The Fauci Connection


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Mar 22, 2022
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I am putting up a snippit of an article that appeared in a newsletter;

" There's another interesting parallel between COVID and AIDS, namely Dr. Anthony Fauci himself. He was in charge of both of these epidemics, and without doubt -- unless our justice system wakes up before then -- he'll be in charge of the coming AIDS campagn as well.

The parallels between Fauci's AIDS campaign in the '80s and COVID are so strikingly similar, it's almost like a handbook that's being repeated, Corbit says. In the '80s, Fauci pushed the deadly drug AZT as the only permissible way to treat AIDS. During the COVID pandemic, Fauci's failed and lethal Ebola drug remdesivir got the green light at the expense of far safer treatment alternatives.

Fauci is also a connecting link between the COVID shots and the HIV jab, as he's been eagerly pushing for a transition from conventional vaccines to this new mRNA platform. As recently as October 2019, he participated in a panel discussion about how this transition might be achieved in light of regulatory hurdles and public distrust of gene transfer technologies.

Fauci acknowledged it would indeed be very difficult to change people's perceptions about vaccines (in this particular case he was referring to the flu vaccine). His advice? " Do it from within and say, ' I don't care what your perception is, we're going to address the problem".

Not only does Fauci not care about public perception, he does'nt care who he hurts either. He didn't care about AIDS patients in the '80s, and he doesn't care about COVID patients today. If he did, he'd insist on doctors using whatever works, and not just the products that he's personally in."

end of article segment -----'

Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR descibed Fauci in very unflattering terms. I imagine he was not happy watching Fauci base his AIDS propaganda on the fraudulent use of his invention. Mullis died just weeks before Even 201. Man would he be fuming now if he could see them at it again, perverting the intent of his invention again.