An Interview of David Icke Posted Today

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Jan 30, 2022
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I just sat through a one hour twenty minute video entitled, "We Live In A Simulation Created By A Non-Human Entity - David Icke" because I thought he was going to talk about extraterrestrials or interdimensionals before whom globalist psychopaths bow down.

But it wasn't about that.

There was, however, something said that I was struck by:

"I'm not a body; I'm not a soul; I am awareness . . ."

A screenshot:

My take on what he said is that the word "soul" suggests religion, and religion on planet Earth is divisive. We humans need to grow out of religious divisiveness and consciously join the world of infinite. limitless, consciousness that fills every square inch of the universe (or perhaps multiverse). There is no empty space between what our eyes perceive. Everything that is, is interconnected, in a field of information that is consciousness.

According to my research, religions are created to control people.

I have a sense that the message and purpose of David Icke's work, which I appreciate, is to direct we the people to stop identifying with a religion, and start simply connecting with our intuition—our own knowing, and to live our lives accordingly.

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