Mar 22, 2022
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The Secret Jewish History of Napoleon Bonaparte.


Whatever they say "Boney" was a disaster area who deserted two armies & indebted France to Jewish bankers, analysis of his body tissue reveals traces of arsenic which was then the recognized treatment for syphilis, whereas on the testimony of his batman and the doctor who carried out the autopsy he stood five feet two inches tall.

Randy Newman - Short People - Like many short ppl Napoleon probly had a downer on taller folks, since under his tutelage the average height of Frenchmen went down six inches. Link.

Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Ajaccio, Corsica on August 15, 1769, he came to power in the wake of the 1792 French Revolution, and died in exile on the British ruled island of Saint Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean May 5, 1821. "In addition to taking the lives of one million Frenchmen and bankrupting France, Napoleon brought philosemitism with him wherever he went." Napoleon the Philosemite & The House of Rothschild, by Bassiano.


Bonaparte deserted the Army of the Orient with which he invaded Egypt in April 1798, which after ostensibly achieving victory over the Mamluks at the 1798 Battle of the Pyramids and other similar actions..


Napoleon Repelled From Acre.

Suffered humiliating defeat by the Turkish Garrison at Acre in 1799. He had sent nine ships with his heavy artillery from Alexandria to the port of Haifa in defiance of the British Naval blockade, six of which were captured by the British and turned over to the Turks.


His own fleet had been sunk by the British in 1798 at the Battle of the Nile - The three ships that made the passage had none of the massive cannon balls with which he had intended to reduce the Garrison Fort to rubble, while a Loyalist Frenchman on the Turkish Staff turned Napoleon's guns back onto his own self.


Thus weakened by the plague with nowhere to go except back the way they had come the invaders abandoned the siege, where after handing command to one General Kléber who he promoted to Viceroy, Bonaparte hastened back to France his clandestine departure made public August 23, 1799, to be lauded - by the Zionist press - as Conqueror of Egypt, there after to proclaim himself Emperor of the French December 2, 1804.


In Egypt the French were under constant harassment from the Mamluks who had never surrendered, they were the Russian mercenaries who were employed as tax collectors and trouble shooters, who had changed their tactics. Thus waylaying and ambushing any loose French to the extent they were only able to move around the countryside in large groups, Kléber made separate peace with the British who negotiated their safe passage, and who stayed on in Egypt there after to establish Government.

Had his vanity not overridden other concerns NB himself should have made a separate peace by bribing their top ppl in the first instance, and promising them a share of the spoils when he took Constantinople which was his original plan there after. It still would have worked had he not lost his siege guns, so it was his decision to run the British naval blockade that cost him everything.


In one of the greatest military debacles of all time Napoleon Bonaparte launched a punitive Invasion of Russia with 650,000 men in 1812, incensed that the Russians were continuing to trade with Britain against his orders. He claimed victory at the Battle of Borodino on the outskirts of Moscow September 7, 1812, that was in fact his bloodiest day in battle and which meant he had fallen right into their trap.

Insofar as the Russian tactic was to meet the invaders head on and inflict maximum casualties, then fall back to a prepared second line of defense and do the same thing. Though the French held the field after the battle the Russians had instituted a "Scorched Earth" policy, whence the cities and towns on the invasion route had been evacuated and torched denying shelter for the invaders. Thus when Napoleon marched into Moscow three quarters of the city was in ashes.


He sent an envoy to the Russians with a note demanding their surrender they refused to see him .. thus deep in the Russian heartland in winter and with no supplies the Grand Armee had no choice but to retreat, under constant harassment from the Cossacks they tried to reach the French Garrison at Riga in Latvia. Alerted that insurrection was being plotted in France Napoleon handed command to Marshall Ney and was back in Paris in ten days, Ney accompanied what was left of the Army into Riga then handed command over before he too took ship to France.


Napoleon's Surrender to HMS Bellerophon.

The Latvians were hostile and gave no comfort to the survivors from Russia and around thirty thousand died in the streets. The French contingent to the Grand Armee had most survivors, virtually none of the Spanish, Dutch or Portuguese contingents ever saw their homelands again. After other military adventures, exile and restoration and final defeat at Waterloo June 18, 1815, in a final indignity Napoleon Bonaparte on July 15, 1815 had a fisherman row him out to a British Frigate where he requested quarter, the Brits sent him to exile on Saint Helena in the mid Atlantic Ocean where he died May 5, 1821 at age 51 yrs.

Update: If you look at the way Adolf Hitler under his own bat and sans consultation of any kind declared war on the United States Dec. 11, 1941, and the way Napoleon did the same thing similarly on his own undertaking, and without consultation of any kind when he invaded Russia, there are striking similarities.

No less than similarities exist in the way Marshall Ney's troops reinstalled Napoleon under force of arms after his absconding from exile on Elba, and the way Hitler's SS Troops reinstalled Mussolini as Italian dictator similarly under force of arms in 1943.

We say warlords Hitler and Napoleon no less than Mussolini and Ney were manufactured by the Jews, that their careers were choreographed by Zion - no less than Trump and Biden - that whereas Hitler decamped to Argentina and Ney was relocated to the US, Napoleon and Mussolini were thrown to the wolves.
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Mar 22, 2022
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Nicknamed by his soldiers “le petit corporal” or “le petit tondu”, Napoleon measured five feet two inches tall equivalent to 1,686 metres. BulletPoint.


Le Masque Mortuaire de l'Empereur Napoleon. Link.

Napoleon Bonaparte died on the British held island of Saint Helena May 5, 1821, Doctor Francesco Antommarchi who carried out the autopsy detailed his height as 5 feet 2 inches "from the top of his head to his heels," while undertaker Briton Andrew Darling said he was 5 feet 7 inches .. detractors say the doctor carried out his calculations using the French system whereby the French foot was a little larger than the English foot used by Andrew Darling, despite the French had been using the metric system since 1795 anyway.

Darling was allowed by Montholon to view 'the body .. he was deeply impressed by the beauty and serenity of Napoleon's features in death, and was much astonished to see him so much wasted in the body but at the same time look so well, so young and with such a pleasing countenance. Montholon [who] gave him the order for the coffins in writing and to be more particular to his exact size assisted him in the measurement of the body, he was 5 feet 7 inches in length, barely 18 inches across the shoulders and 10 inches deep." The Diary of Andrew Darling.


YouTube - Arsenic the First Cure For Syphilis

Subsequent researchers say Napoleon's body had an ultra high arsenic reading, whereas that substance was used to treat syphilis then in epidemic proportions throughout Europe .. thus we say as the disease progressed so did Bonaparte increase the dosage, which exacerbated his stomach condition and hastened his death .. it could be that the "Montholon" named in the tract above who sounds like a bully and who seems to have taken over the funerary arrangements, had with an eye to posterity falsified the measurements and importuned Darling to keep quiet about it.