The Ancient Phoenician Canaanite Bloodline: Say Hello to the Family!


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Apr 1, 2022
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This forum is really user friendly regarding posting whole articles while keeping images intact. So I will post an article which I think is relevant to the topic. I was inspired to post this here by Firestarter who himself has written some excellent commentaries on these ancient bloodlines and along with detailed historical analysis of how these elite secret societies have conquered the world.


Meet the secret fathers of myth and history: Baal and Hercules. It's the same geezer!

The Kingdom of Baal: Bowie; Freemason's Grand Lodge of England; the Kingdom of Morocco founded by Phoenician Canaanites; Babylonian coin showing Baal.
Bowie singing songs and hymns to Baal.

Baal, otherwise known as: Melqart, was the name of the tutelary or protective spirit of the city of Tyre, the capital of Canaanite Phoenicia: the Land of Purple, and as is the case with many of the legendary Gods of the ancient world, is considered an ancestor of the royal family of Tyre.

A key theme in the all the royal houses of the ancient world is this continuity of the present to a legendary and near mythical past. As to how much reality lies behind the pantheon of gods of the ancient world we cannot know, clearly we have, at least on appearances moved far from their genealogies with the rise of Christianity, however it is my sincere conviction that despite this apparent rupture with the ancient world and the deposition of the old Gods of the old world, these genealogies of these Gods and figures from the ancient world are still very much alive, not only through the remaining royal families of the world but also through the Freemasons and the Illuminati.

The family connections between the various politicians presidents and even popstars of the world is usually discovered and reported by the press as a quaint and interesting coincidence, but there is no doubt that it is not a coincidence, it is the same old ancient bloodline, the lineage of Cain, of sin endlessly trying to perpetuate itself through breeding and forming complicated genealogies which now straddle the entire world with this bloodlines and control our world on every conceivable level. From politicians to pop-stars, they are all part of the same family.

Cain's extended family.

In fact we don’t have to look far to find the speculation that there is a vampiric bloodline running through the course of history as the Telegraph in 2012 reported that Prince Charles is related to Vlad the Impaler.

Apparently the Romanian tourist board was the first to highlight this connection and Prince Charles even makes an appearance in a promotional video for the Romanian Tourist Office.
The infamous Illuminati Nazi-helping Bush family too are related to Vlad, apparently 32 generations removed. If we start to realise that these people do not actually serve the interests of the various nations they find themselves governing, but actually the long term projects of the Cain bloodline, then we find an explanation behind Prescott Bush’s apparently treasonous act of trading with the Nazi enemy during World War 2.

The Nazis were not enemies to the Bushes, they were cousins. It’s just family business, just as World War 1 was family business between different grandchildren of Queen Victoria.

It doesn’t take a particularly paranoid imagination to realise that the various morally degraded popstars of the world displaying their eroded morals, damaged brains and twerking backsides are trying to inculcate their immoral Cain values to a mass audience.

It is like an asexual reproduction where the popstar’s behaviour becomes valued, and is replicated by her child audience. While most people of course will only create two or three children in their lifetime and will influence them and the idea is that they will go forth into the future when you have gone and take your values into the next generation, popstars, movies stars and any celebrity who has deliberately been given a platform in the media and is in the public eye is able to reproduce their values not just to two or three but to millions of people, and advance these values into the future and the next generation.

Sexualising children for the benefit of dirty Freemason uncle?

This is a form of political propaganda and if young children can somehow be raised to be as foolishly vapid and sensually oriented as possible, then they are far more likely not to be able to articulate or imagine any way to oppose government tyranny and political oppression in their lives.

Indeed they probably are not even able to perceive it, since their needs are so limited. Having a good time, dancing, and having fun, that as long as they are able to follow this relatively easy to achieve lifestyle, then they are unlikely to even feel any inner moral dissatisfaction about the murder of millions in illegal wars in foreign countries, or economic mismanagement and moral corruption and the degradation of human civilisation because these things require a moral judgment and moral centre.

In the ultimate political correct world, there are no moral judgments and right and wrong anymore. Just vapid personal empowerment as long as that person is content with dancing, drinking having sex and isn’t interested in actual political engagement and actually having some control of the political machinery of the state.

Melcart has been equated with the Greek hero Heracles (or Latin Hercules) and the tale of the discovery of royal purple took place in what is now a town called Essaouira in southern Morocco. It was Heracles’ dog who apparently discovered the royal purple by eating a mouthful of a particular kind of shellfish called Murex Trunculus.

Hercules/Baal/Melqart's dog discovering the Tyrian purple: the colour of bloodline madness. Painting by Rembrandt.

Morocco is now a Muslim country populated by Arabs, Amazigh and Jews, but formerly it was part of the expanded continuum of the ancient world and more particularly the overseas possessions of the Canaanite Phoenicians. There are many examples of a cultural association of Morocco, and the ruins of the Roman city of Volubilis near Meknes show clearly the strong associations of the legend of Hercules with that place:

The Labours of Hercules/Baal/Melqart, mosaic at Volubilis Morocco.

