A Personal Worldview Thread

Connect Dots

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Jan 30, 2022
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This is a thread where I will state a summary of how I view the world and members, in turn, can state theirs.

After others made me understand 9/11 Truth by posting on the internet, my overall worldview changed dramatically. I came to realize that I had to seriously question what was on TV and everything else about the establishment.

Here are some basic things I’ve come to realize:

1. The cosmos is teeming with life, including non-human intelligent life, but it was not created by a male “God.”
2. There is an energy that pervades the cosmos, because it is compelled to be here, and that’s where consciousness and all matter originates.
3. That energy has always been here and will always be here. There was no beginning for energy.
4. All religions are man-made. Hierarchy in organized religion is man-made for selfish reasons.
5. Wars have been engineered into happening for selfish reasons of some. Human beings get duped into fighting them.
6. The vast majority of humans are good people but our fears cause us to do stupid things.
7. To make a contribution to humanity, I think we the people need to join together to uncover lies.
8. Once we know the truth, we know what to do.