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Jan 25, 2022
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A brief introduction to CANAM Missing 411

David Paulides was a former cop who was asked by friends to investigate Bigfoot , using his police background and methods of investigation.

However , what came to be Missing 411 is something else entirely.

There are extremely odd cases of missing persons documented every year in the US and Canada , he has also highlighted cases from other parts of the world such as Australia.

There are common themes with these missing persons cases including but not limited to : inability of tracking dogs to pick up a scent , search and rescue teams spend weeks searching an area find nothing only for the body of the missing person to show up in a spot that has been searched extensively by multiple crews, toddlers and children travelling distances across rough terrain in times that should be impossible to achieve ( how far can a 4 year old walk across hills , streams , bushes in the pitch black and be found without a scratch ? )

If you have some spare time , Davids videos highlight some bizarre disapearances that will leave many questions un answered.

I got into watching during my travels across the US , long hours on the road and needed something to listen to. Certainly peaked my interests and took my mind off the political which often becomes a drag.

Lastly I will say this , David lost his son to suicide last year completely out of the blue. It was difficult to watch some of his videos as he was essentially going through the grieving process on camera.

But in the letters that he reads out at the beginning of each video , many people wrote in and said that he had changed their mind on suicide because they could see the pain it had caused him. How it effects those closest to you in a way you cant imagine.

Hopefully you enjoy Davids work as much as I have , I even did the rare thing of paying to see his documentary Missing 411 the Hunted.

It did not disapoint , the last case especially is one of the most insanely bizarre things you will ever hear about and the manner in which David presents and explains the circumstances , using both his extensive knowledge of the outdoors and his detective experience adds to the mystery even more.

Hope you find some spare time to listen , and have a feeling of mystery wtf again.
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