Further associations of Hercules with Morocco abound with the Gardens of Hesperides from which Hercules was instructed to steal Zeus’s golden apples and also the mountain a few miles east of Tangier: Jebel Musa, known, along with the rock of Gibraltar as the twin pillars of Hercules.
The Garden of Hesperides was the place where, to provide a strange echo of the Biblical story of the Garden of Eden, golden apples grew on a special singing tree which would grant immortality when eaten.

The site of the mythical Garden of the Hesperides, in present day Morocco.

In the Greek tale the garden of immortality was not guarded by a cherubim with a fiery sword but by a many-headed dragon called Ladon, though in most depictions Ladon is portrayed as a Serpent entwined around the tree of immortality.

Forbidden magic-apples and's the same story!

So in the Canaanite version of the story we have Hercules/Melqart, being instructed by Zeus to steal the apples of immortality from the enchanted garden, in this version however it is the serpent which guards and protects the tree. Hercules apparently kills the snake/hydra creature Ladon and returns with his golden apples of immortality.

Even stranger, if we look for further parallels between Baal/Hercules and the creation myth then they abound. Baal's mother was Asherah, named 'The Mother of All Living'. This strangely echoes the Biblical passage in Genesis 3:20 :

"And Adam called his wife's name Eve, because she was the mother of all living."

What's more, Eve or Havvah was first called 'Ishah' or WOMAN, which clearly has a phonetic similarity to the name ASHERAH. Additionally the Phoenician word for snake CHWT appears in a Phoenician inscription as one of the names of the Goddess ASHERAH. The Hebrew name for Eve is CHAWWAH, while the Hebrew word for snake is CHWWH, so there is an association with this name and the word 'to live' with the root of 'snake'.

The key strategic and trading ports of the Phoenician Canaanites were located in North Africa and the coast of Southern Spain and when the Phoenicians lost their own lands and maritime trading empire after their destruction at the hands of Rome at Carthage, they likely dispersed throughout the Mediterranean, as a diaspora of the Canaanite bloodline only to reestablish their thalassocratic sea-empire with the fall of their rival Rome.

In fact it is my belief that the Phoenician Canaanite empire is very much alive and well and, unlike Rome's which was dependent on garrisons of soldiers and occupying cities and vast tracts of land, the Phoenician empire needed only trading partners, gold and silver coins, and a fleet of ships to survive.

The Phoenician trading empire prior to Roman dominance.

It is unlikely that the Phoenician Canaanite bloodline was lost and there is some circumstantial evidence to suppose that this sea-faring people merely unfurled their sails and sailed North, they didn't even change their name, they became known as the Venetians, and their dominance of the Mediterranean trading routes continued throughout the greater part of the Medieval period from their settled city safe in the marshes of Venice and also the various Mediterranean Islands such a Cyprus, Rhodes and Malta.

This map shows the modern prevalence of Phoenician DNA (PCS Phoenician Colonisation Signals). It is noteworthy that the area of Israel shows a very strong ongoing genetic component of the Phoenician Canaanite bloodline.

It is also likely that these same Phoenician Canaanite sea-farers were instrumental in setting up the various chivalrous orders of Knighthood such as the Knights of Malta, the Knights of Rhodes and the Order of Saint John which took root on the islands they inhabited and defended, with varying degrees of success, against the Arab invaders and pirates.

The great seething mass of humanity that we see around us, all came from somewhere and the multitudes and the nations can indeed be traced back to a relative handful of people who were walking the earth many thousands of years ago, and if we can accept the facts that these ancient nations of people themselves believed and were told, that for instance the Canaanites WERE the offspring of Cain.

That Cain’s son Enoch built a city called Enoch and they became a multitude. That one of their Kings was called Baal, the same Baal that is mentioned in the Bible and is the origin of that appellation of the devil: Beelzebub, that these people then migrated around the Mediterranean, establishing trading ports, fighting Romans, losing, and having their nationhood destroyed, reduced to becoming merchants, becoming rich not on war and conquest by on trade.

Then creating various kinds of trading guilds and brotherhoods, sponsoring the creation of orders of Knights to gain favour with Kings and Popes. Finding themselves sent to the holy land of Jerusalem, essentially going back to the lands where they had come from. And from there using their financial know-how and unscrupulous business methods to set-up the modern banking system and ultimately ruling the world.

This is The Illuminati. Meet The Family. Say HELLO to Cain's children.

Babylonian Baal coin with Lion and inverted pentagram.

Baal Lion of Great Britain.

See also: Phoenicians founded Genoa


DNA TESTING reveals Hitler has AshkeNAZI 'Jewish' and North African Phoenician (Berber/Amazigh) ancestry....Cain Family...

