Accessing the original Truth Zone forum


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Apr 21, 2012
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Here are the URL's for the original site and forum... the original site has the same URL as here but with 'legacy' subdomain...

Members of the original site can still log in there (and post there currently) .

I will be turning off the ability to post new posts there there eventually and let people know. I do not intend to pull down the original site nor remove the ability of existing members of the original site to log in to the site, use the search feature to find information, threads and posts there, and so on.

The kunena platform served us well but as I have said elsewhere it is outdated, and this platform has a number of advantages both from a webmaster/admin point of view but also for users.

Thanks everyone for contributing past and present. I will do what I can to keep all of this up and going indefinitely, both the original site and this new platform.