Antoine Bechamp: The Guy We Should Have Listened to Instead of Louis Pasteur

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Jan 30, 2022
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This thread is related to the thread established at the old forum in my The Medical Establishment sub-forum on May 8, 2020, and continued here—The Germ Theory of Disease Is Wrong and Harmful.

I put this thread in The Human Condition because I feel that this issue is CENTRAL to our awakening as a species in the universe.

We the people should NOT be afraid of "viruses." Our own bodies might CREATE viruses for good reason, but they don't attack us from without.

Antoine Bechamp was a contemporary of Louis Pasteur, in France, in the 19th century. He was far more intelligent and competent than Pasteur. In fact, it was learned in the 20th century that Pasteur was actually a fraud, because his records show he lied in his reports about his experiments. Records that he instructed his family never to make public, were, in fact, made public and a book was written about it. That story is in the other thread.

The fact is, Bechamp had a special microscope, with which he observed a tiny entity he named "microzyma," which morphed into viruses, bacteria, or fungi for the purpose of getting rid of TOXINS in the body. He called our body the terrain and terrain theory of disease is the opposing view to germ theory of disease.

We the people are brainwashed by Pasteur's germ theory of disease because Pasteur won in the 19th century and Bechamp lost.

Big Pharma LOVES the germ theory of disease for obvious reasons.

This is the cause of our predicament we face in 2022. We'll never stop the psychopaths who use this misconception of reality to do what they do to us if WE DON'T WISE UP!