Adolf Hitler may have owed more to the 'subhuman' races he tried to exterminate than to his 'Aryan' compatriots, according to new finding published in Belgium this week.
In research for the Flemish-language magazine Knack, journalist Jean-Paul Mulders traced Hitler's living relatives in the Fuhrer's native Austria, as well as the United States.
"The results of this study are surprising," said Ronny Decorte, a geneticist interviewed by Knack. "Hitler would not have been happy."
Geneticists identify groups of chromosomes called haplogroups, 'genetic fingerprints' that define populations.
According to Mulders, Hitler's dominant haplogroup, E1b1b, is relatively rare in Western Europe - but strongest in some 25 percent of Greeks and Sicilians, who apparently acquired the genes from Africa: Between 50 percent and 80 percent of North Africans share Hitler's dominant group, which is especially prevalent among in the Berber tribes of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, and Somalis.
More surprising still, perhaps, is that Hitler's second most dominant haplogroup is the most common in Ashkenazi Jews.
"The findings are fascinating if you look at them in terms of the Nazi worldview, which ascribed such an extreme priority to notions of blood and race," Decorte said.
Knack said it would now petition Russian government archives to release a human jawbone wrapped in a blood-soaked cloth, retrieved from a Berlin bunker where Hitler is thought to have committed suicide and believed to have belonged to the Fuhrer, who dreamed of engineering a Nazi superman.
"For modern science, there are no more races, Decorte said." This pure type of 'superman' and the [Nazi] breeding programs to perfect 'purity' were sheer fabrication."


Feb 4, 2022
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There are different way to look at the history of the "Cain bloodline".
One way is the story of Adam and Eve, and their sons Cain and Abel, from the book of Genesis from the Tanach (a.k.a. Old Testament).

Cain – son of the “LORD”?
I read Eve had gotten Cain “from the LORD”, which looks like the “LORD” was Cain's father.
Genesis 4:1-2:
And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.
And she again bare his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground.
Adam and Eve had another son after the slewn Abel – Seth (when Adam was 130 years old). This again suggests that Cain wasn’t the son of Adam (and that Abel had been Adam’s only son before Seth)…
Genesis 4:25:
And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew.
This looks to like another reference in Genesis that Cain wasn’t the first son of Adam!
Genesis 5:1-3:
This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him;
Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.
And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, and after his image; and called his name Seth:

Who was Cain afraid of?
After Cain slew his (half)brother Abel, “the LORD” expels him from Eden and Cain replies…
Genesis 4:14-15:
Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me shall slay me.
And the LORD said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the LORD set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.
Who was Cain afraid of when Adam and Eve and their children in Eden were the only humans on earth?!?

Who was Cain’s wife?
Then Cain went to Nod (east of Eden), and then...
Genesis 4:16-17:
And Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.
And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch.
I don’t read here that he took a wife with him, so conclude that she wasn’t the daughter of Eve, but he “found” her in (or on his way to) Nod…
The official explanation is that she must have been his sister though, because Adam and Eve where the first (and until Cain) only humans on earth (some call her “Awan” or that she could also have been his niece).

Or maybe Genesis 4:14 explains that many of the children of Adam and Eve had already left Eden?!?


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Caucasian - coming from the Caucasus, as in Scythia. With Khazaria (homeland of the Ashkenazi Turks before they converted to Judaism) part of Scythia. The Carolingian dynasty (or bloodline) originates from Scythia, which overlaps with Khazaria.

In the following picture, the red arrows show the Scythians’ migration to Europe from 721 BC. I doubt the green arrows, as I think that the Scythians were really Turks...

All the leading European aristocratic families descend from William of Orange and Ida Redburga so are Carolingians, of the Carolingian dynasty (bloodline?) that was founded by Charles Martel.

The Carlongians deposed the Mervovingians through the forged Donation of Constantine.
The most famous grandson of Martel, Charlemagne, together with the husband of Alda, Rabbi Makhir, founded the Holy Roman Empire (so founded by “Jews”...).

Makhir and Alda (715-804) were the parents of Guillaume de Toulouse de Gellone (a.k.a. William of Orange, who had a lion in his coat of arms) and Ida Redburga, who married Egbert of Wessex, later King of England (not in this picture). There were some marriages with the Merovingians.
For some reason, the Jewish Makhir is called "Theuderic IV" in the following picture.

The Kingdom of the Franks is where the Carolingian dynasty deposed the Merovingians
originated. At one time this consisted of what is now called France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, half of Italy, and a small part of North Spain.


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G'day Truthspoon.

The text below comes from the book 'Freemasonry and Catholicism', by Max Heindel, 33rd degree Rosicrucian. This extract is about the Melchisedec priesthood and the Sons of Cain and Able.

There is more at this thread ... ... and I will cherry-pick another couple of quotes that relate to the information that you have posted.



Among all the characters mentioned in the Bible none is more mysterious than Melchisedec; said to be without father, mother, or earthly kin, and holding the dual office of king and priest. Paul in his epistle to the Hebrews gives us most information showing the connection between Christ and Melchisedec, both of them Kings and High Priests, but of different dispensations.

