Covid Vaccine Certificates for Sale


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Mar 22, 2022
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As long as vaccine certificate forgeries exist, measures involving it are nothing more than instruments of apartheid designed to restrict the mobility of certain people the dominant class want to lock up their homes.

If the pandemic was real no doctor would sell these fakes to their patients yet the web is full vaccine certificates for sale.

The wealthiest people in our society have connections to, or relatives that, practice medicine. They did not become rich by being stupid. Becoming a labrat for big pharma does not appeal to these types and most know covid is a scam so they don't fear that cheating the certificate system will have grave consequences.

Obtaining a false vax certificate from a medical practicioner is virtually risk-free considering medical matters between patient and doctor are confidential. Meaning that a large percentage of those enjoying the fruits of liberty while others are denied entry or segregated otherwise, are in possession of forgeries.

Knowing that this potential for forgeries exists at all times in the affairs of men, surprising they would even consider segregating society between vaxxed and unvaxxed.

Even the subdural health monitoring chip they are proposing is rolled out the fraud and forgeries will be everywhere. We see in this that the mindset of our rulers is medieval and very nearsighted.

Most of it is nothing more than kneejerk mandating and wishful thinking. The parts of the agenda they have to make up as they go along to keep the narrative on track shows how primitive their thinking process really is. As long as the ultimate objective is still on track they could care less how messy it gets.

All the more profits for pharma.

In the final analysis the situation can be summed up like this, mandating certificates or qr codes is a lousy way to contain a dangerous pathogen if one such pathogen truly existed. The checks and balances to this certification racket are laughable besides constituting a massive breach of privacy. Everyone flashes this personal medical information publickly to and clowns or thugs the tyrants have watching the doors, policing themselves like obedient labrats.

Those habitual whiners incessantly reminding us of their suffering at the hands of a tyrannical genocidal regime appear conspicuously quiet about this whole covid thing. You might think that having experienced an extermination process they might be a little worked up if they saw another one coming.

But just the sound of crickets. Lending support to theories that their suffering was greatly exaggerated. Were they sitting back mute then also as that regime destroyed their enemies as covid is doing now.