose: Brown noser Brown noser
:wrshpl: Worship left smilie Worship left
:wrshpr: Worship right smilie Worship right
:cfescrn: Coffee at PC smilie Coffee at PC
:sok: Sock puppet smilie Sock puppet
:yes: Yes smilie Yes
:lalala: Lalala smilie Lalala
:bump: Bump smilie Bump
:wideshut: Mask smilie Mask
:tennents: Tennents smilie Tennents
:fish: Fishing smilie Fishing
:anarchy: Anarchy smilie Anarchy
:blkchk: Black check smilie Black check
:blkx: Black cross smilie Black cross
:redchk: Red check smilie Red check
:redx: Red cross smilie Red cross
:arowup: Arrow up gif Arrow up
:arowdn: Arrow down gif Arrow down
:left: Arrow left gif Arrow left
:right: Arrow right gif Arrow right
:salute: Salute smilie Salute
:blind: Blind smilie Blind
:horn: Party horn smilie Party horn
:brate: Celebrate smilie Celebrate
:party: Party smilie Party
:confetti: Confetti smilie Confetti
:partyn: Partying smilie Partying
:onud: Oh no Oh no
:w00t: Woot Woot
:doublefp: Double facepalm Double facepalm
:enuf: Enough gif Enough
:ffblazin: Blazing gif Blazing
:whoa: Whoa Whoa
:applause: Applause gif Applause
:fonz: Fonz stare Fonz
:flameref: Flaming ref gif Flaming ref
:morgnod: Morgan nod gif Morgan nod
:bravo: Bravo smilie Bravo
:shill: Shill alert smilie Shill alert
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:herite: He's right meme He's right
:sherite: She's right meme She's right
:what: What I read meme What I read
:ganda: Propaganda smilie Propaganda
:herewego: Here we go meme Here we go
:luvpost: Love this post meme Love this post
:piab: Danger - Panties in a bunch Panties in a bunch
:mf: Read the Mutherfucking thread before you mutherfucking post Read the MF thread
:breakheart: De Niro meme - Breaking my heart Breaking My Heart
Large Memes
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:hblarge: Large De Niro meme - Breaking My Heart Large Breaking My Heart
:bigtclarf: Big Cruise Laugh Big Cruise Laugh
:banhim: Ban him Ban him