"God who at sundry times and in diverse manners spake in times past unto the fathers by the Prophets has in these last days spoken unto us by His Son whom He has appointed heir of all things, by whom also He made the worlds. * * * No man taketh this honor unto himself but he that is called of God, as was Aaron. So also Christ glorified not Himself to be made a High Priest, but He that said unto Him 'Thou art my Son, today have I begotten Thee.' As He saith also in another place, Thou art a Priest for The Age after the order of Melchisedec, who in the days of his flesh when he had offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears unto Him that was able to save him from death and was heard in that He feared though He were a son, yet learned He obedience by the things He suffered; and being made perfect, He became author of eternal salvation unto all that obey Him; called of God a High Priest after the order of Melchisedec, of whom we have many things to say and hard to be uttered. * * * For this Melchisedec, king of Salem, priest of the Most High God, who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of kings and blessed him; to whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all, first being by interpretation king of righteousness and after that also king of Salem, which is king of peace; without father, without mother, without ancestors,having neither beginning of days nor end of life but made like unto the Son of God, abideth a priest continually. * * * And here men that die (the Levites) receive tithes, but there he receiveth them of whom it is witnessed the He liveth. * * * If, therefore, perfection were by the law and its priesthood what further need was there that another priest should rise after the order of Melchisedec and not be called after the order of Aaron? * * * For it is evident that our Lord sprang out of Judah of which tribe Moses spake nothing concerning the priesthood. And it is yet far more evident for that after the similitude of Melchisedec there ariseth another priest who is made not after the law of carnal commandments but after the power of an endless life, for he testifies 'Thou are a priest for The Age, after the order of Melchisedec.' * * * By so much was Jesus made the surety of a better testament; * * * because He continueth ever and has an Age lasting priesthood; * * * for the law maketh men High Priests who have infirmities, but the Word of God which was since the law, maketh the Son who is consecrated for evermore. Now of the things which we have spoken this is the sum; we have such a high Priest who is yet on the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the Heavens, a minister of the sanctuary and of the true tabernacle, which the Lord made and not man. * * * Almost all things in the heavens should be purified with these, but the heavenly things themselves were better sacrifices than these, for Christ is not entered into the holy place made with hands which are the figures of the true, but into Heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God for us; * * * and now has He obtained a more excellent ministry by how much also He is mediator of a better covenant which was established upon better promises; for if the first covenant had been perfect then there should be no place for a second. But finding fault with the old He saith 'Behold the days come when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah, not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand and led them out of the land of Egypt, because they continued not in my covenant, and I regarded them not, 'saith the Lord. * * * For this is the covenant that I will make to the House of Israel after those days, saith the Lord. 'I WILL PUT MY LAWS INTO THEIR MINDS AND WRITE THEM IN THEIR HEARTS, and I will be to them a God and they shall be to me a people and THEY SHALL NOT TEACH EVERY MAN HIS NEIGHBOR and every man his brother saying, Know the Lord, for ALL SHALL KNOW ME FROM THE LEAST TO THE GREATEST.'"

The foregoing quotations from Paul's Epistle to the Hebrews are not found there consecutively as here arranged. It is necessary to intelligently piece the Bible narrative together so that we may obtain an outline of the future development which has been sketched out by the divine Hierarchs to constitute our evolution. Comprehension of this plan is essential to the correct understanding of the Cosmic relationship of Freemasonry and Catholicism; it is also necessary to fully appreciate the purpose of the Molten Sea and to learn how to intelligently make this wonderful alloy. As Paul says, these things are hard to say, but we shall make an attempt to present the mysteries of Melchisedec and the Molten Sea in plain language so that we may aid in the expressed purpose of the Bible to enlighten all men, that all shall know from the least to the greatest what is the purpose of evolution, and thus give them a chance to align themselves with the trend of Cosmic events. .....

...... It was then as great a crime to marry OUTSIDE the family as it now is to marry within. Even among the early Norsemen, we learn that if anyone wanted to marry within a strange family, he was first obliged to mix blood; it must first be tested to see whether his blood would mix with that of the family into which he desired to marry. And thus haemolysis was known to many in some of its phases at least. If the blood did not mix, it would bring about "CONFUSION OF CASTE," as the Hindu says; a straight line of descent must be kept, for otherwise those pictures in the inner vision would become mixed and would be confused. This marrying in the family or tribe was what engendered the selfishness, the clannishness, and the struggle and strife of the world. To break these up, the practice must be discontinued; thus when Christ came He advocated the discontinuance of the practice when He said: "Before Abraham was, I AM." In effect He said: I do not care for the race father, but I glory in the I Am, the Ego that was long before he was. And He also said: "Who does not leave father and mother cannot follow Me." As long as you are tied to the family, the nation, the tribe, you are siding with the old blood, the old ways, and cannot amalgamate into a universal brotherhood. That can only come when people marry internationally because when there are so many nations the way to unite them is through marriage. Let Abraham, the race and tribe father, die; let the "I AM" LIVE. Christ knew the occult fact that the mixture of blood in international marriage always kills something; if it does not kill the body, it kills something else. If we mate a horse and a donkey, the outcome is a HYBRID, the mule; in that mule something is missing on account of the mixture of strange blood, namely, the faculty of propagation which is lacking in all hybrids. Similarly when we marry internationally something else is destroyed and that is the pictures in the inner vision. The different pictures of different families clash. And so the clairvoyance, the touch with the spiritual world, with the memory of Nature, has waned since the practice of marrying in the tribe was broken up. The Highland Scot who marries in the clan and the gypsies alone retain this second sight in a measure. Thus we see that the blood is now differently constituted from what it was in the earlier ages of human evolution. The body of Jesus was a pioneer vehicle of superlative purity at the time when the Christ Spirit entered it, as a means of ingress to the center of the earth by the identical path which he jumped into the Molten Sea and was conducted along the path of Initiation to the center of the earth where Cain, his ancestor, dwelt.

