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Jan 27, 2022
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Not a fan of Peter Hitchens usually, but he was one of the only MSM journalists from the beginning to highlight
the dangers of lockdowns, albeit he didn't question if the vaccines were safe.

Throughout the Covid scam the Daily Mail online published his article, BUT NO COMMENTS WERE ALLOWED.

Today the comments are open and I'm pleased to see the vast majority are in the know, but there are some
die hard remainers who put the recession down to Brexit! Bots some of them imo because their comments are so similar.

Today he writes the recession is not about the war in Ukraine and in my opinion very little to do with
the disaster whcih is Liz Truss, but because the United Kingdom borrowed 300-500 billion to fund Covid, the
biggest amount since the second world war AT COMPOUND INTEREST TO NEFARIOUS BANKS
which you, your children and grandchildren will be paying off all their lives as taxpayers.

Two friends visited me recently from the UK and honestly think inflation and recession is because of Ukraine and Liz
Truss. Such is the power of the propaganda and brainwashing from Government and media.

Even Mervyn King, an ex Governor of the Bank of England said the economic situation is down to COVID

Jeremy (sic) Cunt lied to Parliament and the world when he announced the hard hitting budget was because
of Russia!

Mervyn King said

"I think all central banks in the west, interestingly, made the same mistake. And during Covid, when the economy was actually contracting because of lockdown, central banks decided it was a good time to print a lot of money. That was a mistake. That led to inflation"

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