This journey of Christ is recorded in I Peter 3:18-19 after Christ had been freed from the flesh by the violent death on Golgotha. When anyone is killed, the venous blood with its impurities clings closely to the flesh, and therefore the arterial blood which flows is distinctly cleaner than it would otherwise be; it is more free from passion and desire. And being etherealized by the great Christ Spirit, THE CLEANSED BLOOD OF JESUS OVERFLOWED THE WORLD, PURIFIED THE ETHERIC REGION OF SELFISHNESS TO A GREAT EXTENT, and gave man a better chance to draw to himself materials which will allow him to form altruistic purposes and desires. Thus the age of altruism was there inaugurated. By faith in this blood, and by imitation of the Christ Life the Sons of Seth are therefore provided with a means of purging from themselves the curse of selfishness; while the Sons of Cain were given the emblem of the ROSE AND THE CROSS to teach them to work faithfully to make the Molten Sea, the Philosopher's Stone, and to find the NEW WORD which shall admit them to the kingdom, for they believe more in works than in faith.

The origin of the temporal and spiritual streams of evolution is as follows:

Jehovah created Eve, a human being.

The Lucifer Spirit Samael united with Eve and begat a semi-divine son, Cain. As he left Eve before the birth of the child, CAIN WAS THE SON OF A WIDOW, AND A SERPENT OF WISDOM.

Then Jehovah created Adam, a human being like Eve.

Adam and Eve united and begat a child, human like themselves, whose name was Abel. Jehovah, being the Lunar God, is associated with the water, hence there was enmity between CAIN, THE SON OF FIRE, and ABEL, THE SON OF WATER. So Cain slew Abel and Abel was replaced by Seth.

In time and through generations, the Sons of Cain became the CRAFTSMEN of the world, skilled in the use of fire and metal. Their ideal was MALE, Hiram Abiff, the Master workman.

The Sons of Seth, on the other hand, became the CHURCHMEN, upholding the FEMININE ideal, the Virgin Mary, and ruling their people by the magic WATER placed at their temple doors.

Various attempts have been made to unite the two streams of humanity and emancipate them from their progenitors, Jehovah and the Lucifer Spirits. With this end in view the symbolical TEMPLE was built according to the instruction of SOLOMON, the Son of Seth and the Molten Sea was cast by HIRAM ABIFF, the Son of Cain; but the main object was frustrated as we have seen, and the attempt at unification proved abortive.

Moses, the divinely appointed leader of the old dispensation, afterward reborn as Elijah, guided humanity through its ages of infancy, and was finally embodied as John the Baptist, the herald of the new dispensation, the Christian Era. At the same point in time the other actors in the World Drama were also brought to birth that they might serve their brothers.

At the casting of the Molten Sea HIRAM ABIFF had been given the baptism of fire by Cain, which freed him from the LUCIFER SPIRITS; he was also given a new Hammer and a new Word. When the new Era dawned, he was born as Lazarus, the widow's son of Nain, and raised by the strong grip of the lion's paw to the rank of Immortals as Christian Rosenkreuz.

SOLOMON, the Son of Seth, was reborn as JESUS. The BAPTISM OF WATER administered by John as representative of Jehovah freed him also. He yielded his body at that moment to the descending Christ Spirit and ranged himself with the new leader.

Religion has been terribly tarnished in the course of time, its pristine purity has long since vanished under the regime of creed, and it is no longer CATHOLIC, that is to say, UNIVERSAL. Sects and "isms" have branched out in one direction and another, but still JESUS from the invisible worlds enfolds in his love all THE SONS OF SETH who will call upon his name BY FAITH, and he will eventually unite the scattered churches in the Kingdom of Christ.

CHRISTIAN ROSENKREUZ was given charge of the Sons of Cain who seek the light of KNOWLEDGE at the sacred fires of the Mystic Shrine. As the creative energy implanted by their divine ancestor Samael caused Cain to work out their own salvation through the fire of tribulation, and fashion for themselves the Golden Wedding Garment, which is the "Open Sesame" to the Invisible World. And though the cleansing blood of Jesus is an absolute necessity to millions of weaker brothers, there can scarcely be any question when we assert that THE MORE MEN AND WOMEN WHO ENGAGE IN MYSTIC MASONRY TO CONSCIOUSLY BUILD THIS TEMPLE OF THE SOUL, THE SOONER WE SHALL SEE THE SECOND ADVENT OF CHRIST, AND THE STRONGER WILL BE THE RACE WHICH HE SHALL RULE BY THE LAW OF LOVE.

Freemasonry and Catholicism by Max Heindell, 33rd degree Rosicrucian.


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A kohen (or cohen, Hebrew כּהן, "priest", pl. כּהנִים, kohanim or cohanim) has a special status in Judaism. A kohen is a direct male descendant of the Biblical Aaron, brother of Moses. Another term for the descendants of Aaron are the Aaronites or Aaronids.

During the existence of the Temple in Jerusalem, kohanim performed specific duties vis-à-vis the daily and festival sacrificial offerings. The Kohen Gadol (High Priest) played a special role during the service of Yom Kippur. Today, kohanim retain a distinct personal status within Judaism and are still bound by special laws in Orthodox and, to a lesser extent, in Conservative Jewish communities.

The Awakening of the Eye of God and the Thirteenth Tribe of Levi


The Tree of Life

In a cave where an ancient urn was found that had been used by the Scythians for burning marijuana, there was also a massive felt rug, which measured 5 by 7 metres. The carpet had a border frieze with a repeated pattern of a horseman approaching the Great Goddess, who holds the Tree of Life in one hand and raises the other in welcome.

Imagery of the Goddess and the Tree of Life is also found amongst other cultures with whom the Scythians came into contact. Readers of part three in this series (CC#5) will remember that the ancient Canaanites and also Hebrews paid particular reverence to the Near Eastern Goddess Ashera, whose cult was particularly focussed around the use of marijuana.

According to the Bible itself, the ancient worshippers of Ashera included wise King Solomon and other biblical kings, as well as their wives and the daughters of Jerusalem. The Old Testament prophets often chastised them for "offering up incense" to the Queen of Heaven.

Like the imagery on the Scythian carpet, icons dedicated to Ashera also have depictions of a "sacred-tree", most likely a reference to the cannabis that her followers grew and revered, using it as a sacrament, as a food and oil source, and also using the fibres in ritual weavings.

Eve: cultural hero

Among her other titles, Ashera was known as "the Goddess of the Tree of Life", "the Divine Lady of Eden" and "the Lady of the Serpent". Ashera was often depicted as a woman holding one or more serpents in her hands. It was Ashera's serpent who advised Eve to disobey the male god's command not to partake of the sacred tree.

The historical record shows that the Old Testament version of the myth of Eve, the serpent and the sacred tree was concocted as propaganda against pre-existing Goddess cults.

Originally, the outcome of the Eden myth was not tragic, but triumphant. The serpent brought wisdom, and after the magic fruit was eaten, Adam himself became a god. What was originally involved was probably a psychedelic sacrament, like the Elusian festival in Athens, in which the worshipper ate certain hallucinogenic foods and became one with the Mother Goddess Demeter.

Like the Tree of Life, the Tree of Knowledge was a symbol associated with the Goddess. The rites associated with her worship were designed to induce a consciousness open to the revelation of divine or mystical truths. In these rites cannabis and other magical plants were used, and women officiated as priestesses.


The Dawn of the Goddess

The goddess religion came from Africa with modern humans 100,000 years ago. This may be inferred from the fact that very similar goddess stories are found on all continents, suggesting that the stories were known before modern people migrated to Europe; Asia, the Americas, and Australia. In Europe, (France) there are some recently discovered caves decorated with paintings and carvings which have been dated between 30,340 and 32,410 BP (before present).


The solar year has a little more than 364 days. The lunar month has just over 29 days. To reconcile these awkward figures the ancient astronomers devised a calendar of thirteen equal months, each of 28 days or four equal weeks. This calendar is all but regular, with the full moon falling one day and one hour later each month, and with only a small correction to be made at the end of the year.

The lunar months (or 'moon ths'), were represented in the skies by the constellations of the zodiac; and on the ground by a circle of trees in the sacred grove. Twelve of the signs of the zodiac are familiar to us from the astrology columns in the daily newspapers, but what happened to the thirteenth, and what was its symbol? This question can be answered by consulting the works of the ancient astronomers. Ptolemy of Alexandria gives the name of the constellation, and also the bearing and magnitude of the stars which form it. The constellation was called Ophicius (in Greek) and Serpentarius (in Latin). Both names mean 'snake-holder', and refer to the pythoness, the high priestess of the goddess temples. The symbol of this sign, a bare-breasted woman holding snakes, occurred in the Sumerian; Minoan, and other cultures of the Archaic period. Thus the missing month, the month that we disrupted an orderly calendar to avoid, was the month of the Goddess. .....

Less familiar is the forgotten thirteenth sign, which lies "betwixt" them, Ophicius, the Snake-Holder, the symbol of which was a goddess or priestess brandishing two snakes, and which connoted the most important new moon in the goddess' lunar calendar. Milton, who also wrote the Book of Common Prayer used by Protestant congregations, has told us here in cryptic form that he was mindful that the Christian Satan (aka the Devil), was a new name given to an older but unmentionable deity, the goddess. .....

Names of the Goddess

Aphrodite / Baalith / Bride / Dawn / Diana / Eire / Gaea / Hel / Hellene / Ishtar / Isis / Lilith / Lucifer / Maia / Mari / Minerva / Mother / Persephone / Queen of Heaven / Queen of the Night / Sophia / Venus / [the full listing is at the link below]

A Search for the White Goddess

The White Goddess is one of the names given to the Earth Mother; the Moon goddess, to Venus, Astarte, Lilith, Belili, the Muses, the Three Graces and to innumerable other female deities. She is found in the myths and legends of all cultures. The stories and attributes of the white goddess are remarkably similar in nations as far apart as Ireland and China, and this points to a very ancient common source for the myths, which appear to have come out of Africa with Homo sapiens 100,000 years ago.

This was a nature-based religion which involved close observation and celebration of the seasons and of the moon and the planets. Its bible was written in the stars for all to see, and its hymns were the songs of birds and the sighings of the breeze. The worship of the White Goddess reached its highest level in the time of the Minoans (say 1600 BC). In that period, the sea-trading Minoans carried their religion from their ports in the Mediterranean as far as Ireland in the west; and to tropical Asia in the east. Of the goddess-temples founded, the highest may have been that of Sappho on the island of Lesbos. The goddess-temples are of great importance to scholars, for they are the source of the alphabet we use; the musical scales we use, of the concept of poetry, of the calendar, of astronomy and history, and of formal mathematics and the sciences. This culture fell in a cataclysm in approximately 1600 BC, but was resumed by Achaeans (proto-Greeks), and by other civilisations honouring the nature goddess. The temple's role at the pinnacle of human culture and achievement lasted until the second century anno domine, when the the high priestess of the temple of Isis was murdered. The fall of the temple on the Nile marked the end of goddess-worship as a manifest or established religion, and the beginning of the Goddess' long career in hidden religion, that is, in the occult .


The python is a recurring motif in the goddess myths. The serpent appears as the companion to the Baccantes and the Lamiae. Serpents form the Medusa's hair, and are draped about Minerva's collar. A serpent speaks to Eve in the Garden of Eden and is twice featured in the ancient zodiac. Serpents were kept Sappho's temple, and at later temples such as Delphi, where the oracle was called the pythoness. After the fall of Sappho's temple, the new god Apollo assumed many of the rights and powers previously attributed to the goddess. Apollo's first act on assuming office was to apologise in song for having slain the Python. .....



Now, while it is true that the ORIGIN of the word is indeed obscured and clouded in secrecy, it is primarily because Obeah, as implied above, is in itself clouded in secrecy --- being the remnant of a once very powerful and celebrated SECRET religious Order lost in the mist of time. Even so, slowly over the years clues have surfaced that indicate THAT particular secret religious Order emanated from a certain general geographical area. Those clues, few in number that they may be, strongly point to the fact that the Order originated in or around an area where the Egyptian language was either born, dominant, or used by the priests or religious class --- much as Latin is used by certain religious orders today --- with the power and knowledge of Obeah maintained and rising from the underground ashes of that dispersed Order over the centuries. Considering such a background, it is very probable the etymology of the word sprang from the Egyptian word Ob or Aub, meaning "serpent." Oph is a winged serpent or dragon; and Ab means wisdom/understanding, and together means "Serpent of Wisdom" or "Serpent of Knowledge." To this day Obion is still the Egyptian name for a serpent. .....

Moses, who escaped with his people out of Egypt with the full might of the Pharaoh's army hot on their heels all the way to the Red Sea --- where the army reportedly then drowned --- forbade in the name of God, the Israelites even to enquire about the demon Ob, which is translated in the first testament as a necromancer, wizard, or Diviner. In today's world the various translations are wide enough to encompass the type shaman-sorcerer that the infamous Yaqui Indian Don Juan Matus apprenticed under, a Diablero, a new-world tribal spiritual elder known to embody a sense of evilness and the ability to shapeshift. Moses himself carries a great deal of importance in all those translations, including right up to this day with Obeah. Even though Moses forbade enquiry into Ob amongst his people, he is seen as the ultimate snake-charmer and among the greatest of magicians. When Moses doubted he was really hearing the voice of God, he was asked what he was holding in his hand. When he replied that he was holding a rod, he is commanded to throw it to the ground. When he does, the rod becomes a serpent. When he picks it up it becomes a rod again. Later, under the direction of Moses, when Aaron throws his rod down before Pharaoh, it becomes a snake as well.(Exodus 7:1-16) .....

Throughout the ancient world, the Middle East and Egypt, because of the brilliantly clear desert night skys, the stars and the constellations carried deep significance, both for the wandering tribes such as those following Moses and the great civilizations and city-states such as Babylonia, Sumeria, and Egypt. Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer is one of those desert-sky constellations. Most people pretty much know what the Zodiac is --- the constellations on the plane of the ecliptic through which the sun passes in the course of a year --- and what their "Sun Sign" is in relation to the Zodiac (i.e., Sagittarius, Taurus, etc.). What most people don't know is that there are actually thirteen Sun Signs, NOT twelve. According to the official modern constellation boundaries that astronomers use today, the sun passes through thirteen constellations, not twelve. The Greeks chose to remove one of the original thirteen constellations from the Zodiac in order to accomplish their desire to have each sign rule for an even 30º of sky, so they selected Ophiuchus to be eliminated. It can only be because of his origins in Egypt as one of their most powerful dieties, on par with Osiris and Thoth, all of whom answered only to Ra. Mysteriously enough, just like Obeah is secret, hidden, and unknown, the "thirteenth constellation" of the Zodiac, Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer is secret, hidden, and unknown. About one person in twenty is an "Ophiuchus," and they don't even know it.....

The peoples of ancient times (most typically the Pythagoreans, but others as well) had a legend that a kind of Light, described as a "living fire," flowed through all living things. Guarding this Flame was the serpent Ophioneus, very similar in respects to his nearly same namesake Ophiuchus. He was said to lay coiled in the Waters of Life. If anyone obstructed or hindered the Light of the Flame, Ophioneus would rise out of the water like a monster and consume them. The Greek philosopher Pherecydes (circa 600-550 BC) wrote a great deal about Ophioneus, having obtained the doctrines from the Phoenicians, also known as Ophites (Greece was first colonized by Ophites, serpent worshippers from both Egypt and Phoenicia). The Ophites venerated a serpent by the deity-title Ab, sometimes rendered Ob and Ob Aur, meaning Father --- as in the procreator of All. They also had the watery serpent Leviathan or Thiavat, which is same as Ophioneus. All of this ties into Abaddon that appears in Revelations as the Angel of the Abyss. It is unclear if the forces of the Abyss are fully good or evil in any way. The Obic forces that guard the Light and keep it flowing apparently take it by whatever means necessary and return it back to where it belongs when a person fails to let it flow or obstructs it..... ... beah2.html


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The 'Names of the Goddess' is a lot more extensive than listed, which included Baal. The link for that one is the only one I checked and it is no longer available/valid.

I seem to remember a post about Ashera on the Ophiucus thread and she Japanese in origin, though I would have to go searching for it, which I will do at a later date / another time.

If you check the link I posted in the first reply you can see more information and links available. :thumbup:


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This was posted in another thread, I thought that this (and my answer) would fit in here...
A 'tie-in' with the Roman Catholic Church to the Phoenicians is that the Phoenicians actually worshiped the Basilisk, which is where the name Basilica came from. The Basilisk is said to be the 'King of Serpents'. I originally posted about this back in 2007 on the DIf on the Ophiucus thread, then on the Infinite Love Forum with some additional information. A lot of the images aren't showing as it was posted back in 2008 ...

"The Phoenician serpent god, alias Basilisk. The serpent, as well as the image of the sun, is always a phallic symbol in ancient religion. Basilisk is where the Roman Catholic Church got the name-- St. Peter's Basilica. Basilica is the old Greek name for the temple of the phallic god. How appropriate this is in view of the perpetual obsessions of the priests of "Mother Church." It also is well complimented by the obelisk in St. Peter's square which is a world wide phallic symbol complete with the phallic ball on top."
OPHIUCHUS - The Thirteenth Astrological Star Sign - The Infinite Love Forum
Donald Trump often poses with the (Satanic) inverted pyramid gesture. If Trump regularly shows this symbolic gesture openly and in plain sight… this is an invocation to his “god” (Lucifer, Baal) in plain sight.

What does this inverted pyramid mean?!? This all leads to the child sacrifice, fertility cult of Baal.
Baal was the male deity of the cult, and Asherah was the female. Asherah goes by several names, including: Astarte, Ashtoreth, Atargatis, Athirat, Venus, Isis, Juno, Ishtar, the queen of heaven, Aphrodite, and Hadad.

The inverted triangle represents the vagina of Asherah; see the following image of Asherah.

The Hebrew word "ashen-rah" is translated as "GROVE" in the KJV translation of the Bible: ashen-rah (#842), 39 times and is always translated as "grove" in the KJV (or KJB?).
In reality, Asherah was a wooden idol representing a Canaanite goddess...

Trump Tower blatantly shows that Donald worships the horned one.
See the inverted pyramid at Trump Tower, made up of a grove of trees (trees represent the feminine). The inverted pyramid represents the female Asherah, while the fertility feast for Baal always took place with a grove of trees…
Also look to the top of Trump Tower, where there are the 7 columns, which represent the 7 pillars rising for Baal!

Also count the trees on the sides of the inverted pyramid. Each side has 6 trees; so Trump’s inverted triangle represents 666.

In conclusion of Trump Tower.
– Trump Tower features the numbers 666 on an inverted pyramid.
– Trump Tower exhibits 7 sections that rise like the 7 pillars of Baal.

The Bull Son was the centre of the Shaivite-Bull Cult and variously known as Marduk (in Babylonia), Zagreus-Dionysus (Greece), Ptah-Osiris (Egypt) and the horned Pashupati (of the Indus Valley in India).
See the crucified Dionysus with the 7 Pleiades overhead.